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How To Choose The Best and Safest Ibogaine Treatment Center 2023

Welcome, you have just entered Ibogaine Treatment Center at The Holistic Sanctuary, the ONLY licensed medical spa in the world that offers Ibogaine Treatment and all the Sacred medicines, like Ayahuasca, 5 MeO DMT, Changa DMT, Psilocybin and Kambo. The Holistic Sanctuary is a not just a world renowned Luxury Rehab healing center, but the past 11 years we are proud to offer the safest, best and most effective Ibogaine Treatment protocol created. We can boldly say that we are one of the best Ibogaine Treatment Center  in the world because we’ve never had to move our location, Never had a death, never switched owners, and we’ve never been shut down. We have had the same name and the same location for 11+ years. We offer the most perfected plant medicine protocol, the Pouyan Method, which is a patent pending, a very powerful and unique proprietary protocol that works like no other healing system created. We do not rake in patients with fancy buzzwords on our site, tell patients what they want to hear and when they arrive not receive what was promised or advertised. At The Holistic Sanctuary, you will receive 9 hours of private one on one holistic treatment sessions per day. Yes, These holistic treatments at our Ibogaine Treatment Center are all one on one. NO, they are not group meetings, not even our yoga therapy, it is also 1 -1. We offer “O” group therapies or meetings. You will not sit around being bored, smoke cigarettes or vapes all day, and talk about war stories. No, you will not have withdrawals, you will Not have Paws, and you will not be treated like a number. Your healing journey and recovery will be complete and unique, we have a 80-90% successful recovery rate.  Meaning you will have up to 90% chance of walking out of our center healed, thriving, happy and whole.
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Ibogaine Treatment Center Toxic Free Zone Holistic Sanctuary

This is a toxic free zone, meaning no smoking, no junk food, no coffee, no war stories allowed or permitted, we are a Real luxury healing center, not a typical detox center, rehab, or conventional 12 step Rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, or even a 7 day Ibogaine Clinic. Not only we do not allow patients to sit around and talk about war stories, there is no time for that. Clients will be too busy being hooked up to a 5 hour IV drip filled with vitamins, aminos, NAD+ while at the same time, you get a soothing and healing deep tissue massage, followed up with a powerful reiki session, then you are whisked to the HBOT machine that infuses you with 100% pure oxygen.

This HBOT treatment kills pathogens and anaerobic bacteria, at the same time helps rebuild brain cells by activating stem cell production thus increases healing by over 900%. You will be getting 3-5 green coffee enemas per day, daily NAD Iv drips/ Amino Acid Iv/ Glutathione Iv, daily massage, Reiki healing. Also, you will receive daily Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation, daily cardio at the gym, daily carbon infrared sauna sessions.  You will be doing this regimen for 20-60 days to help your immune system, nervous system, and endocrine system get strong and ready for the safest most effective  ibogaine treatment.

Most of our patients do not suffer with grey day, also our guests do not throw up, our patients do not have bad trips with our Ibogaine Treatment. Also, there will be 5 staff at any given time to help support you, you will not feel alone, everyone of our staff and healers speak English and are non judgmental. During the Ibogaine Treatment there will be an emergency room doctor to handle any emergencies. Also main important thing is, You will feel accepted and loved, not treated like a number while on your journey here.

It’s important to know why we are different and why our Ibogaine Treatment Center is world renowned. Upon arrival we do Not start the Ibogaine treatment within the first or second day, like every clinic out there. In our 10+ years professional experience we’ve seen this will not help and can be dangerous! Ibogaine is not a game or a toy, and not something you can play around with, even if your goal is to honestly cure opioid addiction. Also, we do not offer a 5-day or 7-day so-called ibogaine cure “quick fix” Ibogaine is NOT a cure, its an effective tool and powerful healing medicine.
Most 7 day ibogaine treatments are “Ineffective”—not to mention dangerous and irresponsible. Why, you ask? Because most if not all heroin and opiates people are abusing and buying from the streets are laced with fentanyl. Fentanyl takes 10 days to come out of the system to make ibogaine treatment safe. If you are at risk and have compromised health this can be dangerous not to mention deadly. Also most people who leave ibogaine clinics suffer with withdrawal symptoms for minimum 2 weeks, are unable to sleep, this is NOT normal but they tell you it is. READ MORE HERE


Here are a few of the past patients The Holistic Sanctuary “Has Helped Cure” with “OUR” Pouyan Method With Ibogaine Treatment Protocol.
Don’t be fooled by copycats or fly-by-night clinics, wanna-be shamans, shyster and hucksters. They know who they are….

