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The Holistic Sanctuary is The “ONLY” Licensed Luxury Healing Center In The World Offering Multiple Sacred Plant Medicines Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, 5 MeO DMT, Changa DMT Under One Roof, Period……

Cost/Price & Treatment Option Information

The Holistic Sanctuary is home of the world renowned healing system the Pouyan Method Protocol. We offer a very thorough, safe and effective system to prepare our patients for the best ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies. It all started over a decade ago and has emerged as the most successful healing system to cure trauma, addiction, PTSD, depression, alcoholism and much more. One of the most powerful aspects of our ayahuasca retreat protocol is our powerful proprietary method along with secret formula IV drips. This powerful brain repair IV is only offered at The Holistic Sanctuary. We have seen patients who have been addicted to benzodiazepine, SSRi, anti-anxiety, pain medications get completely safely healed usually 4 weeks. This is all done without withdrawals or pain, no brain zaps, no shaking or convulsions. We have taken the guessing game out of true holistic healing. So no more cookie cutter, shot in the dark or outdated medications, group meetings and endless talk therapy sessions. No more switching one drug and replacing it for another. Point blank, if a patient who is suffering from depression ptsd and or trauma comes in, we reset the brain with our IV drips. 80% of the time they go home transformed, healed, happy and whole again. Again, they have no withdrawals, no pain, no cravings. Same with clients who are on Opioids or opiates or benzodiazepine medication. Doesn’t matter if they are addicted or they have a physical dependency. So if they come in physically dependent, we reset the brain to a pre-addicted state, no side effects, no PAWS, no horrific withdrawals. This is all done holistically with our proprietary and powerful Iv drips. No cookie cutter one size fits all and no guessing game.
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What can We Cure With our Ayahuasca Retreats Combined with The Pouyan Method?

Even though we “Are Not a Drug Rehab“, We have IV drip and powerful formulas and protocols for every addiction like Cocaine, Heroin, Benzos, Crack Alcohol, Suboxone, Methadone, and a few more. You Name it we can heal it. This is all tried, true, and tested, it works every time at least 80-90% of the time without fail. The Pouyan Method along with the IV drip treatment, infused powerful amino acids and NAD to replenish neurotransmitters, along with our Ayahuasca Ceremony, offers the most powerful life changing healing.

The Pouyan Method always works when the patient is ready to change their life and lifestyle. They must enroll only if they are ready, we cannot heal them if they are not ready and willing. Also we want to point out that Ayahuasca is not a cure. These plants are tools and catalyst to help you achieve recovery, your life’s purpose, your calling. These Ayahuasca Retreats must be respected, they are not toys to fool around with, they must be honored. We believe if you are not ready to change your mind, body and soul, it will be hard to get healed. You must be willing to change your thoughts, lifestyle, and diet if you want to achieve what we are offering. Yes, you can be healed and cured but you have to change one thing, “You Have To Change Everything”.

How The Pouyan Method And Ayahuasca Retreats Can Cure You?

For those seeking Ayahuasca Retreats need to understand after years of stress, damage or substance abuse, along with poor nutrition, the brain’s neuro-pathways and neurotransmitters have suffered significant damage. This damage in the brain is one of the main reasons why individuals relapse, and requires significant healing to occur to return the person to a pre-addicted state. When people use benzodiazepines for an extended period of time, the GABA receptor becomes significantly saturated. Upon cessation of the medication they become anxious, irritable, depressed or a combination of the above due to the lack of GABA production. The Holistic Sanctuary powerful proprietary IV formulas, promotes neurogenesis within the hippocampus creating stimulation and reproduction of natural GABA production. Basically the IV’s will reset and repair the function of GABA and glutamate in the brain responsible for brain shocks and anxiety while coming off medication.

It has been documented that the adult brain is capable of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to repair itself through formulating new neurons. Our Pouyan Method propriety IV formulas promote neuroplasticity by giving the brain all the vital amino acids for the brain, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients it needs to thrive and continue to heal itself from years of abuse. Through promoting neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and resetting neurotransmitters, the Pouyan Method IV drips will also create new neuropathways that are responsible for sending signals from one region of the brain to another.

