Luxury Depression Treatment Centers

Luxury Depression Treatment Centers

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In this country, more than 16 million adults are affected by severe depression, termed major depressive disorder, and nearly 8 million more are impacted by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), yet less than half of all these cases are actually treated with effective  healing system program.

Even more disturbing is the fact that many Luxury Holistic Mental Health Treatment Centers where trauma, depression and PTSD are supposed to be effectively healed, patients are given outdated treatments that have a near zero success rate. The outdated talk therapy and group therapy combined with addictive and toxic medications are only making the matter worse. That’s why more and more people are seeking the holistic approach to find relief and healing. 

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, have repeatedly claimed majority of such cases actually go untreated, and that the people affected by these disorders are mostly struggling through their lives. Today, 100% holistic healing centers like The Holistic Sanctuary are paving the way with evidence based holistic healing to offer hope to those struggling.  Our luxury treatment centers for depression offers a uniquely tailored approaches to help individuals not only cope with the symptoms but receive cutting edge healing they deserve.

In too many situations, the programs used to treat patients revolve around using addictive drugs that only suppress symptoms. Unfortunately not only is this ineffective and dangerous, but they do not address underlying causes. It is no wonder in such cases that individuals who complete the treatment revert back to whatever depressive symptoms.


What’s The Best Treatment for Depression?

Depression isn’t going to disappear on its own. It’s a debilitating condition affecting one’s life negatively. Without the proper Luxury Treatment Center, depression may impact emotional stability, physical stamina, and cognitive acuity.

Deep sadness, low self-esteem, continuous hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts will affect one’s capacity to live a happy and productive life. Unless your loved one seeks a luxury treatment facility for depression the chance of living a good life and achieving complete recovery is slim.

Depression is connected with several co-occurring disorders, substance abuse, low self-esteem, fatigue, eating disorders, insomnia, and even suicide attempts. If depression is co-occurring with any forms of addiction or alcoholism, the symptoms of each of the conditions may aggravate. You or your loved one should seek professional care at a reliable luxury holistic treatment center for depression like the Holistic Sanctuary.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, a luxury depression treatment center, we offer a program which considers the individual in total. This means that a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness is dealt with throughout the program by staff members who are renowned for their expertise in each of those areas.

Luxury Depression Treatment Center

Luxury Treatment Center For Depression At The Holistic Sanctuary

As you might expect, treating depression is a little different at a luxury depression treatment centers, such as the Holistic Sanctuary, than it might be at a public clinical setup for that purpose. It starts with the setting itself, which is so uplifting that it will immediately help a patient achieve a less anxious state of mind. The calming permanence of the Pacific Ocean is always there, with wave after wave greeting the shoreline and the sound of the sea providing a constant reminder of the immensity of nature. Set in Ocean Front Sanctuary in Baja California, the perpetual warmth of the sun offers an idyllic environment for being outdoors and enjoying the soothing effects of a tropical paradise.

The advantages of a luxury depression treatment centers extend into all aspects of a patient’s stay at the Holistic Sanctuary, with gourmet meals being prepared by internationally trained chefs who give their all to exceed the expectations of guests.

Accommodations are plush enough to be the envy of a 5-star hotel, with truly sumptuous furnishings in private rooms and personal baths. When guests are not engaged in activities specific to their recovery program, there are other social events and activities offered, which simultaneously promote socialization and enjoyment and act as therapy for overcoming personal issues.

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Best Depression and PTSD Centers

One of the hallmarks of our Holistic Treatment for Depression or PTSD is that every client receives a treatment protocol tailor made for them. Therefore, whatever kind of treatment program is developed, it will be tailored exclusively to the needs of that person, as opposed to having any favored program forced upon the majority of patients for the sake of uniformity. Medical personnel, holistic mental health approach with spiritual healers, shamans and guides at the Holistic Sanctuary all understand that the paths which lead people to depression and similar disorders are very diverse paths brought about by very personal circumstances.

This being the case, every effort is made during extensive one-on-one sessions to determine the causes of a person’s depression rather than simply treating observable symptoms. Healing starts when those causes are unearthed and are treated comprehensively to achieve an understanding of what is triggering a depression and how it can be overcome. Without the use of drugs or medications, the root causes of depression or PTSD are zeroed in on and treated so that a lasting cure can be achieved rather than a temporary mood improvement that would be lost after leaving the Holistic Sanctuary.

