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For many people fighting mental issues, addiction, and many other conditions, finding the right treatment center can prove to be a difficult task. Holistic healing has gained traction especially in the past decade or so as an alternative to traditional treatment. The low success rate and outdated methods common at traditional centers have lead people to seek information about alternative to meds treatment  in an effort to completely rid them of their debilitating health problems like PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Prescription Medication Addiction, Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

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A look at the Alternative Healing Program in Our Holistic Clinic

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we take pride in providing high end holistic approach services for our clients with an alternative cutting edge and natural approach. We do not believe in prescribing pharmaceuticals to bandaid symptoms instead we have created a method to heal the the real cause of your health issues. We take a 100% natural approach to healing the mind, body and soul, just the way nature intended.

Our natural holistic healing program therefore involves healing the patient’s spiritual health through reiki, yoga, sacred plant medicine and meditation, catering to their physical health through superfood organic diet and exercise, also improving their psychological well being through our innovative approach.

Much of the problem associated with other Luxury Rehab is that they rely on blanket solutions to treat physical health, mental health and addiction issues. These include group sessions and toxic and addictive medication approach to treatment. We do things differently to ensure that our clients are equipped with all the right resources and information to lead amazing and thriving lives once they step out of our doors. How differently? As a center for natural healing, all of our treatments are cutting edge, innovative and life changing  holistic 1-to-1, non toxic and organic. Below is a list of all the therapies and services we use.

Here is a List of Our Holistic Therapies

All Patients Will Receive:

check green sm  Daily Massage
check green sm  Daily Yoga
check green sm Daily Reiki- Energy Healing
check green sm  Daily Hyperbaric Chamber Sessions- HBOT
check green sm  Daily IV drips (Proprietary Formulas, 3-5 hours per day- NAD+, Brain Repair, Glutathione, Amino Acids, Ozone, Chelation
check green sm  Private Master Suites
check green sm  Daily Dead Seas Salt Baths
check green sm  Daily Carbon Infrared Sauna Sessions

check green sm Daily Red Light Therapy
check green sm  Comprehensive treatment that would reset the brain to a pre-addicted state
check green sm  No group meetings
check green sm No medications

check green sm  Healing on the cellular level
check green sm  Non-addictive and nontoxic treatment
check green sm  Daily Access To The GYM
check green sm  Beachfront Amenities
check green sm  Treatment that reverses damage to the body from medication,  alcohol and drugs
check green sm  Real treatment for reversing negative thinking and getting on track psychologically
check green sm  Inspiration and empowerment
check green sm Different types of massage
check green sm Cold pressed raw organic juice cleanses
check green sm Fresh Organic Meals 90% Raw Food Diet 100% Organic 100% Non GMO (Proprietary)
check green sm Organic Superfood Juices/Shakes (Proprietary)

Our Platinum Package Healing Program May Include

  • PRP Plasma Therapy (1-3 rounds)
  • Adipose Stem Cell Treatment (1-3 rounds)
  • Adult Cells Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy (1-3 rounds)
  • Bone Marrow Stem Cells (1-3 rounds)
  • Immune Booster IV (1-3 rounds)
  • Growth Factor IV (1-3 rounds)
  • Live Cells Therapy IV (1-3 rounds)
  • Fresh Cell Therapy (1-3 rounds)
  • Thymus Gland Repair Treatment (1-3 Rounds)
  • NK Natural Cancer Killer Cells “Cancer Cure/Prevention” (up to 8 rounds)
  • Ozone Therapy (IV Ozone, Ozone Blood Purification Cleanse) 5-10 sessions
  • Exosome Cell Treatment RNA DNA Repair IV injection (1-3 rounds)
  • Holistic Biological Dentistry- Replacement/ Removal of Toxic Dental Work and Mercury Fillings

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    What Holistic Healing Services Does The Holistic Sanctuary has to offer

    We are one of the Best Holistic Healing Centers and our success rate speaks for itself. We focus all our energies in healing patients from the inside out, so that they never go back to addiction or mental health conditions. Our services include all-natural, organic meals prepared in house are designed to cater to our patient’s physical health. We offer physical activities including hiking, biking and tennis to get our patients on the right track to making good decisions where their exercising is concerned.

    We have yoga and meditation sessions with qualified professionals to help get the balance in our patient’s spiritual health. Patients can expect one on one treatment and holistic therapy to cater to their mental health and get to the root cause of addiction.

    Treating PTSD, depression, trauma and addiction successfully goes far beyond simply treating the symptoms. It is essential to get to the root cause of the problem to ensure that the patient does not relapse. With a good understanding of what causes his behavior an addict is more likely to make the right decisions as far as his future in life is concerned.

    As previously alluded to, comprehensive holistic treatment is directly connected to nature and this is reflected in the Baja, California location of The Holistic Sanctuary. Our oceanfront sanctuary is designed to offer an idyllic and peaceful setting to complement our holistic treatment programs and fast track healing.

    Holistic Sanctuary Baja Aerial View

    What makes us the best Holistic Alternative Treatment Center?

