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Pouyan Method Cure for Addiction, Depression, Alcoholism, PTSD and Trauma

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Pouyan Method – At The Holistic Sanctuary we offer more Holistic Modalities and Natural Healing Therapies combined under one roof. More Treatments, More Therapies, and more One On Ones than any other Wellness Center, Luxury Treatment Center, or Drug Rehab Center in the World. Best of all, we are the only one using the “Pouyan Method” created by Johnny Tabaie. We are the leader and authority on this revolutionary approach to actually healing PTSD, ending Depression, Curing addiction, reversing most if not all damages and underlying causes of mental health issues that lead to eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, depression and PTSD.

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We Do Not Use Medications to mask symptoms…… EVER!
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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 23.5 million persons aged 12 or older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem in 2009, which would mean that approximately 1 in 10 persons over the age of 12 had a problem with addiction and that doesn’t even count people addicted to pharmaceuticals. This is a serious issue that is not getting the kind of attention it deserves, and this is true for a variety of reasons.
For one, the general public casually dismisses drug addicts as criminals to be dealt with by our Justice System, where archaic drug laws, overcrowding and privatization of prisons is simply increasing the negative economic impact without doing anything to address the underlying problem. Another issue is that the small percentage(11.2%) of those who actually receive treatment at a specialized facility are being treated with an outdated protocol which consists in large, of general methods for treating any issue in this country, which is the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs.
One would think that in this miraculous era of technological advances and scientific discovery we could find a way to resolve an issue which is affecting a growing percentage of the population and costing us over a trillion dollars annually. Even though addiction is now recognized by the AMA as being a disease, this has done little to contribute to a solution.
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The general consensus among the medical community and even addicts themselves is that addiction is an incurable malady, for which the only effective treatment is regular self-help meetings and prescription medication. Even with these treatments all the addict has, according to AA/NA is “a daily reprieve contingent on spiritual condition”. These programs require you to admit powerlessness and unmanageability, essentially to concede your helplessness and rely on their program wholeheartedly to have any hope of even temporary recovery. It is enough to make one question if this is really the best we can do? Is there no other way? Fortunately there is now a treatment which is making waves in the medical community by completely abolishing addiction in patients, curing them permanently of this supposedly incurable disease.

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Before & After

John 1 Heroin Cure - Day Before ArrivalJohn Heroin Cure - 90 Days After Arrival
Pouyan method-No drugs-no alcohol-real transformation

Before & After

Transformation With The Pouyan Method
Holistic Sanctuary Baja Aerial View

Pouyan Method AKA The Cure For Addiction, PTSD, Depression, Trauma and Alcoholism

This treatment, which was designed by our founder Johnny Tabaie almost 17 years ago, has a very high success rate at healing mental illness, like ptsd, depression, anxiety and addiction. It has been used to successfully treat over 1000 of cases of severe dependency to medications, poly-drug addiction, as well as other behavioral and emotional health disorders. The treatment Pouyan Method or AKA the “Seeker’s” Method and is unlike any other treatment available anywhere. This treatment protocol utilizes a completely natural, safe and effective combination of Ancient Plant Based Medicine and holistic non-invasive therapies to heal an individual not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.
Johnny Tabaie created the system and also created a world class five-star treatment facility, The Holistic Sanctuary. The Sanctuary located on the Pacific Ocean coast. It’s the only facility in the world which can cure addiction to drugs like heroin, usually in under 28 days with little to no withdrawal symptoms and without the use of any toxic pharmaceutical medications. How is this possible? Through the use of a custom-tailored program which is a seamless synchronization of advanced holistic medicine, ancient  plant medicine and proprietary technology invented by Johnny Tabaie.  Please see our list of Holistic & Alternative Healing Modalities available at our center. If a drug rehab uses anything other than the list below or uses less of any of these treatments, chances are greater they are NOT 100% Holistic Based, like us at The Holistic Sanctuary.