Re-balancing the brain and enabling individuals to think clearly and put together logical thought patterns is a massive element towards true healing. Without clearing the individual’s mind they will continue to maintain a mindset which is convoluted and dominated by medications such as Prozac, Xanax, Suboxone, Methadone, Valium and many others.

 Once the brain is clear of toxic medications, able to function can retain information and has cognition, then it’s a good time to teach a spiritual and healthy lifestyle change. This is time for the awakening of the soul and activation of the God molecule.

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Why Do People Seek Ayahuasca Treatment?

People seek retreats that offer Ayahuasca Ceremonies more than ever before. Spiritual and health seekers from around the world have been trying to find safe Ayahuasca Retreat Centers. People have been seeking the best and safest settings and accommodations to do this sacred life changing plant medicine but it was always a hit or miss.  At The Holistic Sanctuary, we offer a 5 Star Luxury Ayahuasca Retreat and A totally secure location to undergo this healing journey. We are always offering the highest standard of care, at The Holistic Sanctuary it’s safety first.

We treat the whole person by healing the mind, body and soul.
These Treatments Are All Included And Are- ALL ONE ON ONE!

The Safest Ayahuasca Retreat

At The Holistic Sanctuary, all of our Ayahuasca Retreat Ceremonies have ER Doctors, Nurses and Medical Assistants to handle any issue that may arise. Yes, we are the only Center in the World that offers emergency medical intervention in our licensed medical spa. We are on the forefront when it comes to safety. We never risk the safety or health of our guests who are seeking the best and safest Ayahuasca Retreat Location. Depending what medications or issues client have, we prepare all of our guests 10-45 days when they come down to the center. We have a perfected and customized pretreatment protocol they must follow – we do this for safety and to magnify the efficacy.

Another Reason We Are The Safest Ayahuasca Retreats- When you contact any ethical Ayahuasca Retreat and tell them the medications your taking, they will tell you to get off all of them for at least 30-90 days then you can call back to enroll in the center. Not us, we can take you as is, and all medications you are taking. This is because we have a system that can safely heal you off all medications SSRI, anxiety medications without incident or risk. 10 Years of perfecting the safest method for Ayahuasca.


Ayahuasca History –Ayahuasca has been used in traditional medicine and in Amazonian Shaman practices for centuries.  The ancient tea is prepared from a some of which creates and extracted the God Molecule dimethyltryptamine, aka DMT.  Ayahuasca is used for its healing properties and sometimes used to explore dreams, inner thoughts, fears, hopes and spiritual guidance.

What Does It Feel Like While You Are On Ayahuasca- Ayahuasca is known to give its users strong and intense audio and visual hallucinations.  Ayahuasca is a word derived from Quechua meaning the “vine of the soul”.  It is known to cure many different illnesses: cancer, depression, anxiety and drug addictions.  It is non-addictive and a safe digestible remedy.

Traditional Ayahuasca Theory– It is believed by the locals that grew up around this potent healing remedy that the plants used to concoct it retain the capability to release their spirits to guide them through invigoration.  Through the use of this remedy people believe they can gain clarity from their own self-destruction from other-world spirits.   People who undergo these experiences believe to have gained the ability to conquer their hardships, as well as a new found self-worth.

Ayahuasca Treatment Effects –The Ayahuasca experience can last from 3-6 hours after consuming the powerful brew.  This is all determined by the potency and amount taken.  Typical symptoms after consumption are as follows: Optical and hearing hallucinations. The potency of the concoction will determine how intense the experience will be. Illusions that stem from the medicine are surreal and emotional.  Ayahuasca with our Shamans will guide an individual through these emotional states, to face and conquer their trauma that’s stuck in the subconscious mind.  Individuals who have already gone through the experience encourage first time users to undergo the trials and to face their realities as a key part of the ayahuasca retreat. Only then will the individual achieve true clarity and be rid of physical and psychological ailments.

Traditional Ayahuasca Retreats Centers – Experienced Shamans and their assistants provide guidance through a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony in South America.  Users are expected to refrain from certain activities such as sex, certain foods before and after undergoing the experience.  While under the effects of this potent remedy the Shaman will use totems, music, rituals, chanting and other ceremonial tools to guide and protect them.

