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Best Inpatient Holistic Treatment Programs for Depression, Trauma, PTSD

The Holistic Sanctuary uses an innovative and extremely effective system to heal. Our treatments are one-of-a-kind, and for ten years, the professionals at The Holistic Sanctuary have been improving them, giving healing a new meaning and taking a radically different approach to mental, spiritual, and physical problems.You will not be able to try our therapies anywhere else in the world, as The Holistic Sanctuary possesses the patent and intellectual property rights to the incredible protocol we have called “the Pouyan Method”. The Pouyan Method brings healing from the inside and doesn’t make any use of maintenance drugs or prescribed medications. Taking the brain to pre-trauma state, the Pouyan Method renews hope and heals the soul, mind and body.

Detox Protocols and Ancient Plant Medicine Technology

The Combination that gives People a real chance for healing

Forget everything you know about the curing and healing methods in conventional treatment centers. Nothing similar awaits you at the Holistic Sanctuary.

No talk therapy, no group method, and, more importantly, no toxic medication is involved in your healing. Not only that the conventional methods have not been improved for decades, but they also failed to cure the patients forever.The professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary pushed their creativity to the next level, using ancient scientific-based healing methods as a starting point for the healing system.

Our patients and their testimonials are the most obvious proof that the system works.

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Before & After

John 1 Heroin Cure - Day Before ArrivalJohn Heroin Cure - 90 Days After Arrival

People need to believe in their healing and that’s what the Holistic Sanctuary gives in the first place: hope

You only need to see some of the many testimonials of former patients to understand that our methods work. Our patients have been living a healthy and clean life, some for six years, and it’s all thanks to a simple, yet innovative system. The principle is incredibly simple, but has the power to heal one’s body on a cellular level forever!
The therapies are non-addictive, non-toxic, with private one-on-one sessions that add up to 150 hours a month. Massage, daily Yoga, Reiki, colonic enemas, or HBOT may not be new. But it’s the combination of methods and the customized plan that produce the astonishing results.

Plant-based, organic, non-GMO, and raw food diet is offered to every client, as only the best nutrient absorption will ensure the energy for the healing process. A proprietary IV formula will repair the dopamine receptors, Gaba receptors, and serotonin receptors, to helping the patient in the initial phase. The decalcification of the pineal gland and activation of the God/Spirit molecule from within will help patients get in touch with their soul probably for the very first time. The IV formula will also detox the GI tract from candida, resetting and repairing the serotonin receptors.
Repairing the body on cellular level is fundamental for patients, no matter if they’re struggling with depression, PTSD, or addiction. The stem cell activation protocol that we use is going to enhance the reparations at the cellular level.
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What methods can clients experience at the Holistic Sanctuary?

Only the most holistic, efficient, natural, and amazing healing methods await people dealing with their PTSD, depression, addiction, or other acute physical and spiritual health problems. Ayahuasca and Ibogaine are part of the journey for healing.

One-on-one therapy sessions, a customized protocol with more than 30 hours of one-on-one sessions a week, healing at the cellular level as part of the Pouyan Method are only some of the methods to expect. Clients will be helped to solve the deep causes of their PTSD, trauma, depression, or addiction, as the detoxification of all prescribed drugs and narcotics from the body takes place in a safe and natural way.

Every step of the way and every Method used is meant to sustain the restoration of one’s brain to the pre-addicted and natural state. Patients learn how to reprogram the previous negative and toxic thinking, and are taught how to live a new and holistically healthy life.

People with depression finally get real help from the Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method focuses on two main aspects for helping the clients: the ancient plant-based medicine and the non-invasive therapies. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find the Method in other facilities; after all, it’s developed and patented at the Holistic Sanctuary!

How can Ancient plant-based medicine help people with depression?

Ancient plant-based medicine relies on the natural substances for eliminating toxins from the body, which brings health on the physical level. During the process, the clients also get better at dealing with spiritual and mental needs.

Natural food and five-hour intravenous high-dose amino acid brain repair NAD IV therapy make the body heal from the inside out. Colonic green coffee enemas will cleanse the colon of toxins, whereas the food is only organic, soy-free, gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO. Patients will consume only plant-based diet and junk food isn’t allowed in the program.

Can non-invasive therapies heal people with depression?

