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Video Testimonials

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The Holistic Sanctuary About Us

The Holistic Sanctuary is a world class Holistic Medical Spa that uses cutting edge and advanced therapies from around the world. We use powerful modalities to cure, heal, and reverse illnesses and diseases western medical professionals have said are incurable. We are not a drug rehab, more along the lines of a luxury treatment center that transforms lives\. We help people to recover from depression, any type of addiction, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and other mental health problems. As a holistic healing center, we use a combination of natural therapies to help people recover mentally, physically and emotionally. Unlike mainstream doctors, rehabs, treatment centers, we avoid the use of outdated theories, ineffective therapies and addiction toxic medications and drugs. Instead, we address the root causes of these illnesses, improve physical and mental health and alleviate the illnesses. READ MORE HERE

Holistic Sanctuary Reviews

The Holistic Sanctuary Patient Complaints are non existent, but the cure is life-affirming, and here are inspiring stories from our guests about their healing – the unification of mind, body and spirit – in a secluded paradise with Luxury Rehabs with 5-star amenities that combines our innovative treatment modalities in an environment filled with the positive energy (and beauty) of Mother Nature and the majesty of the neighboring coastline.

Indeed, The Holistic Sanctuary Patient Reviews share a common theme: In-depth narratives about people who had suffered the physical pain and emotional agony of the rehab-to-relapse carousel of destruction, leaving them with nowhere else to go – and no one else to see – except our expert healing professionals. For these guests entered our world with a sense of defeat, dejection and dismissal – as if their lives were forever ruined, caused, unfortunately by the indoctrination of  techniques of conventional drug rehab centers – and thus we were their only source of hope.

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