Causes of Ibogaine Deaths

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Causes of Ibogaine Deaths and How to Avoid Them

Ibogaine therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of drug addiction. This therapy has been proven safe and effective in treating drug or substance abuse disorder or addiction. However, ibogaine deaths have also been reported.

The deaths have been caused by the unsafe use of ibogaine, the patients have not been on a strict diet and the lack of knowledge when it comes to why people have issues. At The Holistic Sanctuary we discovered why the cardiac arrests occur and have created a protocol can prevent it. This is because we have Ibogaine treatment down to a science. Some deaths are due to poor medication monitoring, high levels of drugs in the system, too much ibogaine, not enough close monitoring, and diet preparation of ibogaine. While other deaths are as a result of using ibogaine without constant medical supervision.


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A simple EKG and blood test will not protect you. Most EKGs can miss underlying health issues that can occur with ibogaine. Ibogaine stops the bodies ability to utilize metabolize and synthesize important elements for the bodies absorption in the state of Homeostasis . We won’t go too much in details this is all sensitive and classified proprietary information, but we will say, we found out why people die and this is main reason we don’t have deaths at The Holistic Sanctuary.

Let’s Be Clear About Ibogaine Deaths and Ibogaine Safety

When ibogaine is used properly and under strict medical supervision, and hearth attack prevention protocol is put in place, it is over 99% safe to use and the most effective in treating drug addiction. At our Ibogaine rehab center, we use 99.5% pure ibogaine to treat addiction in a medically licensed luxury facility. Safety of the patients is always our #1 priority while treating addiction using ibogaine. There is a reason why in 10 years of healing patients with Ibogaine we have zero deaths. It is also dangerous for 20% of cases when ibogaine is given under 20 days if the patient is not cleaned out and detoxed from medications and certain drugs the treatment can worsen the patient not improve them. We have our own safe system and that’s why we do not follow random info from the internet that offers instructions on ibogaine treatment.

Understanding the risk of ibogaine

Among the risks that are associated with the use of ibogaine include circulatory and heart problems. It is for this reason that we perform medical screening for all patients before administering them at our rehab center. Our screening process includes EKG that is thoroughly reviewed by our specialist doctors before administering ibogaine treatment. Basically, a death can result from ibogaine administration if a patient with a heart problem is given this treatment. To avoid this, our experienced doctors who specialize in ibogaine treatment must screen all patients upon their admission at our center and subsequent treatment for addiction. This screening prevents medical emergencies that can be associated with ibogaine treatment.
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Responsible use of ibogaine

To avoid possible deaths from the use of ibogaine, it is important to use ibogaine responsibly. It is advisable to use ibogaine under the supervision of specialist medical professionals only. Ibogaine has powerful qualities that should be respected. The only safe ibogaine treatment is the one that is administered by a qualified physician. Therefore, even if you have access to ibogaine, do not use it alone. Always remember that ibogaine is a very powerful medicine and using it wrongly comes with the risk of death especially when administered in a high dose or on the wrong person. At out rehab center, only doctors who specialize in ibogaine treatment determine the right candidates for this treatment and the right dosage. Our specialist doctors have been treating patients using ibogaine for many years. They know how ibogaine works and the right doses to administer in every patient to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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Safety is always the priority

When you seek ibogaine treatment for drug addiction at a drug rehab center, you put your trust to that rehab. It is therefore important that the rehab take every measure possible to guarantee your safety. At our rehab center, the safety of every patient is our priority throughout the treatment period. As such, we provide ibogaine treatment in a medically fit environment with experienced doctors and nurses in standby mode to handle any emergency. This has enabled us to record zero ibogaine deaths since the inception of our rehab. Contact us now if you or a loved one wants to undergo ibogaine treatment at the safest rehab.

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