The non-invasive therapies will complete the physical interventions, sustaining the mental and spiritual healing of patients.

Yoga, Reiki, massage sessions for stress-relief and relaxation, carbon sauna, and hyperbaric chamber sessions will complete the one-on-one counseling meetings every day.

We treat the whole person by healing the mind, body and soul.
These Treatments Are All Included And Are- ALL ONE ON ONE!

Why is PTSD treatment at the Holistic Sanctuary so different from conventional methods?

First of all, no conventional PTSD treatment center provides the benefits of the Pouyan Method. Don’t forget the traditional depression treatment centers are money-eaters that don’t talk about the high rates of failure or the low efficiency of the methods.

Not only that, but the Pouyan Method is all-natural, and it’s also the result of deep research, development, and personal experience with the conventional methods of the creator, Johnny Tabaie. Moreover, the approach is 100% safe, and the numerous reviews of patients are the most obvious proof of success.

How can Ayahuasca heal the brain in patients with PTSD?

Ayahuasca is part of the ancient plant-medicine therapy used at The Holistic Sanctuary, acting directly on the brain. It will make the veil over your memories vanish, helping you see experiences under the light of healing and deep transformation.

With Ayahuasca being not only powerful but also risky to some extent, patients will stay under the supervision of trained and experienced medical staff. An experienced healer will make you part of the sacred rituals so that you enjoy Ayahuasca in the safest and most modern setting possible.

One of the many great things about Ayahuasca is that it’s not a hallucinogen, so it doesn’t lead to addiction. The natural healing abilities are what make Ayahuasca essential for addressing depression and PTSD at the Holistic Sanctuary.

Ayahuasca is the path to take if trauma took your life at some point

Maybe you have heard something about Ayahuasca, but nothing that you will experience at the Holistic Sanctuary is similar to any other place. Nurses and medical staff will watch over every guest joining the Ayahuasca Journey, under the direct supervision of the experienced healers.

Not only that you get to experience Ayahuasca, but you do so by joining in the safest ceremony amongst luxurious Ayahuasca Retreat Centers in the world. The 100% organic diet, which is 90% raw and combined with superfoods, will give your body what it needs the most: Restoration and rejuvenation. And the dolphins and whales swimming in the ocean in front of the windows will help you find the inner peace that you’ve been longing for so long.

You no longer need to travel in the dangerous Amazonian jungle to experience Ayahuasca. You can get the best of it in a place where amenities are high-end, medical staff and nurses watch over you, and you have Jacuzzi in your room. Add the yoga sessions, coffee enemas, energy healing, juice cleanses, vitamin drips, and customized methods, and you’ll begin to understand why healing comes easily at the Holistic Sanctuary.

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Words fall short to describe how our Holistic Methods heal you on all levels

There’s no point in trying a holistic center if all you’re offered is a handful of therapies. At the Holistic Sanctuary, we’ve taken the approach to a whole other level, so you get to try numerous treatments, and more therapies than in any other holistic facility.

On top of everything else, it’s the place where the Pouyan Method was created and the single place in the world where you can benefit from it. when it comes to revolutionary therapies for healing PTSD, depression, or trauma, the Holistic Sanctuary is the facility to name.

Healing doesn’t mean taking a pill, but taking a step back for seeing the whole picture

There is no other method like the Pouyan Method, aka the “Seeker’s” Method. The entirely natural and safe combination of Ancient Plant-Based Medicine and the holistic non-invasive therapies will heal on all levels: mental, spiritual, and emotional.

One of the many factors sustaining the efficiency of the Pouyan Method is the reality that the program is thought for every patient while relying on principles of advanced holistic medicine, a proprietary technology developed by Johnny Tabaie.

Every day, the patient will practice Yoga, enjoy Hyperbaric Chamber sessions, and give the body the nutrients it needs through an IV drip for five hours. Dead Sea salt baths, private room with Jacuzzi, and carbon infrared sauna sessions are also part of the daily schedule.

Even if patients will participate at Ayahuasca ceremonies and benefit from Ibogaine treatment, the protocol is proprietary to the Holistic Sanctuary. The experiences are unique and follow a strict protocol developed by professionals.

5MeO or Change DMT are guided and therapeutic, so nothing happens without reason within the healing.

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    How can just one method be the single one to heal?