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    The Pouyan method: Holistic Therapy in Luxury Depression Treatment Centers

    If a client has depression and has concurrently been abusing drugs, it will be necessary to take steps to detoxify the brain and the body and to implement physical restoration of damaged brain cells. Using a unique program called the Pouyan method, damage to the brain which was once considered irreversible can be treated, and new brain cells can be formed so that it is possible to achieve a ‘pre-drugs’ state for an individual.

    At the same time, the body is rid of chemical residues and toxins so that any cravings for the drug of choice are eliminated, thus allowing true healing to take place. No other treatment center in the country can offer this approach because it is exclusive to the Holistic Sanctuary, and the results it has already achieved in nearly a decade have been astonishing as program participants will attest.

    The Holistic Sanctuary difference

    The big difference between the approach taken by the Holistic Sanctuary and any other luxury depression treatment centers in the country is that all-natural methods are used to achieve a whole-body solution to depression and PTSD. The body, mind, and spirit are all healed simultaneously so that it becomes possible to have a solution that will last a lifetime for an individual. Some drug rehab centers may address the bodily symptoms, and they may attempt to cure emotional issues through outdated and ineffective group therapy sessions, but only a luxury depression treatment center like the Holistic Sanctuary will take the time and effort to achieve an all-encompassing cure that treats all three aspects of the human condition.

    The patent-pending approach to treating depression and PTSD at The Holistic Sanctuary eliminates the need for the usage of prescription drugs and instead uses plant-based treatments which work in tandem with the body’s own natural processes to restore a patient to sound physical and mental health. With the brain and the body back in their natural states, personal emotional healing and spiritual liberation can be effective in helping a person achieve balanced equilibrium in all aspects.

    Clients are encouraged to adopt a holistic lifestyle, which will continue the good work achieved at the Holistic Sanctuary, and allow it to become part of their permanent makeup. This is how a lasting cure is achieved, as opposed to the temporary successes which are generally the hallmark of high end luxury depression treatment centers using old, outmoded methods of treatment which do not take into account the whole person. Addressing only one aspect of an individual’s overall makeup is doomed to fail because it leaves important issues untreated and unresolved, and that is exactly what is avoided at the Holistic Sanctuary.

    What treatments for depression do other centers do, and what do we do differently?

    At trustworthy Luxury Treatment Centers, there are various methods used for patients struggling with depression. Traditional luxury rehab for depression centers will rely on evidence-based therapies, whereas others dare to take the less conventional path of alternative and complementary therapies.

    Regardless of the therapies used, it’s more important that the treatment is adjusted to your loved one’s needs, particularities, and severity of the condition. The team at the Holistic Sanctuary is ready to assess your case and help you identify the deep causes of your state, sustaining your efforts to achieve recovery.

    Here are some examples of treatment that a reliable luxury holistic rehab depression treatment center would provide:


    The risk for people with depression to also struggle with substance abuse disorders is high, especially if it has been going on for many years. The team at the Holistic Sanctuary will analyze every client and decide the proper steps to take.

    Many luxury rehabs will develop medicated detox, but it’s not the same for the Holistic Sanctuary, where natural detox occurs. The withdrawal symptoms are less severe for your loved one, and the detoxification is gentler for the patient too. The luxury inpatient depression treatment at our center will include only natural substances and methods for eliminating the toxic residues or chemical substances from one’s system. The patients getting approval from the doctors will benefit from sacred plant medicine. It’s an efficient natural method that gives long-lasting results and poses no risks for other addiction.

    As it’s one of the most reliable luxury depression rehab centers, the professionals at The Holistic Sanctuary care deeply for one’s comfort. Therefore, they provide private rooms with private bathrooms for their patients. Your loved one will get the intimacy he/she needs throughout the treatment, whereas a good number of staff members will care for him/her every step of the detox and therapy.

    Medication management

    Even if the medication treatment still doesn’t lead to long-lasting results, medication management is still quite common for rehabs. As The Holistic Sanctuary isn’t your regular Luxury Rehab Center for Depression, there are no medications being prescribed or allowed, thats not the way we heal clients. It has been proven over and over again that medications lead to new addictions, create side effects and don’t ensure quality of life. Our team aims to heal you or your loved one completely, helping you live a life symptom free and medication- free. We have a proven way to heal the mind, body and soul. See our videos Here and read some past client reviews.

