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Ibogaine Treatment in USA:
The Best Treatment for Drug Addiction

Are you seeking Ibogaine Treatment in the USA? Are you fed up with the prescription medication side effects that cause more health issues? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Suboxone and other so called maintenance drugs cause serious side effects READ THIS. Medications like suboxone and methadone cause so many problems and health issues,  you will have to take others medications to counteract those dangerous side effects. For those who attempt to stop taking suboxone, the withdrawal will last for up to 6-12 months. The good news is The Holistic Sanctuary has an answer that does not reply on switching one drug for another. We have a way to reset the brain, cure the addiction, and end cravings. But here is the catch you can’t get the cure in America, Nope, Ibogaine is not allowed in America. In fact, Ibogaine is illegal as crack cocaine. Yup, the FDA says it has no medicinal properties. So if you want to get cured you must leave US soil.  See our video below and you decide…..

Effective treatment for heroin, oxy, fentanyl addiction heals the three important parts that forms a human being. These are the mind, the spirit and the body. This is what our ibogaine treatment center in USA is all about. Our mental health treatment center is situated in a peaceful, beautiful environment oceanfront luxury facility. It provides a luxurious environment for healing from all opiate addictions, even suboxone, methadone, etc. Once you enter our healing center, you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to heal yourself from you addiction, depression, and dependency naturally. We emphasize on empowering individuals to achieve lifelong sobriety because effective addiction treatment starts with the will or determination to change. We believe that physical symptoms are signs of deep underlying issues. READ MORE ABOUT Ibogaine Treatment

Best Ibogaine Treatment Mexico

Best Ibogaine Treatment Mexico

Safely and Effectively Ibogaine Treatment Mexico

Ibogaine Treatment Mexico

We treat the whole person

To deal with the underlying issues that lead individuals to drug abuse and addiction, we focus on treating the whole person. Our team comprises of registered and experienced healers, doctors and nurses. These are experienced Ibogaine Treatment professionals who have enabled many people to overcome addiction successfully. Apart from providing an environment that ensures effective self-healing, we also provide natural remedies to addiction. Our doctors, nurses, psychologists, counselors and therapists works together to ensure that every aspect of life of the patient is treated and healed by the time they leave our Ibogaine Treatment drug rehab center. We provide an enabling environment where guests feel comfortable and free to share their experiences. This is very important because it facilitates effective healing.
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Effective Ibogaine Treatment

Our focus is on treating patients for drug addiction using natural remedies. We use ibogaine to treat drug addiction. Ibogaine or iboga is a strong plant medicine. It comes from a shrub that grows in West Africa. The people of West Africa have used iboga for many years to heal the mind, body and spirit. However, the ability of this shrub to treat addiction was discovered recently. While providing our ibogaine treatment in the US, we ensure that our ibogaine comes from trained specialists. We also ensure that it is administered by specialist doctors only. These are specialists who know how ibogaine works and how to use it properly to ensure safe and effective treatment for drug addiction.

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We Use Pure ibogaine 99.7%

Ibogaine is one of the 12 alkaloids from the Iboga shrub that has been documented as curing addiction. The ibogaine we use at our rehab center is not synthetic fake medicine. Its 100% real and comes from the bark of the roots of the iboga shrub. This is because our belief is that ibogaine is more effective in the natural form and we focus on the most therapeutic alkaloid. Additionally, we have established a medically fit environment at our ibogaine treatment center. This ensures that in case you or a loved one needs medical assistance urgently, you can get it from our specialist doctors and nurses. Thus, when you undergo ibogaine treatment for drug addiction at our rehab in USA, you are assured of your safety because we take all the necessary precautionary measures.

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Who can benefit from our rehab center?

Our Ibogaine Treatment Mexico is helpful to people that have been struggling with addiction and they want to break free. It is also helpful to people with anxiety, PTSD problems and those in need of spiritual growth. If you or a person that you love is addicted to opiates, ibogaine can eliminate cravings and withdrawal effects. Our approach to treating addiction using natural remedies has made us one of the best ibogaine treatment centers USA option. Whether you or a person that you love is struggling with alcohol addiction, tobacco addiction, marijuana addiction or other substance addiction, we can help you. Get in touch with us for more information about our ibogaine treatment.

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Ibogaine Treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary

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