Ayahuasca Addiction Remedy – People looking for an alternative addiction remedy have turned to Ayahuasca for its ability to change thought patterns, they hope that the intense experience will help them conquer their psychological hurdles.  Users that have overcome their PTSD, Depression and Addiction, praise it for ridding them of cocaine, meth, pills, and alcohol abuse.  Ayahuasca Retreat Centers that provide this healing treatment have prerequisites before undergoing treatment, patients are to undergo a psychological and psychic detoxification and healing sessions that may last many months.

Ayahuasca Alternative Approach-  When Ayahuasca is used as an alternative addiction remedy, it fits into the domain of Psychedelic Therapy.  This type of regimen enables the user to help identify the root of their mental health issue and emotional pain.  It allows one to explore and deal with unpleasant memories, or feelings in a non-compromising manner that decreases uneasiness and anxieties.

Ayahuasca Reconnect to the Soul- This consciousness-changing drug is used to assist the healing aspect of substance abuse since the remedy is not a symptom-driven approach, the results are long lasting.  The objective is to conquer the burdens, obstacles and self-destructive tendencies that came with substance abuse.  Ultimately helping one find their self-worth, allowing them to reconnect with friends, family, other loved ones, and most of all reconnect to the soul.

Different Types of Ayahuasca Centers
The Choice is Yours

When you’re seeking the truth on a deep level as what happens with Ayahuasca, you can find the truth in a number of places that offer this plant teacher medicine.
Many of them are located in the Amazon jungle. This would be an adventurous trip and one that is life-transforming but there may be things you may not realize before you go:

  • You have to be physically able to walk for a long time – sometimes about an hour – to get to the destination as they are quite remote.
  • Along the way, you may be faced with high humidity, poisonous spiders, humongous insects and deadly snakes.
  • Your visit for the 7 – 14 days often doesn’t have any modern day amenities like clean water or basic toilets, and often the accommodations may be a tent or a hut on stilts that involves climbing up and down.
  • If you need any type of medical attention, it could be hours before you are transported to an appropriate medical facility, usually on a moped or bicycle w/engine.

There is a “Safe Ayahuasca Retreat”, a total alternative to random underground Aya centers. At The Holistic Sanctuary, our Ayahuasca Ceremonies at our Retreat Centers are led by master healers and ayahuasca shamans who have years of experience in leading Ayahuasca Ceremonies. But, we add an important step of safety for you by having ER doctors, nurses and medical assistants on staff 24/7 to handle any issue that may arise. We believe in being prepared on every level and are on the forefront when it comes to safety. The safety and health of our guests who are seeking the best and safest Ayahuasca Retreat Centers are always our primary concern.

Ayahuasca holistic rehab
Ayahuasca luxury drug rehab

Holistic Treatment Therapies Included: 150 hours of Private Therapy Sessions in 30 days
Yes All Included!

The transformation always needs at least 10 days of preparation before you come down to the center and we have a customized 20 day pre treatment protocol you must follow which will increase your safety and magnify the efficacy of treatment.

What sets us apart from other centers is our Medical Team, Luxury Accommodations, Ocean Front Facility and our World Class Ayahuasca Protocols. We are a licensed Medical Spa that offers a profound healing system for each patient, guest and client that walks in our Safe Sanctuary of Healing.

Our accommodations are inside a luxury Ayahuasca 5-star medical spa, as a luxury licensed medical spa should be – you don’t have to worry about living in tents or houses on stilts, and there are no insects, snakes or spiders to dodge. The resort is on the ocean and hot humid weather is not an issue. We have learned that you do not have to go into the sometimes dangerous jungles of the rainforest to have a life-changing journey to meet Grandmother Ayahuasca.

How To Prepare a Person for Ayahuasca in the Safest Way

Once the brain has been reset and healed from medication dependency, we start the ancient Ayahuasca Retreats therapy. Along with brain repair IV drips, we have figured out that accessing parts of the brain we can’t access is crucial. The human brain can only be accessed roughly 5%, but with this approach we believe we can access more of it. We have witnessed miraculous transformations with patients that are treatment resistant to standard western medicine and prescription drugs. These plants are known to expand spiritual consciousness, the reconnection to the soul, the awakening of the inner core of the human being. But these sacred plant medicines must be done correctly, they cannot be done by fly by night wanna be shamans or anyone. If the center you go to doesn’t have medical doctors on site it can be dangerous! However our doctors are there ONLY to make take care of medical emergency only, period. These medicines can only be administered by healers or shamans who have studied these plants and have years of experience. No school exist to teach a person, you must be taught by spirit or a master shaman.