Eddie Transformation With The Pouyan Method John Heroin Cure Process

The Holistic Sanctuary Patient Before and After Ibogaine Treatment and The Pouyan Method

Best Ibogaine Treatment Holistic Sanctuary

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Why Choose Ibogaine Treatment Over Conventional Drug Rehabs or Detox Centers

check golden  Research has proven the fact that a single dose of Ibogaine can significantly end the withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings for drugs. Conventional methods are simply incapable of providing anything Close.
check golden  Suboxone causes Anhedonia which is the inability to experience pleasure from activities that used to be enjoyable, such as exercise, hobbies or music. Conventional treatment centers switched from Methadone maintenance to Suboxone maintenance makes it unable for you to alleviate Anhedonia. Once you’re on Suboxone, buckle up, you are on it for life, down hill ride that is.
check golden  Ibogaine is said to completely alleviate anhedonia during the treatment process and will not come back.
check golden  No conventional method is capable of ending cravings as fast as Ibogaine therapy. This is the primary reason of relapse and the low success rate of conventional rehab methods of around 3-10% percent.
check golden  Ibogaine HCL is able to alleviate withdrawal symptoms from the very first dose, and within 2-4 hours withdrawals are Gone, YES, for Good!
check golden Ibogaine is a natural compound that is extracted from plant root sources, unlike various medications like Suboxone that are highly addictive and toxic that are made in a lab.
check golden It is a known fact that the cost of rehabilitation programs in the United States and elsewhere can add up to a huge amount due to the ineffectiveness and repeat visits, while the best Ibogaine Treatment incorporated with the Pouyan Method is a one time treatment that will cure addiction cold.
check golden Due to the non-addictive nature of Ibogaine, there is no potential for abuse.

We treat the whole person by healing the mind, body and soul.
These Treatments Are All Included And Are- ALL ONE ON ONE!

Johnny Tabaie Founder and Inventor of the Safest Ibogaine Treatment Protocol

Johnny Tabaie - Johnny The Healer
It is important to administer ibogaine treatment in conjunction with holistic therapies and followed by intensive lifestyle changes and holistic mindfulness, Johnny says, this is very important in order to maximize potential outcomes for addicts. His luxury healing retreat offers patients a comprehensive program of holistic treatments and alternative therapies that can be broken into “mind -body- soul”. Therapies designed to support the whole person and their mental health, treatments like life coaching, guided meditation, Reiki,  pranic healing,  ‘biochemistry’ therapies includes ozone therapy, spirit molecules include ibogaine and ayahuasca treatments. Plus NON GMO diet and ancient superfoods, 80% raw organic diet. Not to forget the only facility in the world that offers ibogaine and includes HBOT hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The combination of addressing the body and the mind are key to total and long-term transformation.
Johnny Tabaie

The night I did my Ibogaine treatment was intense and  powerful.  “It was like 20 years of healing and therapy in one night. I never felt anything like that in my life.  It was an experience  I will never forget.

Ibogaine was one of many incredible revelations about what to include in a real world healing protocol that Johnny had during recovery. Healing has to be total healing in any addiction treatment protocol. Others he spoke to about Ibogaine therapy had similar remarkable transformations from the plant and changed their path in life immediately. But Ibogaine wasn’t enough to make it a real treatment cure for addiction by itself. There had to be diet changes and lifestyle changes. Johnny refused to look in the mirror one more time and say he was powerless and medications were part of his life.

Johnny quickly realized that Ibogaine treatment is a powerhouse for healing addiction – this is true – but when it’s combined with holistic treatments that heal and prepare you on a cellular level, there can only be total recovery from addiction. The Best Ibogaine Treatment had to be one that considered the whole person, Mind, Body and Spirit. Not Just Ibogaine…..