    The Pouyan Method will address the entire person, mind, body, and soul. It doesn’t provide treatment for your depression, trauma, or PTSD. It heals the person struggling with these ailments. It’s a powerful process that strengthens, heals, and boosts the immune, endocrine, and nervous system.

    At the Holistic Sanctuary, holistic medicine and ancient plant medicine are only the starting point for the healing. Cleansing the body with the help of plant-based diet sustains the serotonin production, which counts so much for one’s healing.

    The IV formula resetting GABA receptors and decalcifying the pineal gland improves the efficiency of plant medicine in generating more DMT throughout the treatment.

    Every patient benefits from one on one therapies, for nine hours per day. The treatment aims to develop new brain cells, sustain the neurogenesis and neural pathways.

    Unlike other previous concepts, the Pouyan Method is founded on the belief that the brain is able to regenerate on its own when stimulated the right ways. Once the brain is repaired, healing will complete.

    Thanks to the proprietary methods and protocols, the cause of the health problems will be revealed and solved eventually. The brain will go to the pre-addicted state, and negative and toxic thoughts will vanish forever. The methods will generate the rewiring and reprogramming of the mind, providing solutions for a new and holistic type of life.

    There’s no such thing as “helping the patient to deal with his health condition more efficiently.” There’s only the strong belief that complete healing must be the only purpose. It’s never about handling your PTSD symptoms better or managing your depression for six months.

    Our 100% Natural holistic therapies aim to heal your depression forever. Even if your brain is affected by trauma, it can go back to a pre-trauma state. And, more importantly, it can learn to be that way until the end of your life.


    Hear what other patients had to say about their stay at the Holistic Sanctuary:

    The Holistic Sanctuary Healing Center
    Saves Lives With The Pouyan Method

    I came to the holistic sanctuary after a traumatic brain injury nothing has worked for me nothing I have been to seven rehabs in my life they all teach the Zach same thing once an addict always an addict and it doesn’t matter how hard I work at the rehab…

    Cure For Ptsd Addiction
    and Heroin Addiction

    The Holistic Sanctuary provides real treatment for Depression, Trauma and PTSD often associated with mental health and illness. The therapies used in the Pouyan Method are all-natural and can involve the use of Ibogaine and Ayahuasca therapies, IV infusions, natural cleanses, organic diet plans, stem cell therapy, oxygen therapy and more.

    Treatment and Cure
    For Gardasil HPV Vaccine Injury

    5 years ago Leyla was injured by Gardasil HPV Vaccine. She started having seizures. She became extremely anxious and depressed. This naturally lead her down the road to self medicate with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and non healthy behaviors, The doctors diagnosed her with epilepsy. They refused to…

    The Cure for Addiction
    With The Pouyan Method

    What is Ibogaine? Ibogaine is a plant based drug that helps when healing patients with drug addiction. Part of the method used by Johnny Tabaie in the Holistic Sanctuary is ibogaine therapy. Ibogaine is part of the Pouyan method, which was created by Johnny Tabaie and is now used in The Holistic Sanctuary. This drug particularly deals with the reduction of withdrawals and …

    The Holistic Sanctuary Offers
    The Most powerful Healing System

    Past 10 years we have created a system that helps people get healed from all sorts of health issues. The Pouyan Method was invented by our found Johnny Tabaie to cure his own 20 year battle with depression addiction and emotional trauma he suffered …

    Cure for PTSD, Depression & Trauma
    Exclusive Luxury The Holistic Sanctuary

    We offer recovery and healing from PTSD with an in-depth and effective therapy. This is exactly what the Holistic Sanctuary offers. While other treatment and rehabilitation centers focus on using toxic medications to help people with PTSD. Instead, we do so by our tried and

    Get whole again at the Holistic Sanctuary

    Healing at the Holistic Sanctuary starts with ridding the body, especially the brain, of toxins which have accumulated during the period of addiction. In a relaxed and comfortable setting, patients are treated in a manner which stimulates the formation of brand new connections in the brain, so that a fresh, toxin-free perspective can again be enjoyed. Contact the Holistic Sanctuary at your earliest convenience so that you can begin the process of rehabilitating your body and your life at a rehab center, where the sumptuous setting will help you tolerate the process much more comfortably.
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