Why We Believe We Are The Best And Safest Ayahuasca Retreats Center

  We are fully government licensed with Doctors and Nurses NOT UNDERGROUND retreat!
Over 95% of our patients have visions
Over 80% of our guests say this was the most spiritual experience of their life
Over 80% of our patients say their life has changed forever from this experience
Over 90% of our guest have said their loved ones must experience this miracle
We didn’t open last year like some places, we have been doing this for almost a decade with no deaths or injuries
We have never been shut down or had to change our name or location
We have staff that have worked here for 6 + years
Our Founder is in house, not some remote internet Ayahuasca promoter
80% of our guest don’t have horrific purging, 2 out of 5 have minimal purging if any
We have a perfected system and protocol, not show up and take Aya and hope for the best
We are the ONLY center in the world that’s licensed that offers all plant medicines, we are not one dimensional
We are the only center that was created by a Master Healer who has spent 14 years perfecting the Pouyan Method system, not some businessman trying to make money off people with fancy website and words

Why We Are The Best Ayahuasca Drug Rehab

Most Exclusive Luxury Wellness Retreats In The World Ayahuasca Rehab

We are the only facility in the world that prepares patients in-house for the safest Ayahuasca Retreat therapy with our proven proprietary IV formulas. Meaning you cannot attend any Ayahuasca Retreats if you are dependent on benzodiazepines, or other prescribed medications like Prozac and Wellbutrin and many other medications, it can injure the patient. That’s where we come in, we get clients who have been on these medications for many years, we get them off safely.  These medications are impossible to taper off, like heroin opiates, benzos, SSRIs and antidepressants. We take the guessing game out, we are the only center in the world that does this to prepare you for safe ayahuasca retreat ceremony.  All other centers tell you to come after you have been off the medications for at least 30-90 days, we can take you in today and heal you off all meds holistically, safely and effectively.

What separates us from other Ayahuasca Retreat Centers?

  • We are the only center in the world that doesn’t turn patients away because they take drugs or prescription meds
  • We are the only Ayahuasca Center in the world that safely gets patients off all medications, Other centers send you away or take a risky approach
  • We are the only center in the world that offers Ibogaine, DMT, Changa, ayahuasca with a license to treatment patients
  • We hold the proprietary Ingredients that cures benzo addiction!
  • We have created a method that gets people off all medications without withdrawals or pain. Making it safer to experience Ayahuasca safely. We have a Proprietary method to heal those who are dependant on medications like SSRI’s, Benzodiazepines- SSNI’s
  • We have a Luxury Facility that has a license to operate.
  • No PURGING, 95% of our patients do not experience horrific purging! Maybe only 5% may purge for 30 -60 seconds. Those Who Have Deep Energetic Entity Issues will purse a little more.
  • Our pretreatment Ayahuasca Dieta Protocol prepares the client correctly, no guessing games.
  • We have Ayahuasca Retreats not only with a shaman but also fully medically supervised by a ER Doctor nurse to assure safety.
  • We offer a protocol that heals the liver, this is vital for patients with damaged liver, Hep C and or other liver issues, we help them prep for plant medicine.
  • We offer a protocol that activates stem cell production, this is huge to reverse infections and internal damage done by medications use, chemical abuse and or drug abuse.
  • We have a staff of over 25 people that take care of 5 patients, Not 5 staff taking care of 25 clients like other centers. Our center offers the highest staff to client ratio in the world.
  • We are the only center in the world that incorporates advanced holistic medicine like hyperbaric chamber machines. These are not cheap machines, they cost $75,000.00 each, we own 3 of these technologies. You won’t even find these types of machines in the most expensive rehabs in Malibu that charge $100k per month, only high tech hospitals and private clinics.
  • We also offer 9 hours of holistic therapy per day (all one on one), you won’t find that at any other facility in the world.
  • We are also the only center in the world that has daily 5 hours of custom made exclusive immune system, nervous system, endocrine brain repair IV Drips.
  • Daily included therapies

