Shame Based American Addiction Treatment

The Shame Based American Addiction Treatment Exposed By Johnny Tabaie


shame based american addiction treatment
Shame Based American Addiction Treatment Exposed

The way Western medicine and American drug and alcohol recovery facilities handle addictions all seem to be the same. Each one approaches recovery in a very negative way, making inaccurate claims and unfulfilled promises. They often label addiction as an incurable disease, a statement that is completely untrue and immediately gives sufferers a feeling of hopelessness.

Johnny Tabaie experienced this first hand when attending numerous rehab facilities himself and watching his own mother and brother lose their battle with addiction after their own attempts at finding a cure through the typical American treatment options. Johnny realized at that time that there had to be another way. He began his own research, beginning with exposing the inaccuracies and unsuccessful methods of nearly all American alcohol and drug treatment facilities.

Shame was a reoccurring theme Johnny saw in normal drug rehab centers. Patients were labeled as victims, labeled incurable, forced to submit to sometimes embarrassing and dehumanizing therapy sessions, given dangerous prescription drugs such as benzos, that only further fueled addiction and subjected to invasive unnecessary procedures. Not a single one of these treatment procedures seemed to work long term. Within days or weeks of leaving treatment, users relapsed with no hope that they had found a real cure. Even the most renowned doctors who use these treatment methods see few, if any, permanent recovery cases.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, Johnny wants to eliminate every single misconception about addiction. He has created a program that guarantees results and empowers clients. The shame and negativity associated with addiction needs to end now, and Johnny Tabaie can show you how to cure your addictions for good.


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