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How to Prepare for the Ayahuasca Ceremony


Ayahuasca Ceremonies are life changing if done correctly and safely. Our Ayahuasca Retreat Centers offer a Powerful psychoactive tea from the jungles of Peru, Brazil and other indigenous rain forests of South America called Ayahuasca . This powerful tea is infused with what holistic healers and shamans claim to be the answer for incurable mystery illnesses and also the lost connection we have with our spirit and soul. Users have claimed miraculous healing from Addictions, Eating Disorders, PTSD, Depression, Trauma from War, Trauma from Assault and Rape. Until recently one had to travel to Peru or some unknown village, or dangerous location in the jungle to get this powerful life changing therapy. Well , not anymore. The Holistic Sanctuary is proud to announce that after 12 years of perfecting our healing system, we have had had groundbreaking results and success with Ayahuasca powerhouse sacred tea.


Where Can I Find Ayahuasca?

Until recently in order to take Ayahuasca USA people had no choice but to travel to the rainforest to access this life changing therapy. However, doing Ayahuasca in a safe space and finding inner peace with yourself has never been easier. The Holistic Sanctuary Ayahuasca Ceremonies take place at our sacred, secured and luxurious rehab center located in beautiful Baja California on the serene pacific coast.

Practicing Ayahuasca Safely

The plants used to brew Ayahuasca Tea are all brewed in Peru by real shamans. You can be sure that all of the ingredients in our ayahuasca tea are all-natural, safe and effective. In addition, all of our Ayahuasca Ceremonies are attended by our resident physicians and nurses. We’ve left no rock unturned in our attention to detail in regards to safety. The health and wellbeing of our guests are our utmost priority and we guarantee that you won’t find another ayahuasca retreat location with such a strong focus on safety. The accommodations at our oceanfront  Ayahuasca Tulum Mexico or Baja, California treatment facility offer unparalleled 5 star amenities, revolutionary treatment methods and personalized healing protocols for each client who walks through our doors.

What effects does Ayahuasca have on its users?

The effects vary person to person, so we make sure everyone gets the best outcome possible. We do this by offering up to 9 hours of treatment sessions per day to clean out the whole system, activate and stimulate immune response to ensure a life changing experiences. When our guests enroll they go through a series of therapies to prepare them correctly. This includes all Holistic Treatments like daily coffee enemas, daily HBOT oxygen therapy, daily massage, daily yoga, daily reiki, daily amino and vitamin, NAD+ IV drips, carbon sauna, salt baths, also 90% raw diet that is 100% organic and non gmo. At The Holistic Sanctuary before an Ayahuasca Ceremony our clients undergo a customized pre-treatment protocol. This protocol will help the patient ensure the treatment is as safe and effective as possible. Ayahuasca is known to give users strong audio and visual introspection and life changing answers and visions. However, your personal experience can vary depending on how well you are prepared, so you need to chose the retreat to do ayahuasca ceremonies wisely. Some users report only feeling the effects of Ayahuasca for 3 hours and some for 6 hours. The intensity of your visions will entirely depend on your ability to let go of your racing thoughts. The Shamans at The Sanctuary guide the guests through this process. Our clients are strongly encouraged to identify and confront the demons and ultimately be able to let go of baggage and the underlying cause which perpetuates their spiritual health which leads to illness. Doing so, allows patients interested in healing, to explore confront and release unpleasant memories in a safe space. This is needed in order to grow and positively alter their mental association with traumatic past experiences.


Success with Ayahuasca Ceremonies

We’ve found that applying Ayahuasca ceremonies as an alternative healing remedy, gives our clients the opportunity to take advantage of the moment and come face to face with the root of their problems and conquer them once and for all. Ayahuasca ceremonies offer a non addictive and pleasant way to heal without medications and other drugs. This is a better approach to ending PTSD, Depression, addiction and is ultimately the building block from which we’ve seen a high success rate. Our clients rave that experiencing The Holistic Sanctuary Ayahuasca treatment changed their thought patterns, allowing them to push aside triggers which would usually trigger negative thought patterns.


Best Ayahuasca Ceremonies Effective Treatment For PTSD And Depression

Sick and tired of the run around looking for a place to heal your PTSD and Depression? Has every place you’ve been to only prescribed you more drugs to band-aid the underlying PTSD Trauma and Depression?  Depression and PTSD Treatment Centers do not deserve that title for a simple reason: these places have a broken, ineffective outdated medical model that is only designed to prescribe drugs and band-aid potions. That belief is not only wrong; it is literally toxic since it places people on prescription drugs, with severe side effects, and simultaneously enrolls them in endless talk therapy programs that reinforce the idea that PTSD is a disease that will never go away. At The Holistic Sanctuary we have a far more revolutionary approach – thanks to the exclusive, safe and proprietary Pouyan Method – where we heal the brain so you can heal your life.