  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Iv Drips
  • Daily HBOT sessions
  • Daily Green Coffee Colonic Enemas
  • Daily Carbon Sauna
  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Massage, cranial, and reflexology
  • Daily Energy Healing no touch Energy work- Reiki sessions.
  • Daily 3-5 organic green coffee colonic enemas per day,
  • Daily dead sea salt baths and carbon infrared sauna sessions
  • We include 5 star luxury accommodations at our ocean front facility with private rooms, each come with jacuzzis, flat screen tv’s and travertine floors.
  • 90% raw food diet that is 100% non GMO, gluten free, dairy free, soy free.
  • Clients sleep on pillow top mattress and 100% organic Sheets and linen
  • Organic and Vegan shampoo
The Holistic Sanctuary believes a clear and healthy mind is one of the keys to discovering yourself as a powerful individual capable of healing. You are not diseased being that is hopeless, but an individual that is awaiting to get healed and deserve to get cured.
Call Us Today if you are ready for true healing 310-601-7805.
Please keep in mind around 2 out of 10 people who enroll may not get healed or cured, so if we made it seem its 100% effective for 100% of the people that enroll, please understand that’s impossible. We do know that this is a lot of money so please chose wisely, make sure this is the right fit for you or your loved one. If you found a better deal, safer place, better price you might be better off going there. Good luck and God Bless.

Find the Top Ayahuasca Addiction Treatment Center and Luxury Retreats in The World

We are not a 3 day or 7 day quick fix Ayahuasca Drug Rehab, let alone Ayahuasca Retreat. We became the best simply because we are the only Ayahuasca Rehab that is licensed. If you google licensed Ayahuasca centers we won’t come up on the first page because of cunning marketing ploys by all the aya retreats out there. Props to them, But if you offer The Best Ayahuasca Rehabs or Luxury Aya Retreat look no further.

Seeking The Best Ayahuasca Rehab Centers? Look No Further!

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we offer healing to the body, mind, and spirit using only nature based therapies like Ayahuasca to perfect our addiction cure system, we also added HBOT, Energy Work, Juice cleanse, coffee enemas, massage, Myers cocktails iv drips, stem cells and more to our exclusive and advanced Ayahuasca drug rehab.



Before & After

John 1 Heroin Cure - Day Before ArrivalJohn Heroin Cure - 90 Days After Arrival

Before & After

Transformation With The Pouyan Method

About Our Luxury Ayahuasca Depression, PTSD and Addiction Rehab

Ayahuasca, pronounced “iowaska,” is a sacred vine that is native to the Amazon rainforest of South America. Its name means “vine of the soul,” and it has been used for hundreds of years by the Indigenous peoples of Amazonia in healing ceremonies. The plant’s bark is typically brewed with the Banisteriopsis caapi line and leaves from the Chacruna plant to create a powerful healing tea, which also goes by the name Ayahuasca. We have used it for almost 10 years to help cure our patients from drug addiction, alcoholism, depression and much more. Everyone knows Ayahuasca drug rehabs can’t offer a 100% cure, but since it is common knowledge its not a panacea, we decided to perfect the cure for most if not all addictions by adding it to our Pouyan Method.

Our Ayahuasca Rehabs Can Cure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Mental Illnesses

Ayahuasca can cure post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental illness as it can cause powerful psychological effects to the user. Some call it a drug while others consider it a medicine.

For many veterans who have tried and tested Ayahuasca, they considered it as a real treatment for giving them relief from PTSD after returning from combat. It does not work like a band-aid. Rather, it cleans the user’s system by purging it until he/she is thoroughly reset and clean.

Its spiritual effects make this treatment a popular alternative to the traditional method of treating mental illnesses. In fact, Lindsay Lohan has spoken about her treatment with Ayahuasca. She said that it opened her eyes about the things of the past that she did not want to let go.

