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Best Treatment for PTSD Symptoms – Holistic Options

Post-traumatic stress disorder also known as (PTSD) was once more commonly associated with soldiers returning from combat. It was then referred to as shell shock. However in the past 20 years it has become a more common diagnosis among people from all walks of life. With the increased use of pharmaceutical drugs for treatment, talk therapies and mainstream treatment centers the cure or relief ratio remains quite low.

Over the years The Holistic Sanctuary has witnessed the damages caused by these band aid therapies as lives lose hope living in the fog of depression increased by toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Our healing therapies not only heal the body but restore hope as many experience a renewed desire to engage in living. There are many 5 star treatment centers on the map but most lack the ability to promise the certainty of wellness. For those suffering with PTSD and other addictive disorders they aren’t promised cures but instead are promised an endless filling of prescriptions. What we confidently offer is the healing of spirit, mind and body using only nature based therapies like our Ayahuasca protocols for PTSD. Healing becomes possible as we restore the health of the brain which generally has been repeatedly exposed to antidepressants and other chemically based therapies.


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Cure and Effective Treatment For PTSD And Depression

Sick and tired of the run around looking for a place to Cure your PTSD and Depression? Has every place you’ve been to only prescribed you more drugs to band-aid the underlying PTSD Trauma and Depression?  Depression and Best PTSD Treatment Centers do not deserve that title for a simple reason: these places have a broken, ineffective outdated medical model that is only designed to prescribe drugs and band-aid potions. That belief is not only wrong; it is literally toxic since it places people on prescription drugs, with severe side effects, and simultaneously enrolls them in endless talk therapy programs that reinforce the idea that PTSD is a disease that will never go away. At The Holistic Sanctuary we have a far more revolutionary approach – thanks to the exclusive, safe and proprietary Pouyan Method – where we heal the brain so you can heal your life.

The Cure for PTSD Depression Addiction Trauma Alcoholism at The Holistic Sanctuary

How Do We Do This?

Each guest receives over 35 hours of one on one per week! That’s more than any center anywhere else.  Our Holistic Natural and Innovative Protocol the “Pouyan Method” has an amazing success rate at reversing and curing PTSD, Depression, Trauma and drug addictions too!

Addictions to Crack – Meth – Heroin – Benzos – Oxycontin – Cocaine – Alcohol – Suboxone – Methadone

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we also have a Cure For PTSD. We also offer exclusive patented pending protocol that is 100% Holistic that Cures Depression, not to mention healing the damaging effects of chemical dependency to also cure PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Trauma and Alcoholism.

How Do We Cure PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Trauma and Alcoholism?

1 – Locate, then help resolve the underlying cause of most, if not all Symptoms.

2 – Safely detox all narcotic residues from the body.

3 – Help Repair the damaged brain to a pre-addicted state.

4 – Reprogram the brain and end negative thought patterns.

5- Treat emotional trauma and PTSD with plant medicine.

6- Repair the immune system holistically with the Pouyan Method.

7- Activate Stem Cells in the body to heal faster than normal.

8 – Teach a complete holistic lifestyle change.



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