    Individual therapy

    Individual therapy is essential for recovery, no matter the mental condition he/she is dealing with. Unlike other rehabs, at The Holistic Sanctuary, there are only one-on-one sessions, as we believe that the patient has to concentrate exclusively on his/her health.

    Group therapy Does Not Work, Here’s why.

    It’s typical for a traditional treatment center to provide group therapy for a depression or mental health conditions and co-occurring issues. Some patients may get frustrated and do not see any results from doing group therapy all day long. Conventional Rehabs will fill the whole day with group meetings and call that therapy. However at The Holistic Sanctuary we have a Powerful Cure for Depression and out treatment has a 80-90% cure rate without the need of talk therapy or group therapy or ineffective and dangerous prescription medications.

    When people struggle with deep sadness for years, there is a reason why, we get to the root cause at The Holistic Sanctuary, we do not bandaid the illness or symptoms with talk therapy, group therapy or medications. Our healing system will get to the underlying cause and resolve it, plain and simple. Please review out protocol and methods we use to understand more.  Still, at The Holistic Sanctuary, we understand the pain is real and not in your head, so after we prepare the body we get the to sacred plant medicine. that when people struggle with deep sadness for years, they need every emotional resource to focus on their treatment. Consider that patients lose focus from their problems and therapy when undergoing group therapy.

    Additionally, the team members at our treatment center grow deep and , professional relationships with the patients. They become the support that some patients may need throughout their stay.

    Family therapy

    Patients choosing a traditional treatment center will discover that this form of therapy is prevalent. However, at the Holistic Sanctuary, we consider that families have toxic dynamics pretty often, harming the patient’s emotional health. When we take a good look, we instead care that your loved one would focus on the individual recovery, preferably on the family problems.


    With mental conditions being very challenging, it makes sense that healing doesn’t end when the patient leaves the treatment center. Our team at The Holistic Sanctuary will be ready to recommend a good after care plan for the client to continue their journey

    How long do you stay in rehab for depression?

    There is no easy answer to the question, as every patient is different, and the therapy is just the same. At The Holistic Sanctuary, all programs are at least four weeks long, but the number of therapy sessions is adjusted to every patient’s needs and particularities.

    The team of professionals at our center will analyze your condition, take a look at the medical history, and particularities for making a clear image of you and your problems. The therapy plan will be designed specifically for you, with much consideration of your needs, specs, values, and personal beliefs. For instance, not all patients feel comfortable with praying, which is why the therapy plan will only include the methods that work for you or your loved one.

    As we see the patient as a whole, we try to care for all imbalances on an emotional, physical, and mental level. We help you get to the roots of your condition, but we also support and guide you to develop healthier skills for overcoming your issues and dealing with everyday life. It takes time to break old habits, and it also takes time to create new and healthy habits. Therefore, the path for complete healing is different for every patient. Some of the former patients will seek our help even after completing the program. Our team members care deeply for every patient, and they ready to provide support anytime.

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    People who are seeking a lasting cure for depression or PTSD can find exactly what they’re looking for at The Holistic Sanctuary, and be rid of crippling emotional and psychological issues once and for all. For people with means, there is simply no better approach to dealing with the issues associated with depression than to enjoy the gorgeous setting and the luxurious appointments available at our luxury depression treatment centers. The fantastic environment makes all the various treatment approaches that much more effective, because it all happens in a way that makes a person feel instantly good about themselves, and where they are in the recovery process.

    Besides programs tailored to effecting a cure for depression and PTSD, The Holistic Sanctuary also offers programs for the treatment of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction, and other mental health disorders. There will never be a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach used on any of these programs, but rehab will be implemented using a holistic approach to total well-being and recovery.

    Some people have been through multiple treatment programs, and have still never received the kind of care and understanding that brings about a long-lasting solution to issues they might have. This will not be the case at The Holistic Sanctuary, where a guarantee is offered for a full recovery from whatever issues a person is experiencing, or the person will be supplied with lifetime treatment. We can offer this guarantee because we have that much confidence in the effectiveness of our program, and all the talented individuals who conduct the programs. Contact our representatives at The Holistic Sanctuary with any questions about our facility, or about the programs of luxury depression treatment centers, so that real healing can begin as soon as possible.

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