Southern California Drug Rehab Centers

When you’re searching for Southern California drug rehab centers, some criteria for identifying the best choice for you may come in handy. California isn't just the home of movie stars but also the largest state in the country, and the place where most innovative therapies are born.

People from various states decide to get treatment for drug addiction in California, as it's the home of the most exciting and efficient rehab centers.

What kind of treatment can you get at southern California drug rehab centers?

California made the most popular destination for addiction treatment in the U.S. back in 2015; more than 150,000 people (over 12) benefitted from therapy in California.

Addiction to methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, and alcohol makes the top addictions for people looking for California treatment. Prescribed painkillers and various forms of opioids also make reasons for which people go to rehab in California.

Variety of methods

Patients can choose between conventional and alternative programs, with the latter becoming more popular as we speak. Non-traditional rehabs are very common, and some of them provide impressive results.

For instance, Holistic Sanctuary manages to obtain results for people with drug and alcohol addiction only using natural methods and innovative protocols. Indeed, they have been slowly growing in the past years, valuing principles like customized treatment, natural therapies, and a comprehensive drug addiction approach.

At Holistic Sanctuary, revolutionary methods such as stem cell therapy, HBOT, and ozone therapy, NAD IV drips make the top choices for drug addiction treatment. Ancient plant medicine is used for patients with heroin addiction, with long-lasting results and real recovery.


Healthcare professionals revealed that drug and alcohol addiction often express co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD. Co-occurring conditions can go undiagnosed with outpatient and conventional programs, which explains the high rate of relapse for patients with addiction.

Look for southern California drug rehab centers like Holistic Sanctuary, where the professionals always run dual-diagnosis. They will deeply examine every patient, paying careful attention to all symptoms. Simultaneous treatment for drug/alcohol addiction and the co-occurring mental health condition is one reason for successful treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary.

Where can you find treatment for addiction in California?

Back in 2017, there were more than 1,300 treatment centers in the sunny state. Many of these centers gravitate around the big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego. However, it's straightforward to find a rehab in every state area, from the Central Valley to the Inland Empire and parts of northern California.

People choose to go to California also because of the sunny climate. It bright and comfortable the whole year, so it’s understandable why places like Venice Beach, Coronado, Laguna Beach, Santa Monica beach, or La Jolla are so famous in southern California.

Keep in mind that proximity to home should never be the primary reason for selecting a rehab. There are far more important aspects to consider when choosing. Also, the best rehabs for addiction treatment are rarely downtown or around the corners. With location playing an essential part in successful treatment, you may travel abroad to enroll in the best treatment program for your addiction.

Can you detox in Southern California?

It all depends on the severity of your addiction. Centers providing traditional and 12-step programs may ask you to detox at home, whereas alternative rehabs like Holistic Sanctuary will include detox as part of addiction treatment.

Medicated detox is typical, but non-conventional rehabs like Holistic Sanctuary will provide natural detox that is gentle on the body and leads to long-lasting results. Candida/parasite cleanse, green coffee enemas, Myer’s cocktail, Mitochondria repair protocol, GABA repair, and ancient plant medicine are used to eliminate drugs from the body and repair the brain-damaged drugs and alcohol. Once the body is clean and the brain repaired at the cellular level, the customized treatment can continue.

What’s the next move?

The moment you’re aware of your drug/alcohol addiction takes you one step closer to your real recovery. Contact the team at Holistic Sanctuary for further details.

Southern California Drug Rehab Centers

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Southern California Drug Rehab Centers Southern California Drug Rehab Centers Southern California Drug Rehab Centers
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