It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that California, and Los Angeles more precisely, has become the favorite place to live for celebrities and computer moguls.

Once known as the Wild West, California isn’t just the most extensive and densely populated state of the United States, but also a trend-setter when it comes to everything. Addiction treatment makes no exception, so some of the essential rehab centers in Los Angeles have set the bar in addiction treatment.

What do treatment centers in Los Angeles provide?

Recent numbers show that Californians, especially teenagers, aren’t highly interested in alcohol consumption. It’s especially apparent when we report those numbers to the rest of the country.

However, more than 40% of the Californian young adults try marijuana by 11th grade, which is quite alarming.

Adults, on the other hand, are more attracted to opioids consumption. The famous case of millions of opioids prescribed for a town of a few thousand impressed the whole United States, not only California. The California state and health care representatives have been continuously creating programs for reducing illicit drug abuse. Strict regulations on opioid prescriptions have been instated, as detox chemicals have become more readily available.

By now, you should get a picture of addiction and addiction treatment in Hollywood. Except there is an element missing: the top rehab facilities in Los Angeles.

Addiction doesn’t know race, gender, or sex, and people with high social status end up abusing illicit substances too. For celebrities and people with financial resources, drugs and alcohol are very easy to access. Unlike regular people who can go anytime they feel at rehab residential treatment facilities, famous people or executives need to follow meticulous treatment steps for substance abuse. They have to make sure that nobody finds out about the drug and alcohol addiction, but they have to keep treatment hidden too.

It was only a matter of time until the rehabs in Los Angeles would start to stand out from a community outpatient treatment center or other private residential treatment facilities. As they address to the rich and famous, any residential treatment center and outpatient facility in the city of Angeles had to re-invent therapy for addiction, taking it to a whole new level.

How to spot excellent Los Angeles rehabs?

The top rehab therapy facilities are found in secluded areas, away from the public space. The scenery is breathtaking, and a spa-like feel floats everywhere. With much consideration to the privacy of their patients, these facilities ensure private rooms and private bathrooms for your loved one. Let’s take a closer look at what best Los Angeles rehab offers for people with substance abuse disorders:

Inpatient or outpatient programs?

Top rehab facilities would provide both inpatient and outpatient programs. Outpatient treatment programs make the right choice for patients with low to moderate addiction who cannot take a break from their daily responsibilities, job, and family. The level of care that they need is small, and the outpatient treatment will go on for many months.

People who completed inpatient therapy programs may also continue the recovery within an outpatient program.

For people with severe addiction, residential treatment programs are the best choice. Within the residential treatment, patients take distance from their regular life, being able to focus on their substance abuse and any mental health issues.

Residential treatment programs at a treatment center in Los Angeles ensure a better shot for long-lasting recovery. Professionals at a residential treatment center have time to take good care of their patients, ensuring everyone stays on track for complete recovery.

Amenities, accommodation& services

Amenities, accommodation, and even linings are only the very best on the market. After all, clients are used to living big, so there are no sacrifices made in terms of accommodation or services. Patients are monitored continuously by the staff, and the staff-to-patient ratio is low. Practically, every patient is well taken care of 24/7.

It’s the case of the Holistic Sanctuary, where everything is fantastic. From the spectacular scenery, with monitored access through the gate, to the high-end amenities and accommodation, there are no compromises made on the quality whatsoever. Patients have private rooms and private bathrooms, and a good number of staff members are constantly monitoring them.

Team of professionals

At a top residential treatment center near Hollywood, only the best professionals are part of the team looking out for the patients fighting substance abuse. Moreover, professionals from various areas of healthcare are included, providing a comprehensive approach to recovery.  Don’t be surprised to find out that psychiatrists, life coaches, or doctors, work together with the yogi, nutritionists, and alternative medicine practitioners are in the team of a residential treatment center. They are also ready to ensure outpatient programs as they care for their patient’s lifetime recovery.