Johnny continued adding more alternative health strategies to create The Pouyan Method. Treatments such as HBOT hyperbaric oxygen treatments, Reiki and Pranic healing and the removal of amalgam fillings (mercury) from his teeth. He stopped eating GMOs, Stopped getting toxic poisonous vaccines and STOPPED going to the doctors that just wanted to give him more prescription drugs! Finally the Pouyan Method was invented and Johnny Tabaie came up with the concept of offering all these therapies to the world and The Holistic Sanctuary was invented, people come from the entire United States and all over the world to get healed and cured at his center in record numbers.

ibogaine holistic rehab
ibogaine luxury drug rehab

Why Johnny Tabaie Knew Ibogaine Treatments Combined with Pretreatment Protocol Will Be a Bullet Train To Healing

  • Holistic therapy that would reset the brain to a pre-addicted state
  • Non-addictive and nontoxic treatment
  • Reiki, Yoga, Massage, HBOT, Amino acid drips, NAD Drip, Ozone Infusions
  • No labels of being an addict forever
  • No group meetings
  • No medications
  • Healing on the cellular level
  • Treatment that reverses damage to the body from alcohol and drugs
  • Real therapy for reversing negative thinking and getting on track psychologically
  • Inspiration and empowerment Coaching
  • Cold pressed raw organic juice cleanses
  • Ibogaine Aftercare referral
Johnny Tabaie’s facility with the most advanced to date addiction healing system offered anywhere was opened in Baja Mexico because Ibogaine treatment is legal in Mexico. Johnny knew he had to go beyond the usual good results found with the plant to insure that healing from addictions was permanent – and that’s what he was doing by incorporating all the other treatments.
Ibogaine Treatment Centers and Drug Rehab Centers worldwide never include all the alternative health and holistic treatment options The Holistic Sanctuary offers.
Here are some of the differences:
  • Most if not all Ibogaine Clinics only offer Ibogaine as their main modality. At The Holistic Sanctuary, We offer Stem Cell Activation Therapy/NAD+ and Amino Acid IV Drips/ Glutathione IV Drips/ Reiki Healing / Massage Therapy, Carbon Saunas, Hyperbaric Therapy HBOT, Colonics, Green Coffee Enemas, Salt Baths, Motivational Therapy, Yoga, and Meditation. We have healing down to a science.
  • The Holistic Sanctuary is the ONLY Ibogaine Treatment in the world that offers 7-9 hours of private Holistic one on one therapy per day! You are set up on a schedule from 7am – 7pm, non stop treatments, not walk in a clinic take Ibogaine and hope for the best.
  • The Holistic Sanctuary is the only Luxury Rehab and Ibogaine clinic that prepares the patients for minimum of 10+ days to ensure the safest outcome! We know how powerful Ibogaine is and it can knock you off your feet and have you bedridden for 2-5 days! Not at our center, No Way!
  • We are the only Ibogaine Drug Treatment Center in world that offers Brain Scans with Before and After and can show how we reverse brain damage! Others only claim it, We Do it! (In The Platinum Package)
  • Ibogaine safety should always be considered. Are medical staff ready to help in an emergency? Withdrawals leads to death when Methadone Benzos and other harsh drugs are used in conventional rehab programs in the United States and if someone is still using addictive opiates, medical personnel must be on staff 24/7. This is another of the reasons why Johnny Tabaie added medical personnel 24/7 to the Pouyan Method at The Holistic Sanctuary. Your safety is always our concern!

Johnny Tabaie wants people with addiction to be cured and healed permanently at a cellular level, the body, mind and soul. With 20,000+ drug rehabs in America, shouldn’t there be a high cure rate? Shouldn’t someone be emerging from a clinic to say it worked? But that doesn’t happen, not even at the Best Drug Rehabs. The bottom line at these places is to make a lot of money. The death rates should have plummeted to at least half by now with all the so-called rehabs in America. But instead, there’s a 1000+% increase in pain pills and heroin addiction, overdoses and drug related deaths and in some states they has declared an emergency! Does this look like success to anyone? Didn’t think so…….

Johnny is a strong advocate and holistic healer who already is showing the way of changing our broken medical system that treats addictions effectively.

  • The philosophy about ethical and effective recovery should always be considered. Believing that people will be drug addiction forever is a false narrative and lie, it means that they haven’t taken the time to put together a program that heals the whole person. If conventional rehabs believe that addiction is a disease called “substance abuse disorder” and all diseases have to be treated with drugs, this belief will lead to the use of toxic addictive medications like Methadone and Suboxone. Do they believe that damage to the brain by drugs is irreversible? Do they believe that withdrawal symptoms and anxiety are imminent unless you go on suboxone or other doctor-prescribed drugs? Yes, These are lies as well.
Ibogaine Treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary

The Holistic Sanctuary is not for those who want to be medically numbed up, and continue to not feel, believe that you are forever an addict, want the same lifestyle you have now. Instead It’s for those who want to get healed, cured and get their live’s back. Recovery means being accountable with who you hang around, everything you eat and put into your body, and lifestyle you chose.

