Ibogaine History

Ibogaine History: Everything You Wanted to Learn about Ibogaine

Ibogaine has gained increasing popularity over the recent years. It is used as a strong treatment for drug addiction. However, before you undergo ibogaine treatment for drug addiction it is important to understand the ibogaine history. In the 1960s, ibogaine was banned in most countries due to its strong hallucinatory properties. Before then, it was used as a stimulant by the mainstream population. In the West African countries where much of ibogaine comes from, it has been used for many years in rituals and religious functions.

What is ibogaine?

Ibogaine is basically a naturally occurring psychoactive alkaloid that comes from the barks of the roots of Tabernanthe iboga, an African shrub. In Western Africa, the shrub which belongs to the Apocynaceae family has traditionally been used by the indigenous people in low doses in combating fatigue, thirst and hunger. However, for spiritual initiation purposes, ibogaine has been used in higher doses in the region.


Ibogaine Treatment

Sacred substance

According to the Bwiti tribe of Gabon and Cameroon region where ibogaine is used as a natural healer and in the passage rites ceremonies, this psychoactive alkaloid is sacred. It is used in ceremonial ways to help in deep spiritual growth and profound introspection. The hallucinatory properties of ibogaine are said to have been discovered by the pigmies. They discovered them when they came across the roots of this plant and realized their ability to affect their minds and passed this knowledge to other people. When the Bwiti learned about the powers of Ibogaine from the pigmies, they considered the properties as the backbone on which their existence depended and shaped the tradition of their spiritual faith around its use. Since then, they have used ibogaine to enhance spiritual transformation, heal the sick and contact spirits.
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Ibogaine history in the modern society

The first Ibogaine extraction was in 1901. This was when research started to generate scientific literature about this substance. It was the early studies that created a way for ibogaine to become a popular drug in the beginning of the 20th century. The first modern use of ibogaine was in France. Here, it became popular as a physical and mental stimulant called Lamberene. It was in form of pills of between 5 and 8 ibogaine milligrams. It was prescribed for depression, general fatigue, infectious disease and rehabilitation. It gained popularly across the world until its removal from the general market in 1967 for containing ibogaine.
What is ibogaine

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Use in treating addiction

While searching for a unique way of getting high in 1962, Howard Lostof came across ibogaine. This heroin addict discovered that his cravings for heroin wore off when ibogaine did. This effect was both on psychological and physical level. Since that day, Howard made creating awareness of the properties of ibogaine among the people his life’s work. He spent most of his time sharing the power of ibogaine in curing addiction with other people.

Ibogaine ban

Despite the fact that Howard studied ibogaine adamantly, the US and other countries banned it in 1967 together with psychedelic substances. This was after ibogaine was used widely leading to its listing as a dangerous substance in the category of heroin and cocaine.

Ibogaine use in the modern society

Ibogaine history cannot be complete without considering its modern use. In the contemporary society, ibogaine is used for its strong healing properties. It is used in treating addictions to different drugs. We use it at our drug rehab center. If you or a person that you care about is battling addiction, get in touch with us for ibogaine addiction treatment.

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