    At holistic healing centers like our center, services include personalized approach to treatment, which is one of the major things that make us special. We believe in offering personalized treatments to our patients to cater to their specific needs. We are a center for holistic healing that uses sacred plant therapy, and as such our treatment programs include Ayahuasca and Ibogaine treatments which have revolutionized the treatment for addiction.

    We also have flexible programs based on each individual’s needs. Some individuals work better with shorter programs while others need more care. Our preliminary evaluation is able to determine the duration that will work best for you. Some patients can stay for 30 days and leave our rehab facility completely cured of their addiction while others have better results with programs up to 90 days.

    Similarly, our prices vary depending on the package you choose. Our mantra is that every person with these issues, be it PTSD, Depression, Trauma, or Alcoholism, deserves to get well, and this is reflected in our holistic treatment packages. We offer great value for your money considering that our patients rarely (if ever) need to come back for treatment.

    Above all else, we are a luxury holistic healing center. From private and scenic views to private beaches, all your needs are catered for to ensure your comfort. Your only focus during your stay will be to get well and get your life back.

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    Best Holistic Healing Center To Cure Depression, PTSD, Trauma and More!

    Looking for Holistic Health? Here at The Holistic Sanctuary, we use a proven natural approach to heal depression, trauma, eating disorders, addiction, and more. We are not a drug rehab. We have developed our holistic methods primarily to heal addiction, but found that our treatment is truly holistic, in that it takes care of all the mental and physical issues that come with addiction. We are now proud to offer well rounded protocols to cover a large spectrum of conditions.

    Addiction almost never comes alone, and people who go through life with the false help of drugs and alcohol will develop anxiety, depression, PTSD, job burnout. Alternative holistic centers will address both at the same time for best recovery. Even if one may be looking for treatment for his/her addiction, it could be the depression that caused the addiction in the first place. Unless mental health issues and addiction are addressed simultaneously, one will go back for treatment over and over again.

    At reputed holistic wellness centers like the Holistic Sanctuary, the patient is thoroughly analyzed from day one. Our professionals from various areas of expertise try to get all the information they need to create an accurate picture of your condition. Information about the mind, body, and soul will be collected by psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, yogi, and even experienced shamans to figure out how you are doing at every level.

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    Natural Organic Healing Center in 5-Star Conditions

    Alternative treatment will be customized to every patient, considering his/her needs, particularities, personality, inclinations and values. At our holistic healing center, the alternative treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, job burnout, eating disorders and more will address all problems of the mind, soul, and body. Mental problems are signaling imbalances of the soul, body, and mind, so each of them have to be solved in order to get complete recovery.

    At our holistic healing center, the day includes services and therapies that will relax the body, provide it the best nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, and boost the energy through natural methods. Nutritionists will teach the patient how to switch to organic, non-GMO, plant-based and raw dieting, which is the best for helping the brain get to the pre-addiction/precondition state.

    Massage, access to the spa, HBOT and Ozone treatment, physical activities and walks in the most serene environment will help the mind clear up and relax. Kundalini Yoga, meditation are taught to patients so that they learn how to unwind at the end of the program and face the various life situations.

    Organic linens will make one relax throughout the night, as quality of sleep if fundamental for better results when treating mental conditions. Studies about how the brain will consume itself from lack of sleep have been made public for years, and we make no compromises when it comes to helping our patients sleep better every night.

    The high 5-1 staff-to-patient ratio at our holistic healing center makes the patient feel pampered and well taken care of. When you know that staff members are watching you 24/7, the chance for better and faster recovery increases tremendously. It’s the main reason for which patients who complete treatment will look for our services even after they’re gone. They can always give us a call for a piece of advice as the journey for recovery is long and challenging.

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    Holistic healing for addiction

    The Holistic Sanctuary offers healing for all types of addiction, including alcohol, heroin, oxycontin, suboxone, methadone, benzos, cocaine, crack, and methamphetamines.

    Our all-natural, alternative treatment process for addiction is simple. First, we use a comprehensive medical examination to determine the underlying cause of the addiction. Then, we safely detox all narcotic residues from the body. Next, we use a variety of treatment modalities to repair and reprogram the brain. We use our proprietary Pouyan Method along with plant medicine to repair the immune system and treat emotional trauma and PTSD. On top of this, we activate stem cells in the body to promote faster natural healing. Finally, we teach a complete holistic lifestyle change made up of raw foods, daily exercise, meditation, and more. The result is that our clients leave our facility free from addiction and prepared to sustain their newfound sobriety.

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    Exclusive Drug Rehabs The Holistic Sanctuary

    The Effectiveness of Holistic Therapy in Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction

    About Holistic Healing in Drug Treatment

    The idea behind Holistic Healing especially for addiction is that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. If one area falls sick, the illness spreads to other areas. The typical addict finds it difficult to identify which area of his body is causing his drug use. It is therefore necessary for the patient to assess and explore his entire being if he is to have any chance at lasting success in getting clean. Holistic Healing is aimed at healing all the areas of the person’s life to give him the best chance at getting clean and staying sober.

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