Cost of Ibogaine Detox Treatment

What Is The Cost of Ibogaine Detox Treatment?

What is the Ibogaine Cost -It is no secret that Ibogaine drug rehab treatment cost  can be costly especially compared to traditional drug rehabilitation centers in America. One important thing to keep in mind about Ibogaine treatment cost is that you get what you pay for. If you want to get the best treatment and care available, you can only naturally expect to pay more for it. Some people want the bells and whistles, 5 star accommodations and a cutting edge healing system.

The Real Ibogaine Cost – Traditional rehabilitation centers may sound like a good bargain because of their low costs but not everything is as it appears.


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Remember that most of these centers see an average success rate of about 5-10%. Compare this to the Ibogaine treatment offered at The Holistic Sanctuary which typically has a success rate of 80%, you choose what type of results you want and where you want your ibogaine treatment. It is already clear that this is a worthy investment. It is an investment in your future and that of your family and interpersonal relationships. If you are still not convinced, there are a couple of things to consider.

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What you are really paying for at The Holistic Sanctuary –You will receive 150 hours of one on one sessions. Therapies include daily massage, daily yoga, daily reiki, daily oxygen therapy (HBOT), daily salt baths, daily juice cleanse, daily green coffee enemas and much more. The 4 Week Ibogaine Package, Includes Powerful Plant Medicine Ibogaine Treatment and  The Pouyan Method – This is a Quantum Healing system and life changer. This Includes Up To 150 Hours of Holistic Therapies and one on one Private Sessions. Our Exclusive Pouyan Method Healing and Proprietary Total Healing Protocol.  This is an all Customized Protocol, Yes, All One On One Therapy Sessions Which Includes 7+ Hours of treatment per day, NO Cookie Cutter Groups Sessions!
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Considering what will your treatment for Ibogaine cost is not as simple as looking at the numbers. There are a lot of factors that go into providing you with this extremely effective form of alternative treatment. At The Holistic Sanctuary Luxury Rehab you get your money’s worth. Below is an idea of what you are really paying for.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, you are paying to get treated by some of the best trained and experienced medical professionals in the industry. Our providers have a responsibility to you, and are committed to successfully seeing you through the treatment program. There are of course cheaper facilities and clinics that offer Ibogaine treatment. The only downside is there is no guarantee that their practitioners have the necessary credentials and expertise to administer Ibogaine safely. After all, it is a potent drug as natural as it might be. Your life is not something you want to be playing Russian roulette with.

Next, you are paying for the most powerful healing system The Pouyan Method and the best medical care possible. Remember that this is an extremely powerful plant medicine, it needs to be administered under close supervision. We have licensed and certified nurses to monitor your progress throughout your journey, and an experienced and ER doctor assigned to you round the clock in case any problems arise.

Another factor that influences Ibogaine clinics cost is procuring the plant in the first place. The ibogaine is grown in West Africa and takes up to seven years to reach maturity before medicine can be extracted from it. This makes procuring the plant a costly affair to begin with. There are also different grades of Ibogaine with varying levels of potency. We extract the medicine at a licensed lab under strict caution using only the best mature ibogaine plants so we are able to guarantee that you get the best Ibogaine treatment that money can buy.

You will also be paying for world-class treatment and 5 star accommodations. Our resort-style facility features ocean front property and private luxury suits. You have access to top of the line amenities including a gym, spa, massage therapy and pools.  Our facility is designed to offer you the best possible comfort so that you have no worries except getting well. We are dedicated to creating a safe and zen environment that is focused on your healing and wellness.

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Ibogaine Cost – Our Ibogaine treatment cost includes complete support during and after your treatment session. You will have a trained professional with you throughout your experience to guide you through your treatment. We also don’t believe in group therapy and meetings. We focus on one on one time with our therapists to ensure that you are getting the kind of attention and emotional support you require. Our job does not end once you leave our treatment center; we also help with reintegration before you go home. Living a clean and sober life can be difficult especially if you have been an addict for a long time. We offer additional survival tools and support through your needs to successfully reintegrate to society.

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We have various packages aimed at ensuring that our best Ibogaine treatment cost is accessible to as many people as possible. Contact us today to find a package and payment plan that suits you best. To put it simply, you are investing in your future. You cannot put a price on your Life, Success and Happiness.

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