Holistic Therapies available at the Holistic Sanctuary

There are many treatment centers out there that promise you to cure you of addiction, trauma, depression, PTSD, and other health conditions. Even if that may not be impossible, not many of these centers will provide you 100% holistic and natural therapeutic methods like the Holistic Sanctuary. The protocols at our center include ancient sacred plant therapies and contemporary evidence-based medical practices, and here they are, in a nutshell.

The Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method developed by Johnny TabaeAt our center, it’s not only the natural healing therapies and holistic methods that you will benefit from. It’s the place where Johnny Tabaie created the Pouyan Method, and the technique is revolutionary and heals patients of depression, addiction, and underlying reasons for mental issues. It aims to take the brain to the pre-addicted state. It’s necessary to detoxify the body of chemicals, while restoring balance to the GI tract, reducing candida, and sustaining the body’s efforts to produce serotonin. Ancient plant medicine such as Ayahuasca and Ibogaine help reset the brain and ensure the spiritual healing. The fantastic combination of methods will heal from physical conditions, negative preconceptions, deep trauma, helping the patient live a healthy and addiction-free life.

The Pouyan Method is a combination of Ayahuasca ceremonies, ibogaine treatment, daily IV drips (proprietary formula, 5 hours every day), regular dead seas salt baths, and carbon infrared sauna sessions, 5Meo or Changa DMT guides, yoga, and hyperbaric chamber sessions. Patients choosing the platinum package will have the possibility to benefit from PRP plasma therapy, Mesenchymal stem cells, adult cells umbilical cord stem cell therapy, non-embryonic adult stem cells, bone stem cells therapy, ozone therapy, and so on.

Amino acid IV drips/ NAD/ Gaba Repair/ Myers Cocktail

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. Niacin gives the body the energy it needs for well-being and proper functioning. People with drug addiction or alcoholism lack NAD, which affects their recovery. Proper dieting typically gives the body amino acids it needs, but that’s not the case for people with addiction.

Amino acid IV drips- NAD- Gaba Repair- Myers CocktailNAD IV drips are administered, so that they go to the proper circulation in the body, improving one healthy. Glutamine, tyrosine, and tryptophan are some amino acids in the NAD IV drips that will restore the brain. The method aims to detoxify and improve brain chemistry, taking it to a sound stage. It’s an effective treatment that doesn’t cause significant side effects, sustaining the patient’s effort to focus on the recovery.

Stem Cell Activation and stem cell Therapy

Stem cells are the most impressive and raw material, pushing the body to rebuild, regenerate, and revitalize on its own. The MSC cells have the amazing ability to become any type of cell that the body needs. The plant-based, raw food and non-GMO dieting sustain the stem cell absorption, leading to healing. The IV drip formulas will heal at the cellular level, improving the stem cells’ activity. A highly dense nutrient alkalized diet will eliminate candida, whereas the sacred plant medicine activates the God molecule, so patients reconnect to themselves. Candida from the GI tract will also be removed, and serotonin receptors are rested and restored.

HBOT oxygen infusions

With this method, a significant amount of pure oxygen with high pressure is administered to the body, with instant skin effects, reducing inflammation, stress, and tiredness.

HBOT therapy sustains cell growth, reduces swelling, helping with tissue repair, new blood vessel formation. It helps the wound heal, helps the body recover after radiation,  and keeps fungal infections at a distance. HBOT therapy is also beneficial for the brain, improving memory, brain functioning, and mood-regulating. When used with other medicines at the center, it contributes to new neuro-paths, which are fundamental for healing addiction.HBOT oxygen infusions

Mitochondria Repair Protocol (Proprietary- IV Drips HBOT Herbal Superfoods)

Mitochondria work like factories in the cells, turning the food and oxygen we breathe into ATP, which our cells need for the biochemical reactions. When people eat unhealthy foods, free radicals are produced in our bodies, causing stress and affecting mitochondrial health.

Mitochondria repair protocol refers to the use of HBOT therapy, IV drips, and herbal superfoods for repairing mitochondria. Patients switch to raw, plant-based dieting, and non-GMO foods so that mitochondria are healed, and the body recovers.