We treat the whole person by healing the mind, body and soul.
These Treatments Are All Included And Are- ALL ONE ON ONE!

check green sm  Daily Massage
check green sm Daily Yoga
check green sm Daily Hyperbaric Chamber Sessions
check green sm Daily IV drips (Proprietary Formulas, 5 hours per day
check green sm Private Room Huge Master Suite Jacuzzi
check green sm Daily Dead Seas Salt Baths
check green sm Daily Carbon Infrared Sauna Sessions
check green sm Ayahuasca Ceremonies Licensed Facility NO Underground (Proprietary Protocol)
check green sm Ibogaine Treatment medically supervised in Licensed Facility NOT Underground (Proprietary Protocol)
check green sm 5 MeO or Changa DMT Guided, Therapeutic

Additional Treatments in The Platinum Package Include

check golden  Mesenchymal Stem Cells
check golden  Non-embryonic (adult) stem cells
check golden  PRP Plasma Therapy (1-3 rounds)
check golden  Adipose Stem Cell Therapy (1-3 rounds)
check golden  Adult Cells Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy (1-3 rounds)
check golden Bone Marrow Stem Cells (1-3 rounds)
check golden Immune Booster IV (1-3 rounds)
check golden Growth Factor IV (1-3 rounds)
check golden Live Cells Therapy IV (1-3 rounds)
check golden Fresh Cell Therapy (1-3 rounds)
check golden Thymus Gland Repair Therapy (1-3 Rounds)
check golden NK Natural Cancer Killer Cells “Cancer Cure/Prevention” (up to 8 rounds)
check golden Ozone Therapy (IV Ozone, Ozone Blood Purification Cleanse) 5-10 sessions
check golden Exosome Cell Therapy RNA DNA Repair IV injection (1-3 rounds)
check golden Holistic Biological Dentistry- Replacement/ Removal of Toxic Dental Work and Mercury Fillings

Why Our Treatment Is Different, What Sets Us Apart

  • Holistic therapy that would reset the brain to a pre-addicted state
  • Non-addictive and nontoxic medications
  • No labels of being an sick or diseased or incurable
  • No group meetings, Talk Therapy, Goobly Goop, Psycho Babble,
  • No Ban AidOr Maintenance  Drugs Needed, No medications Prescribed, No Withdrawals, No Paws, No Pain
  • Healing on the cellular level, Evidence Based, Real Science Not Big Pharma Paid Science
  • Treatment that reverses damage to the body from alcohol and drugs, Not Prescribe New Drug and Create New Addiction/Dependency
  • Effective Therapy for reversing negative thinking and getting on track psychologically
  • Inspiration and Empowerment talks with Life Coach and in house Spiritual Guide
  • Different types of massage Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drain, Reflexology

What Does The Pouyan Method Do, How Does It Heal?

  • Stimulate and Reset  Gaba Production (Proprietary Unique IV Drip)
  • Reset Heroin/Opiate/Opioids Addicted Brain
  • 100% Effective to Cure Fentanyl Addiction
  • Reset Benzo / Xanax/ Klonopin Addicted and Dependent Brain
  • Reset Serotonin Production SSRI, SNRI, Psych Meds
  • Creation Rebirth Of New Neural-Pathways In The Brain IV Drips
  • Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity Brain Repair Protocol IV Drips
  • DNA Repair Protocol IV Drips(Proprietary)
  • Mitochondria Repair Protocol IV Drips  (Proprietary)
  • Stem Cell Activation Protocol HBOT and IV Drips To Utilize Your Own Stem Cells (Proprietary)
  • Total Liver Detox Protocol (Proprietary)
  • Candida / Parasite / Virus Cleanse Detox  Alkaline Diet, IV Drips, Ancient Herbs (Proprietary)
  • Spiritual Awakening and Outer Body Experience Sacred Medicine/ Ancient Medicine Ceremonies (Proprietary)
  • De-Calcification Of The Pineal Gland IV Drips, Superfoods, Herbs, Proprietary Molecules (Proprietary)
  • God Molecule Activation – DMT –(Proprietary)
  • Cellular Detoxification Cleanse (Proprietary)
  • Chakra Re-balancing (Proprietary)
  • Fresh Organic 80- 90% Raw Food Diet 100% Organic 100% Non GMO (Proprietary Cleanse Diet)
  • Organic Superfood Juices/Shakes (Proprietary)
  • Daily Access To The GYM
  • Beachfront high rise resort gated and guarded