All Natural, Comprehensive “Pouyan Method” Only Available at The Holistic Sanctuary.

check blue sm Ibogaine treatment should not be the entire treatment used for healing. You still need correct preparation, clean your system, holistic and effective treatments– but not the usual western talk therapy and medications, you need real holistic therapy. You need holistic one-on-one sessions, daily reiki, daily massage therapy, daily carbon sauna, daily HBOT, all that are tailored to your unique needs. 12 steps rehabs along with Western medicine just prescribes addictive and toxic medications. And conventional rehabs are filled with AA and 12 step group meetings that are outdated and ineffective. Groups like AA and 12-step programs don’t work 95% of the time. Are you tired of the rehab racket yet?!?!
check blue sm At The Holistic Sanctuary you feel so much healing in your body that destroying your life mind, and soul with drugs is not an option anymore. With us, you get an all-natural, holistic, customized approach that opens the way to experience an effective and rapid end to a variety of addictions. Your cravings for medications are gone permanently. And some need lifestyle changes and holistic aftercare.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, Our Ibogaine treatment protocol is a true healing sanctuary. Everything is 100% Organic and 100% holistic. Johnny Tabaie guarantees you will walk out healed because your individualized have been met in numerous ways. You’re free from the label of incurable, free from dependence on medications and will go to no 12 step meetings. You’re empowered and inspired your whole life is ahead of you. Since 2011, 1000 people with addictions and mental health issues have put their feet on the stone of The Holistic Sanctuary and crossed over to freedom. You can too!

The Holistic Sanctuary Pouyan Method

Pouyan Method, the Best Ibogaine Treatment Cut Down By Media

Johnny Tabaie experienced firsthand the oppression from the media when he was interviewed for a television news segment on Ibogaine Treatment. Johnny Tabaie has the most comprehensive and most advanced Ibogaine Treatment plan for mental health and addiction recovery, yet the media wanted to cherry pick and focus on the lack of FDA approval and other not so appealing topics. They did not want to acknowledge how a hopeless heroin addict was cured on national TV and 3 years later is still cured. The Pouyan Method is innovative, far ahead of its time, and combines over a dozen natural methods of healing for addicts recovering from alcohol addiction, heroin and opiate abuse, suboxone and other drugs.

The Holistic Sanctuary has treated over 1000 people with substance abuse issues since they opened in 2011 and with such a high rate of healing and recovery. The Pouyan Method is sure to make doctors at conventional addiction treatment centers look like nothing more than drug pushers. He can easily and unknowingly ‘fluff their feathers’. Part of the Pouyan Method is Ibogaine Treatment many other holistic healing methods.

There Is A Day And Night Difference At Our Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Aftercare Ibogaine Treatment Plan

Some patients have no foundation and may need continued after care. Some addicts have been in the grips of addiction for so long they need a safe place to learn new habits for sobriety, also create healthy boundaries. This may take a few months, but it is known by most people that would take up to a year to learn new habits and create new patterns. We will make sure, before you finish our program, an aftercare plan is set in motion for you. The Ibogaine Aftercare plan allows you access the help that you need to avoid relapses after leaving. Since you will rejoin the community that you came from when joining our rehab, you will most likely face people, situations and challenges that may have led you into abusing heroin. Unlike other heroin drug rehabs, we ensure that you receive ongoing care even after leaving our rehab.
Aftercare Ibogaine Plan 2

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Min Stay is 4 Weeks, Includes 140+ hours of private holistic one on one therapy sessions, Includes the Best Ibogaine Treatment Protocol with Full medical Detox with Emergency Room Medical Doctors with Ibogaine 99.5% pre HCL.
Please keep in mind around 1 out of 10 people who enroll may not get healed or cured, so if we made it seem its 100% effective for 100% of the people, please understand that’s impossible. We do know that this is a lot of money so please choose wisely, make sure this is the right fit for you or your loved one.

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