Land of the modern lifestyles and celebrities, the Californian state is also one place where substance use disorders have a different face from the other states. And it’s not because famous people and executives are seeking medical help for their addiction here, but because Californians have other preferences when it comes to illicit drug abuse. The high rate of deaths caused by opiate consumption became rampant in recent years, and the state had to take abrupt measures.

Addiction treatment centers in California had to adjust the programs to the patients and men and women alike. Professionals working in health care concluded that new and more comprehensive approaches are necessary for addiction therapy.

What are the main types of treatment centers in California?

Nine times out of ten, people are afraid to go to rehab because of the detox phase. Add to that the stigma of addiction, and you get to understand why only 10% of the addicted Californians received treatment for their dependency. A loved one fighting addiction may be in that situation where they are afraid to undertake rehab treatment based on a similar thinking.


It’s common for treatment programs to require their patients to detox at home. However, in many rehabilitation facilities, especially the top ones, patients go through detox at the center.

At top rehabs, patients are continuously monitored by medical professionals, so that any issues are instantly addressed. Some rehabs gave detox a whole new approach, using only natural substances and methods for eliminating drugs and alcohol from the system. Not only that, the withdrawal symptoms are less severe, but the detox process goes smoother for the patient as well. It’s the Holistic Sanctuary case, where only natural methods and substances are used for detoxification. Patients who get approval from doctors also benefit from sacred plant medicine, whereas nad IV vitamin drips are used for all patients at this rehabilitation center in California.

Some patients may be tempted to give up on drugs and alcohol on their own, but that’s never a good idea. Look for rehabilitation facilities in California where professionals supervise the detox phase of the addiction therapy. At our rehab in California, the Holistic Sanctuary, good numbers of staff members are monitoring the patients 24/7 and are ready to help whenever necessary. 

Outpatient treatment centers

Some patients begin therapy for drug addiction with outpatient programs. These programs have limitations on many levels, and the inability to ensure long-lasting recovery is one of them. People who have already completed an inpatient program for addiction may want to continue their therapy at an outpatient rehab center.

Californian patients with low to moderate levels of drug addiction may find outpatient treatment centers as reliable options.

Many of the methods used at an outpatient treatment center are similar to those used at inpatient facilities. However, people come back to their regular life and triggers daily, which may affect the recovery process.

Inpatient treatment centers

For patients with a medium to a high drug addiction level, the inpatient treatment program makes more adequate solutions. The patient takes distance from the triggers, and the daily temptations, managing to focus exclusively on recovery.

At inpatient treatment programs, patients learn to manage their addiction and live a life without drugs or alcohol for a long time.

Professionals at the Holistic Sanctuary aim to get the brain to pre-addiction state, which cannot happen overnight. The therapy for addiction will consist of various methods, and it’s fundamental for one’s complete recovery to spend at least four weeks away from daily responsibilities.

At our treatment center, breaking down the addiction and developing healthy habits takes time. People have to focus on their healing exclusively, and that can only be done throughout inpatient treatment.

Custom addiction treatment programs

Some rehabs in California took the therapeutic plan to a whole new level. We’re talking about the best Californian rehabs that have an impressive team of professionals. They analyze every patient, check the medical history, run dual-diagnose if necessary, and take a picture of the whole addiction. Together with the patient, they will create and monitor a personalized therapy plan for every single patient. The risk for people with drug addiction to deal with co-occurring mental health issues is high, but the professionals are ready to tackle those conditions as well.

So far, not many went back to traditional rehab programs after trying customized therapy. But sure many switch to personalized therapy for good.

What addiction therapies should one expect?

The variety of methods used at Californian treatment centers is impressive. Here are some to expect:

Individual, family, and group counseling

It’s common for conventional rehabilitation facilities to rely on family and group counseling. There are always several patients who feel that support from other patients is essential for their recovery. People who care about other people’s feelings may get the energy for healing when the sense of isolation disappears.

But that’s not the same for all patients, and there are also rehab centers that promote individual counseling. For example, at the Holistic Sanctuary, there is the firm belief that people get better results when focusing on their healing. The one-on-one sessions are fundamental as they provide the best opportunity for your loved one to concentrate on his/her addiction. Our treatment center offers substance abuse and mental health services, with a comprehensive approach to drug addiction.

Stress management and training of life skills

When people are stressed, they’re not able to concentrate on therapy. Meditation, yoga, massage therapies, and HBOT therapy are some of the Holistic Sanctuary methods for relaxing the patients. These therapies alleviate anxiety, decrease stress, and help patients become more open to receiving positive thoughts for their healing.

A right rehab in Los Angeles would also teach the patients how to handle life’s constant challenges in a healthier way. The team at the Holistic Sanctuary includes life coaches who help patients make a better and less destructive approach to their life and decisions.

Nutrition education

Excellent rehab facilities provide healthy and gourmet meals to the patients. It’s known that people with addiction are in poor health and need proper dieting for recovery. At the Holistic Sanctuary, the patients switch to raw, non-GMO, and organic food, but they also learn about the importance of healthy dieting for a drug-free life.

Complementary therapies such as massage, acupuncture, yoga, or Reiki

Conventional therapy for drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t give long-lasting results for some time now. The inability to adjust the methods to the patient’s particularities, the outdated practices, and other factors are behind the high risk of relapse for patients taking the conventional therapeutic plan.

For some time now, people have been switching to complementary therapies. The team at our treatment center has a comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol therapy. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists work together with complementary medicine practitioners to develop customized addiction treatment for every patient. Meditation, Reiki, acupuncture, or massage therapy are some of the alternative therapies used at the Holistic Sanctuary for one’s true healing.       `

Methods for reducing the risk of relapse

At traditional rehab centers, the risk of relapse is never all. With drug and alcohol addiction seen as a chronic disease, the conventional methods aim to help the patient manage, and not heal from the habit.

There are many rehabilitation centers close to Los Angeles where addiction is perceived as a sign of imbalances in one’s mind, body, and soul. It’s the case of our treatment center where substance abuse is a symptom of one’s deep trauma, for instance. Patients are helped to identify the deep roots for their substance abuse. They also learn new ways of how to deal with everyday challenges. They learn how to meditate, do yoga, or identify triggers of the addiction.

Behavioral therapy

It’s common for many rehab facilities addressing drug and alcohol addiction to use behavioral therapy. However, many unconventional facilities choose a different path for substance abuse. At the Holistic Sanctuary, a comprehensive approach to addiction and therapy guides the professionals’ efforts for one’s healing.

Physical fitness opportunities

We all know by now that physical activities are good for our mental and physical health. When people engage in physical activities, they become more energetic and optimistic, which increases their chance of recovery.

Patients at top rehab facilities benefit from daily access to the gym and spa, which helps them focus on treatment. The Holistic Sanctuary provides access to gym and spa to your loved one, alleviating the treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Are amenities and accommodation necessary for substance abuse treatment?

Nobody is going to get better only because he/she is sleeping in the most comfortable bed every night for 28 days. However, when patients feel pampered and well taken care of, the chance for them to be more open to healing is higher.

Organic linens, top amenities, excellent accommodation, private rooms, and private bathrooms make the patient feel that his/her journey and treatment is essential. It’s what the Holistic Sanctuary provides to the patients, along with all the other great things. As when patients feel relaxed, spoiled, and pampered, they have a better shot at lifetime healing.

Why wait for healing?

There are many treatment centers in California, but the Holistic Sanctuary is one standing out from many. The breathtaking location, with top amenities and accommodation, healthy food, and customized treatment, are some of the essential qualities. Give us a call to find out what you need to do next for beginning your journey.

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