What is Ibogaine

What is Ibogaine?

More And More People Are Asking: What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine, commonly used by ancient African tribes in rituals led to teach initiates to overcome their fears and “demons”, Ibogaine is a natural psychoactive alkaloid found in plants such as Tabernanthe Iboga and Voacanga Africana, that has an amazing capacity to treat the root of the addiction problem, helping eliminate the physical and psychological strong cravings that afflict so many people struggling to overcome their dependency evils in today’s western civilization. Ibogaine treatment is not only extraordinarily healthy and natural but is one of the most effective detox treatments available. It has a powerful effect on patients overall mental, physical and spiritual state, reaping visible results within a few hours of usage.

What is ibogaine?

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What is Ibogaine? Can It Be The Cure For Depression

What Is Ibogaine: the very fact that you are here reading this page is proof that the world is becoming more aware of the ineffective unorthodox treatment methods that most drug rehab centers practice today. Far from logic, it does not make any sense to treat drug addiction by prescribing more drugs, and let’s face it, even if those drugs are not illegal they are still very hazardous, highly addictive and can cause more depression and serious health complications due to the side effects. Well, common sense is not so common, that is why we use a reaffirming, uplifting, remarkably healthy and effective drug detox method, with a unique holistic approach that supports minimum to almost zero withdraws.

The Cure For Depression

The Depression Cure That Is Effective

The Pouyan Method Cure For Depression protocol uses plant medicine to help address the traumas that pushed you into benzo addiction in the first place. Working in conjunction with the IV drips, the Pouyan Method protocol will physically cleanse you of the benzos effects, enabling you avoid all the debilitating symptoms of benzo withdrawal and erasing any cravings permanently.

Furthermore, we teach personalized, comprehensive relapse prevention methods and utilize specially crafted vegan diets to help reinforce healthy habits and the physical and mental restoration the Pouyan Method protocol provides.

The Pouyan Method Protocol has succeed in healing nearly 1,500 people in just 7 years, beating out traditional methods’ 3-5% success rate. The Holistic Sanctuary boasts not only world class healing protocol and luxurious amenities, but also a fully trained on-staff medical personnel. We offer you the opportunity to find the real source of your addictive tendencies, remove the cravings that dominate your life, and ultimately heal you in a way traditional western medicine and addiction rehabilitation centers can’t. The Pouyan Method protocol is the cure to your benzo addiction.

How Do We Cure Depression, PTSD, Addiction?

Each guest receives over 35 hours of one on one per week! That’s more than any center anywhere else.  Our Holistic Natural and Innovative Protocol the “Pouyan Method” has an amazing success rate at reversing and curing PTSD, Depression, Trauma and drug addictions too!

Addictions to Crack – Meth – Heroin – Benzos – Oxycontin – Cocaine –Alcohol – Suboxone – Methadone

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How Do We Treat PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Trauma and Alcoholism?

1 – Locate, then help resolve the underlying cause of most, if not all Symptoms.

2 – Safely detox all narcotic residues from the body.

3 – Help Repair the damaged brain to a pre-addicted state.

4 – Reprogram the brain and end negative thought patterns.

5- Treat emotional trauma and PTSD with plant medicine.

6- Repair the immune system holistically with the Pouyan Method.

7- Activate Stem Cells in the body to heal faster than normal.

8 – Teach a complete holistic lifestyle change.

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