Plant medicine

Nature gives us various plants to use for different health conditions. Some plants are purely aesthetic, whereas others have healing abilities, nourishing the body. At our center, patients switch to plant-based and raw dieting to obtain brain repair.

Plants have unusual properties, contributing to our body’s health, improving the brain’s activity, soothing our mind, and improving sleep. With much consideration of the fantastic benefits of plant medicine, treatment protocols will get the best out of the plants as well.

Sacred Plant medicine

People in the Amazon have been used sacred plant medicine for centuries. Sacred plant medicine helps the brain recover from addiction, PTSD, grief, depression, and eating disorders. It gives long-lasting results and doesn’t pose any risk for later addiction. Sacred plants will improve synapses, the brain’s activity, sustain the neuronal change, and rewire them for complete healing of the mind.

Sacred plant medicine improves blood flow to the front cortical structures, hippocampus, amygdala, and other regions that control memory and emotion. It helps the patients feel shame, fear, or resentment heal from the trauma, depression, and long-time suffering.


Massage will sustain the aggravation of symptoms for patients struggling with depression/anxiety, insomnia, overall, lack of self-awareness, tension and stress, chronic pain, physical injuries, and poor mental clarity and focus.

Massage therapy will sustain detoxification, generate endorphins, increase self-awareness, and healing. It helps with sleep disorders and helps the patients feel good and ready to accept the positive thoughts on their healing.


Yoga is one of the most effective methods for addressing health issues, addiction included. When combined with the innovative natural treatments, it can sustain the three-pillared approach to recovery (mind, body, and soul). Yoga is good for the body, mind, and spirit. It reduces the amount of cortisol in the body (stress hormone), strengthening the mind and alleviating anxiety, depression, or PTDS.

The physical strength, flexibility, and balance that yoga leads to will also make the brain more flexible, healthier, and well-balanced, sustaining the recovery process.

Reiki and energy work (chakra rebalancing – proprietary method)

Reiki and energy workReiki alleviates the withdrawal symptoms for people undergoing treatment for the addiction.

The proprietary chakra rebalancing at our center will decrease stress and sustain emotional rebalancing in the procedure. It relaxes the patients, repairing the damage to the brain and mind.

With Reiki and chakra rebalancing, patients are helped to stay away from anger and negative thoughts, healing, and feeling comfortable in their skin once again.

Meditation guided by kundalini yogi

Kundalini meditation will help move energy throughout the body. The fundamental concept is that the energy at the base of your spine has to be released through the seven chakras of the body and the crown chakra above the head. Releasing the energy from the collection will generate a system of communication between the body and the mind, soothing the physical, mental, and spiritual problems

Kundalini yogi will guide meditation so that the patient becomes aware of the collection, gets a new rhythm, and gets in touch with a higher version of the self.

Motivational Counseling (non-punitive)

At our center, patients participate only in one-on-one motivational counseling sessions, as they need to focus exclusively on their treatment.

Group sessions can disrupt the patient’s focus from their problems and recovery, slowing down the healing. On the other hand, the family dynamic isn’t always good for the patients, and its toxicity can affect one’s recovery process.

With motivational Counseling and a non-punitive approach, the patient engages in a healing process where there is no judgment for his behaviors and only compassion and empathy for his problems.

Other proprietary methods

Colonics liver detox, parasite and candida detox, Total Liver Detox Protocol (Proprietary Green Coffee Enemas, Super Herbs, and Super Foods), Parasite Cleanse (Proprietary- Superfoods and Super Herbs, Alkaline Herbs & Diet), Heavy Metal Cleanse Chelation Cellular Detoxification Cleanse (Proprietary IV Drip) are also used for treatment as providing the healthy nutrients, after cleansing the body from the chemicals. Toxic residues are fundamental to one’s healing and restoration of the brain.

Spiritual Awakening/Pineal Gland, Outer Body Experience (Ancient Medicine Science, DMT Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, Iboga) will help patients see how his/her life will look like without the toxic substances and addiction. Only patients receiving approval from the doctors will benefit from it, as the method is both practical and robust, with some cautions for patients with co-occurring mental conditions.

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