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No Treatment Center or Drug Rehab Center dares break free from an outdated and in-effective disease model approach but we are here leading the way.  Most Treatment Centers that treat alcohol and drug addiction use toxic medications and outdated methods, like 12 steps, group meetings and prescription band aid drugs. Not to mention, they make claims that their approach works, but all they did was mask the symptoms. none of them can stand up and show the proof like we can. See Before And After Brain Scans. A study done on the medications treatment centers use, showed those methods are the 3rd leading cause of death in America. See Study Iatrogenic disease,

Please do not be fooled by Holistic Treatment Programs claiming to be Holistic, this is the new lingo most drug rehabs are using to rake in new clients, yes even conventional rehabs that base all their therapies from disease models, group therapy models and medication treatment models. Also We are the creators of the Pouyan method, don’t be fooled by imitators and copycats that want to make money stealing our life long work. You will see the same people in our videos, sad sad people trying to make money off others heartache and when they are down. They do not want you to know where they were treated and healed, because they are opportunist that want to make money off others. After 10 years of being the leaders in the sacred healing world, knock off clinics that cut corners are bound to pop up.

Platinum Package Pouyan Method Treatment

The Pouyan Method Heals The Brain to Help Cure Addiction, PTSD, Depression, Trauma and Alcoholism

These claims may be difficult to believe but the results speak for themselves; in comparative brain scan images taken before and after treatment, one can clearly discern the reversal of years of damage which is what Johnny Tabaie, refers this to  “a return to the brain’s ‘pre-addicted’ state”. This profound change is brought about by first detoxing the body of any extraneous chemicals, restoring balance to the body’s GI tract, reducing candida and the other consequences of an unhealthy diet, stimulating the body’s natural production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters which are responsible for an individual’s mood and proper administration of ancient plant medicines like Ibogaine and Ayahuasca which not only aids in resetting the brain but also provides spiritual healing and deeply beneficial insights of a personal nature. It is this unprecedented combination of therapies which is healing individuals of a lifetime of trauma, negative preconceptions, physical ailments and dependence on drugs permanently, giving them the freedom to lead the lives of their dreams while leaving the wreckage of their past behind them for good. If you or someone you know is struggling with issues related to any type of addiction, we would like to help you heal, starting today.

Here at The Holistic Sanctuary, we are extremely confident that our methods work for anyone whose goal is to make positive life changes. Our alcohol rehab does not simply end the moment you step foot out of our rehab center. We always want to give our guests the best of everything  and this includes a solid after-care program. Our top priority is to see you leading a happy, healthy, and addiction-free life, which is not only possible but is definitely achievable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brain Repair in Addiction, Depression, PTSD

A: The psychological triggers for addiction are different from an individual to the next. But when addiction is active, the effects on the body and brain are similar for everyone. At the Holistic Sanctuary, we do not believe in the traditional disease model, which postulates that once the brain systems are altered by addiction, it is impossible to revert them, and thus addiction is a chronic disease that one has to cope with for the rest of their life, usually using pills that reduce craving, and endless talk therapy and group therapy, which has not worked and will never work, because science shows us why.

Many recent studies, like Addiction and the Brain: Development, Not Disease, reveal the reality that addiction isn’t a permanent damage to the brain caused by the substances, but a natural organization of the brain that is virtually identical as in reward-driven non-substance addictions such as to porn, sex, internet games, food, and gambling. The change in the brain is real, but by no means irreversible.

On a psychological/spiritual level, addiction is an internal deficiency that causes the patient to abuse the drug in order to control the emotions in an attempt to establish inner balance, and as a response to outside conditions.

At times, family history is an essential factor for addiction. For instance, mental illness and addiction exist in family units when the mother/father/siblings/extended family members have been struggling with addiction, posing a risk for other members to become addicted down the family line.