Healing PTSD With Ayahuasca

Post-traumatic stress disorder also known as (PTSD) was once more commonly associated with soldiers returning from combat. It was then referred to as shell shock. However in the past 20 years it has become a more common diagnosis among people from all walks of life. With the increased use of pharmaceutical drugs and talk therapies for treatment, in traditional rehabs, the cure or relief ratio remains quite low.

Over the years The Holistic Sanctuary has witnessed the damages caused by these band aid therapies, as the lives of patients lose hope and live in a fog of depression increased by toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Our healing therapies at The Holistic Sanctuary not only heal the body but restore hope as many experience a renewed desire to engage in living. There are many 5 star treatment centers on the map but most lack the ability to promise the certainty of wellness. For those suffering with PTSD and other addictive disorders they aren’t promised cures but instead are promised an endless filling of prescriptions. What we confidently offer is the healing of spirit, mind and body using only nature based therapies like our Ayahuasca Ceremonies To Heal PTSD. Healing becomes possible as we restore the health of the brain which generally has been repeatedly exposed to antidepressants and other chemically based therapies.


The Depression Treatment That’s Effective


The Pouyan Method powerful treatment For Depression protocol uses plant medicine to help address the traumas that pushed you into benzo addiction in the first place. Working in conjunction with the IV drips, the Pouyan Method protocol will physically cleanse you of the benzos effects, enabling you avoid all the debilitating symptoms of benzo withdrawal and erasing any cravings permanently.

Furthermore, we teach personalized, comprehensive relapse prevention methods and utilize specially crafted vegan diets to help reinforce healthy habits and the physical and mental restoration the Pouyan Method protocol provides.

The Pouyan Method Protocol has succeed in healing nearly 1,500 people in just 12 years, beating out traditional methods’ 3-5% success rate. The Holistic Sanctuary boasts not only world class healing protocol and luxurious amenities, but also a fully trained on-staff medical personnel. We offer you the opportunity to find the real source of your addictive tendencies, remove the depression and trauma that dominates your life, and ultimately heal you in a way traditional western medicine and drug rehabilitation centers can’t. The Pouyan Method protocol is the cure to your benzo addiction.


Cure for Depression


Treatment for PTSD Depression Addiction Trauma and Alcoholism

We help heal our patients at a cellular level – that’s the bottom line.  We are an exclusive- world class- holistic medical spa healing people who are suffering with addiction, depression, trauma, PTSD. We offer something other treatment centers don’t; real methods to cure and help patients heal.

How Do We Do This?

Each guest receives over 35 hours of one on one per week! That’s more than any center anywhere else.  Our Holistic Natural and Innovative Protocol the “Pouyan Method” has an amazing success rate at reversing and curing PTSD, Depression, Trauma and drug addictions too!

Addictions to Crack – Meth – Heroin – Benzos – Oxycontin – Cocaine –Alcohol – Suboxone – Methadone

How Do We Treat PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Trauma and Alcoholism?

1 -Get to the root cause and resolve the underlying issues of most, if not all Symptoms.

2 -Safely detox all medications, toxins residues from the body.

3 -Help Repair the damaged brain to a pre-addicted state.

4 -Reprogram the brain and end negative thought patterns.

5- reat emotional trauma and PTSD  go to the root cause

6- Repair the immune system holistically with the Pouyan Method

7- Activate Stem Cells in the body to heal 900% faster

8 -Teach a complete holistic lifestyle change.


Ayahuasca Can Cure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Mental Illnesses

Ayahuasca USA can cure post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental illness as it can cause powerful psychological effects to the user. Some call it as a drug while others consider it as a medicine.

For many veterans who have tried and tested Ayahuasca, they considered it as a real treatment for giving them relief after returning from combat. It does not work like a band-aid. Rather, it cleans the user’s system by purging it until he/she is thoroughly clean.

Its spiritual effects make this treatment a popular alternative to the traditional method of treating mental illnesses. In fact, Lindsay Lohan has spoken about her treatment with Ayahuasca. She said that it opened her eyes about the things of the past that she did not want to let go.


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