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Sick and tired of the run around looking for a place to heal your PTSD and Depression? Has every place you’ve been to only prescribed you more drugs to band-aid the underlying PTSD Trauma and Depression? Depression and PTSD Treatment Centers do not deserve that title for a simple reason: these places have a broken, ineffective outdated medical model that is only designed to prescribe drugs and band-aid potions. That belief is not only wrong; it is literally toxic since it places people on prescription drugs, with severe side effects, and simultaneously enrolls them in endless talk therapy programs that reinforce the idea that PTSD is a disease that will never go away. At The Holistic Sanctuary we have a far more revolutionary approach – thanks to the exclusive, safe and proprietary Pouyan Method – where we heal the brain so you can heal your life.
PTSD Treatment
Centers For Depression and PTSD are no different from other conventional facilities. Please note: these places charge tens of thousands of dollars while offering no form of real effective treatment or customized care – patients are just a number at these facilities – and they lack any proof of success. In contrast, The Holistic Sanctuary can restore and rejuvenate areas damaged by PTSD, Trauma and Depression. We permanently end PTSD, courtesy of the Pouyan Method and the personalized attention that no rehab center can match. Amidst our 5-star accommodations and the beauty and tranquility of our location, we give patients a second chance at life.
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Where can you find treatment of this nature? The Holistic Sanctuary offers this treatment and has shocked most specialists and experts with their success. Experts cannot explain why the methods they have taught and preached all along have failed but the methods used at The Holistic Sanctuary succeeds and does what they deemed impossible – it can CURE PTSD Depression and Trauma.

At The Holistic Sanctuary you will find only natural sources used in treatment, such as oxygen, the sun, super-plants and super-herbs, natural supplements. These are all used to help bring about positive reinforcement and to re-train the body and the brain to live life as it was before you suffered from PTSD, Depression and Trauma.

Cure For PTSD And Depression
PTSD is a debilitating disease that takes over all aspects of the persons life. Realizing that you have a problem, and actively seeking the best Treatment for Depression and PTSD

Seeking PTSD Treatment Centers

PTSD Treatment Centers do not have the Pouyan Method which Johnny Tabaie created to cure himself. He endured the physical and emotional pain of traditional failed disease model. He was told he had an incurable disease that he would never be freed of PTSD and Depression so he must take a handful of toxic medications. Those prescription drugs were unable to permanently end his issues or core reasons why he was suffering; they just put you on a downward spiral resulting in relapses and more suffering. 

Depression Treatment Rehab Centers simply charge tens of thousands of dollars without disclosing their high rates of failure or their reliance on ineffective modalities. The all-natural Pouyan Method which is the result of extensive research and development, can permanently end suffering from Depression/PTSD/Trauma. This safe and successful approach, supported by rave reviews by patients previously destroyed by doctor prescribed substances, gives hope to others that they can be healed as well. Bottom line: we heal the brain, so you can heal your life.

Conventional Treatment For PTSD also lack our advantages. Remember: there is only one Pouyan Method – no other drug rehab center has it – combined with the customized care we provide. We know addiction is not a disease; it is instead, a condition we can end permanently, backed by scientific evidence and the independent testimonials from patients from around the world. By healing the brain, we heal your life. That benefit is something every patient deserves because life is too precious for us to ignore these facts.

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    Yes, Finally a Cure for PTSD and Depression

    The Holistic Sanctuary provides real treatment for Depression, Trauma and PTSD often associated with mental health and illness.  The therapies used in the Pouyan Method are all-natural and can involve the use of Ibogaine and Ayahuasca therapies, IV infusions, natural cleanses, organic diet plans, stem cell therapy, oxygen therapy and more. Treatment is customized for each individual, and patients can receive up to 6 hours a day of one on one treatment for the most effective style available.

    There are no prescription medications used, no group counseling sessions that are ineffective, or use of any outdated conventional methods to tell you that you have no hope of being cured.The Holistic Sanctuary offers PTSD treatment to get rid of Depression using the Pouyan Method, a method exclusive to The Holistic Sanctuary and created by the founder, Johnny Tabaie. Well over 1,000 patients have been cured of PTSD, Addiction, Depression and Trauma since the center opened and a large number of those patients had already failed at other treatment and rehab centers and relapsed. This record of success places Johnny Tabaie near the top of the experts in PTSD Depression and Trauma addiction treatment.

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