Some people develop addictions without having a family history, in which case addiction can be considered an adaptive response. Not all people have healthy ways of coping with life’s challenges. A weak stimulus-reward system may be at play for addicts, feeding into the adaptive response and facilitating an addiction.

Our treatment is 2-pronged: as part of the detox phase, we work to repair the brain and ease the withdrawals. Our procedures bring the brain to the pre-addicted state. Our proprietary IV formulas repair the GABA receptors, dopamine receptors, and serotonin receptors and promote neuroplasticity by giving the brain the vital amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients it needs to thrive and continue to heal itself from years of abuse.

On the other hand, we work on the psychological and spiritual levels to find the individual trigger of addiction, to give the patient self-realization, and equip them with the toolkit they need to lead an addiction-free life.

A: Scientists have many questions about the brain, and they’re still trying to find out how it relates to addiction. It’s essential to study what happens to the brain when inhaling, injecting, or consuming substances. It’s also significant to see how drugs lead to compulsive seeking.

Intensive use of drugs causes the alteration of the biochemistry and anatomy of neurons, affecting their functioning. When abusing drugs, the brain adjusts to the saturation, whereas when no longer abusing, it remains bereft and asks for new homeostasis. The brain of people who quit drugs may present a constant risk for relapse. People with addiction no longer look to get high; they only want to feel normal.

That is why, at the Holistic Sanctuary, we start by repairing the brain. Our proven methods take the brain to the pre-addicted state, where it does not feel craving.

A: Professionals use MRI scans to see how the drugs affect various areas of the brain, helping understand addiction. MRI scans in people with drug addictions will light up as an answer to activity in the brain’s space for a reward.

The primary purpose is to control the patient’s answer with therapy for developing better therapies for substance use disorders. At the Holistic Sanctuary, the brain scans sustain the addiction diagnosis and help patients see the improvement after completing the treatment.

When people abuse drugs and alcohol for a long time, the brain has to suffer, and MRI scans show the changes. When people have to face compensation, “stop” and “go” systems are operating. A constant struggle between the two systems is revealed in patients with addiction. Using MRI scans, allows professionals to discover which therapies give results and which don’t.

Drugs alter the reception, receiving, and processing of signals. For example, the chemical structure of heroin and marijuana will activate neurons, as it resembles to the natural neurotransmitters chemical structure. just because the drugs resemble the drug’s chemicals, doesn’t mean that they will activate the neurons the same way the natural neurotransmitter do; abnormal messages will appear as well. Cocaine or amphetamine will make the neurons eliminate incredibly high amounts of natural neurotransmitters; they instead amplify or disrupt the regular communication between neurons.

The cerebral cortex, brain stem, and the limbic system are the areas affected by drugs. The limbic system is activated when we’re doing something that leads to pleasure. Positive and negative emotions are controlled in the field of the brain, explaining the impact of drugs that change the mood.

Several studies on functional imaging revealed that it’s the brain’s frontal areas that are activated during drug intoxication or drug cravings. It’s the brain circuits related to the reward (nucleus accumbens), memory (amygdala and hippocampus), motivation (orbitofrontal cortex), and cognitive control (cingulate gyrus and prefrontal cortex). Get the details on The addicted human brain: insights from imaging studies at

New research revealed that the cerebellum, which has been involved in motor control, could also be necessary for social and reward-seeking behaviors.

Several studies showed that in patients with addictive behavior, the cerebellum no longer functions correctly. MRI studies also revealed that the cerebellum of people with addiction is hyperactive, due to the answer to stimuli.

Neurochemical studies revealed that a significant and quick rise in dopamine is linked to the reinforcing effects of drugs. In long-term abuse and in the withdrawal phase, brain dopamine function is lowered, and the decreases are related to malfunctioning of the prefrontal regions. The alterations of brain dopamine function will reduce the sensitivity to natural reinforcers, as dopamine links the reinforcing effects of natural enhances and on change of frontal cortical functions.

Throughout drug intoxication or cravings, the frontal regions are activated. That’s just a part of the pattern, including brain circuits connected to the reward (nucleus accumbens), cognitive control, memory, and motivation.

