Ibogaine Treatment for Depression

Does Ibogaine Treatment Work For Depression??

One of the most challenging things that people face when battling addiction is to overcome the withdrawal symptoms. Naturally, human minds become accustomed to having the addictive substance at a certain level. Denial of the same leads to serious withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome addiction despite these symptoms using ibogaine. Click Here Ibogaine Treatment Centers

This alkaline comes from the bark of the roots of a West African shrub known as Tabernanthe iboga. Although the shrub has been used for years in West Africa, its therapeutic benefits and their effectiveness in treating addiction were discovered recently. We have also used this alkaloid in treating addiction at our rehab successfully.

What is ibogaine?

If you had not heard about this alkaloid in the past, this is most probably the question that is lingering in your mind. Basically, this therapeutic product is isolated from the bark of the root of the iboga shrub and it has commonly been used for purposes of spiritual development as well as passage rites into adulthood over the years. It is in the 1960s that the alkaloid was discovered to possess properties that make it effective in easing the withdrawal symptoms of opiate. Since this discovery, several studies have been undertaken showing its effectiveness in interrupting the conditioning of the human mind by most substances. It is effective in treating symptoms of withdrawal from substances and drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol, methadone and nicotine among others.
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What is ibogaine treatment?

This is a treatment that entails the use of this alkaloid in treating drug and substance addiction. The alkaloid has been used repeatedly and successfully. We have used it at our rehab center to treat different addictions successfully and safely. When used clinically to treat opioid addiction, it stops withdrawal symptoms almost immediately. It also reduces cravings for the addictive drugs. Additionally, it provides insights into the causes of alcohol or drugs abuse and addiction. Many people have described ibogaine experience as a reset or switch of their lives.  This is because this treatment has enabled many people to transform their lives from being addicts into individuals who lead successfully, more fulfilling drug free lives.
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Successful Ibogaine Treatment for drug addiction

This alkaloid works by interrupting addiction. Many people report that they experience an overall reduction in drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms after the treatment. They also understand past experiences including their harmful behaviors and causes of drug abuse and addiction better. This treatment provides a great opportunity starting afresh. However, it is possible for individuals to make similar mistakes and fall back into the same patterns of abusing drugs. Therefore, to enhance the ibogaine success rate we recommend follow up of the experience with continuous care. This ensures that the gains acquired via the intense hallucinogenic experience are solidified into lifelong changes in the actual world.

Safety and health issues For Ibogaine Treatment

This alkaloid can be risky although it is generally safe when used under the supervision of specialist doctors. This is why you should choose a reliable drug rehab. At our rehab we have the necessary safety and health precautions in place to ensure that possible severe or life threatening withdrawal symptoms are addressed promptly and effectively. Thus, you do not have to worry about severe withdrawal symptoms or even ibogaine side effects when you undergo this treatment for drug addiction at our luxury rehab center.

Whether you need ibogaine for depression or addiction, you should use it under the supervision of specialist doctors. Contact us today for more information about this alkaloid and its use in treating addiction.

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