For instance, at the Holistic Sanctuary, the team includes both professionals from modern medicine and alternative medicine practitioners. It’s because this rehab in Los Angeles has a comprehensive approach to drug addiction and addiction treatment, addressing co-occurring disorders as well. The team of professionals aims to address imbalances in one’s body, mind, and soul. Therefore, complementary medicine therapies and traditional methods and counseling, are used for one’s recovery.

Customized therapy plan

At top rehabs, the chances to benefit from standardized addiction treatment are low. The team of professionals takes a good look at your medical history, values, personality, and interests, making a clear image of your drug addiction. Once that image is obtained, they will decide which treatment works the best for you or your loved one as there are no shortcuts for treating patients at the top rehab treatment facilities. Every patient needs special care, and every treatment is different.  

At the Holistic Sanctuary, the professionals begin by analyzing one’s case and medical history to develop and run personalized addiction treatment. At our rehab center, the professionals care for every patient, and there are no shortcuts made, and everyone’s recovery is essential.

Various therapies

Patients with mental health issues and addiction are provided a great variety of methods at rehab treatment facilities in Los Angeles. The Holistic Sanctuary has a team of professionals from various areas of expertise. Both traditional therapies and alternative or innovative methods are used for one’s treatment. One-on-one counseling sessions, yoga, meditation, therapy massages, and HBOT therapy, stem cell therapy, or telomere repair are used for real recovery.


Medical detox is standard for Los Angeles rehabilitation facilities, and patients typically avoid addiction treatment because of it. Some may want to do a detox on their own at home, but that’s not recommended, especially when the drug addiction is high. The risk for severe withdrawal symptoms is high, even when running detox at a rehab center.

Patients should go through the detoxification process under medical monitoring, so that professionals may take care of them if things go south. At the Holistic Sanctuary, detox is made only with natural substances and methods, making the withdrawal symptoms a lot easier to take. However, patients are monitored 24/7 by staff members.

At our rehab treatment center, patients who get permission from the doctor will benefit from sacred plant medicine. A proprietary protocol is utilized for detox, and NAD IV vitamin drips are given to patients so that body receives the nutrients it needs for recovery.


Unfortunately, people with drug addiction may also present mental health conditions. Look for a rehab treatment center that also takes care of patients with a co-occurring disorder. Psychologists and psychiatrists are part of the Holistic Sanctuary team, developing treatment plans for patients with mental health issues. However, there are only natural methods and substances used for addressing these problems, for complete recovery later on.

Co-occurring disorders cannot be skipped when following addiction treatment in rehab. Managing mental health conditions will increase one’s chance for lifetime recovery.

Food and nutrition education

At a residential rehab treatment center for substance abuse, patients are provided with healthy food and gourmet meals. At the holistic Sanctuary, though, patients are offered raw, organic, and non-GMO food. They also learn about the importance of healthy dieting for long-lasting recovery and life without drugs or alcohol.

People with addiction are in poor health, and they don’t have healthy dieting. The body lacks the nutrients it needs for recovery, which is why only natural food is provided to patients with substance abuse disorders.

Physical activities and access to a gym

A top rehab residential treatment center in Los Angeles has a lot more than a swimming pool for their patients. Physical activities’ benefits have been highlighted for many years now, and patients feel more optimistic when engaging in physical activities.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, we care for our patients and make no compromises for their recovery. Our residential treatment center provides patients daily access to the gym or the spa. Take a walk and admiring the fantastic scenery of the location, relaxes the patients, and make them more open to treatment, speeding out recovery.


Professionals in substance abuse and mental health conditions admit that the journey for recovery is long and cannot happen overnight. Patients at the Holistic Sanctuary build deep and beautiful relationships with staff members. Even after completing the treatment, the patients can call the team staff for a piece of advice.

Take the first step for your healing.

The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the most reliable treatment centers in California providing care and customized addiction treatment for every patient. Our residential treatment center is found in a beautiful location, offering great amenities, accommodation, and services to all patients. Give us a call to see how to begin your journey for a lifetime recovery.

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