Ayahuasca Drug Rehabs Must Do The Following If They Want To Maximize Results with PTSD, Depression, Trauma and Medication Use and Abuse

First off, this is not cheap, The Ayahuasca Drug Rehabs Treatments we deploy at The Holistic Sanctuary are very pricey. Example the HBOT machines we have are tens of thousands of dollars and the NAD IV drips are $3000-$5000 per month per patient. Also we offers the most powerful proprietary IV formulas that can repair the damaged brain’s ability and capacity to create neuropathways and neurotransmitters, thus promoting neurogenesis within the hippocampus. Its extremely effective at healing the nervous system and endocrine system because its creating stimulation and reproduction of natural GABA production within the brain. That’s how we cure addiction not just Ayahuasca by itself. We are thorough and thus makes our system effective and patients outcome powerful. SEE TESTIMONIALS CLICK HERE.

We use a variety of therapies like HBOT, Amino drips, Massage, Reiki, Yoga.

Why 100% of Our Patients Have Visions During Ayahuasca Ceremonies?

It’s pretty simple to explain why 100% of our guest have visions and 40% -/+ other places have people complain they saw no visions? We have the only Iv drip in the world that repairs the gaba receptors, yes you heard correctly, the only Ayahuasca Center in the world. We invented it, perfected it, we created it, it’s ours and you find it at any treatment center or Ayahuasca centers out there. And we, meaning our founder and the healer in charge Johnny Tabaie. Patients at least 50% who before they enter The Sanctuary complain of lack of sleep this is due to the GABA receptor saturation. When the Gaba receptors become damaged, it becomes significantly impossibly to function and less sleep. So due to the lack of GABA production the brain cannot shut itself off. Basically the Pouyan Method IV’s will reset and repair the function of GABA and glutamate in the brain responsible for brain shocks and anxiety while coming off medication. Johnny Tabaie saw this problem for many years and decided to take the task on and spearheaded it, like he does everything in the company.

Most if not all adult brain are capable of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to repair itself through formulating new neurons. The Brain Repair Pouyan Method propriety IV formulas promote “natural” neuroplasticity by giving the brain all the vital amino acids for the brain, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients it needs to thrive and continue to heal itself from years of abuse. Through promoting neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and resetting neurotransmitters, the Pouyan Method IV drips will also create new neuropathways that are responsible for sending signals from one region of the brain to another.

Ayahuasca Rehabs – Luxury or not, Should always Use Safety First

It is vital that we only organically heal and balance the brain to help and enable the individual’s ability to feel, function, and to think clearly. This will allow the patient to put together cohesive thought patterns which is a massive element towards true healing. Without clearing the individual’s mind they will continue to maintain a mindset which is convoluted and they will be dominated and rely on medications such as Lexapro, Prozac, Xanax, Suboxone, Methadone, Valium and many others. However, Once the brain is healed, reset, and clear of all toxic medications, and he or she is able to function and can retain information, then it’s a good time to teach a spiritual and healthy lifestyle change. This is time for the awakening of the soul and activation of the God molecule with an Ayahuasca Ceremony.

In Our Ayahuasca Rehab Retreats Patients Will Receive The Following (All Sessions Are Private and One On One!) 7+ hours of holistic treatments all one on one. Plus 5 hours of proprietary IV drips!

check golden  One on one ceremony with a shaman, Yes you get your own private ceremony!
check golden  You will NOT be with 5-40+ people in a room with bad energies of others that may contaminate you
check golden  Daily Massage Sessions (1 hour)
check golden  Daily Reiki Energy Work no touch healing (1 hour)
check golden  Daily Yoga Sessions (1 hour)
check golden Daily Meditation Sessions (1 hour)
check golden Daily HBOT Hyperbaric Chamber Sessions (1 hour)
check golden Daily Brain Repair Neurotransmitter Amino IV’s and Power Drips, W/ Glutathione, NAD, Vit-C, Gaba ReSET Brain ReSET (Very potent proprietary formula) (5-7 hours)
check golden Daily Green Coffee Colonic Enemas 3- 5 full sessions (2 hours)
check golden Daily Session with our Holistic Staff
check golden You will be in a licensed Healing Center, not tent hut, cabin in the jungle. (Not Underground Retreat)
check golden You will be monitored with doctors and medical staff who can take care of any medical emergency During ceremonies
check golden You will be on a 100% organic non GMO diet, 100% gluten free, soy free, casein free, wheat free, and importantly glyphosate free, cold pressed juices and home style fresh meals
check golden You will have your own “Private Master Suite” with jacuzzi in room, flat screen tv, and luxury accommodations.


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