The memory of the anticipated reward leads to over-activation of the compensation and motivation while altering the activity in the cognitive control area. The patient becomes unable to block the drive to seek and take the drug, which leads to compulsive drug consumption. For therapists, it means that a multi-prong view is necessary. The therapies have to diminish the rewarding abilities of drugs while improving the rewarding abilities of alternative reinforcers. The treatments also have to enhance cognitive control and to affect the connections learned through conditioning.

For decades, it was believed that one needs at least 21 days breaking a habit. Psychologists state that people need 21 days or so for consciously break and create a new pattern, breaking the addiction takes longer than that. It’s one of the reasons all programs at the Holistic Sanctuary last at least 28 days.

However, there is scientific evidence that the brain needs 90 days to reset and eliminate the effects of drugs. A study at Yale University revealed that it takes a person 90 days to finally engage in logical operations and make decisions, as the brain’s prefrontal cortex is affected by drugs.

The study explains the higher chance for success of 90-days programs, as compared to short term programs. Throughout the 90 days, the brain will have time to reset itself. The brain wants to heal, and the therapies at the Holistic Sanctuary re-wire the brain, taking it to the pre-addicted state.

Many researchers see addiction as a health condition of the brain circuits related to stress, pleasure, and decision-making functions. Even if the addictive substances come in many ways, they will all affect the same patterns of behavior and the same circuitry.

For many years, researchers have been illustrating the chemical and electrical circuits that are found in addiction. Therapies today aim to heal the neural pathways, and the therapies at the Holistic Sanctuary give that results. After the addiction treatment, the images of brains show the differences between the brain before and after the procedure.

The coffee enemas, the therapy massages, and even nutrition are some of the many therapies that help the brain get to the pre-addicted stage.

Maia Szalavitz is a fantastic writer who, once again, highlighted the necessity to no longer see addiction as a moral failing or as a choice. She notes that professionals should stop seeing addiction as a chronic disease, but as a developmental disorder. According to Szalavitz, dependence depends on learning and timing and resembles autism, dyslexia, or ADHD.

The author highlights that addiction is instead learned and one’s cultural, social, and individual development generate it. At the Holistic Sanctuary, the professionals’ efforts aim to discover the deep roots of the addiction. Every patient is analyzed, and every treatment plan is customized to the patient’s needs, medical history, personality, and values. The Pouyan Method is adjusted to every patient’s particularity, as our professionals understood the importance of custom treatment in addiction.

Szalavitz notes that the addicted brain took the various path of development, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s broke. She highlights the importance of learning in addiction and treatment. Like the professionals conducting the Pouyan Method, she speaks about the importance of understanding and compassion in addiction treatment.

Images prove the brain recovery from dependency, and the professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary provide it too. The brain of patients when entering the center looks different from when they complete the program. The dopamine transporter levels (DAT) in the reward region should activate normally once the recovery process ends.

Adolescents finishing treatment for alcohol addiction showed better performances in the brain in terms of behavioral disinhibition and negative emotionality. Lisdahl and colleagues note in The Effects of Regular Cannabis Use on Neurocognition in Adolescents and Young Adults that recovery in the prefrontal cortex appears after abstinence. When people restrain from alcohol, they show improved executive functions, short-term memory, and larger cerebellar volumes.

The studies are still ongoing, but the damage of drugs or alcohol can be reversed. Physical activity improved the brain’s functioning, and neuroplasticity and the Pouyan Method relies on them.

Opioid addiction alters one’s working memory functions, persisting throughout the treatment ad abstinence. Working memory is a cognitive function developed by opioid addiction, while it’s fundamental for monitoring ad controlling the cognitive activities.

Cognitive difficulties in the regions aroused poor outcome results and high risk for relapse. Cognitive retraining will improve the brain operation ad sustain the addiction treatment. Cognitive exercises will help the metal “muscles,” improving the operation. Cognitive retrains are a new area, and working memory training on cognitive capacity ae recovery is undergoing. Meditation, yoga, counseling, and comprehensive therapies at the Holistic Sanctuary help patients repair the brain, taking it to the pre-addiction status.

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