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Ibogaine Treatment in Fighting Drug Addiction Permanently

Addiction affects every single aspect of a person’s life which is why it can prove difficult to treat. Ibogaine treatment centers have propped up all over the world, offering alternative care to traditional drug rehabs with massive success. The reason why traditional rehabs report such a low recovery rate is that they do not address the deep-rooted issues that affect addiction. The sufferer is not only dealing with physical symptoms of drug-use, but is also affected at a relationship, mental and emotional level. Detoxification and group therapy offered at traditional rehabs have made people look into Ibogaine drug treatment centers to a more viable way in treating and curing addiction permanently.


Ibogaine Treatment

Best Ibogaine Treatment Center- Most Powerful Ibogaine Protocol

Minimum Stay is 2 Weeks,  Includes 70+ hours of private holistic one on one therapy sessions. Includes a Full Medical Detox W/Emergency Room Medical Doctors with Ibogaine 99.9% pre HCL.

Ibogaine Treatment is an advanced therapy method which was discovered by accident in the early ’60s as a Heroin addict was trying to get high on the substance. After he used it, he lost his complete appetite for Heroin and decided to popularize the substance to help more people get off the habit, and the rest is history. Many users of Ibogaine Treatment report experiencing visual phenomena during a waking dream state, such as instructive replays of life events that led to their addiction, while others report therapeutic shamanic visions that help them conquer the fears and negative emotions that might drive their addiction.

What Is Ibogaine: the very fact that you are here reading this page is proof that the world is becoming more aware of the ineffective unorthodox treatment methods that most drug rehab centers practice today. Far from logic, it does not make any sense to treat drug addiction by prescribing more drugs, and let’s face it, even if those drugs are not illegal they are still very hazardous, highly addictive and can cause more depression and serious health complications due to the side effects. Well, common sense is not so common, that is why we use a reaffirming, uplifting, remarkably healthy and effective drug detox that is Ibogaine treatment method, with a unique holistic approach that supports minimum to almost zero withdrawals.

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