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More often than not, the first thing to come to mind when we talk about “rehab” or “rehabilitation” is drug or alcohol addiction. Many people don’t know that it's quite frequent that drug and alcohol addiction comes with co-occurring conditions such as anxiety and depression. For someone dealing with addiction and depression, a rehabilitation center for depression makes a wise choice.

Reliable rehab centers will provide treatment for both depression and drug/alcohol addiction. The variety of options is impressive, and patients today have choices like they never had before.

Why go to a rehabilitation center for depression?

Everyone goes through difficult times, everyone has their ups and lows, but depression is so much more than that. Clinical depression is a mood condition when intense sadness and symptoms lasting for several weeks are ordinary. Depression takes over the entire life, affecting sleep, eating habits, career, personal life, and mental clarity.

People who don’t get treatment present a high risk for self-harm, emotional pain; they self-medicate, use and abuse drugs and alcohol and may develop suicidal thoughts.

Here are some of the symptoms to worry about when you’re suspecting a depression diagnosis:

  • Loneliness and guilt
  • Severe sadness
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Irritability
  • Tiredness and lack of energy
  • Feelings of emptiness and worthlessness
  • Changes in sleep habits
  • Alteration of eating habits
  • Difficulties in concentrating
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Back pain, headaches, digestive problems

Depression will take many forms, so professionals should adjust the treatment to one’s particularities and needs. We are all different, so it makes perfect sense that treatment for depression should vary from one patient to another. It’s why centers like Holistic Sanctuary stand out and give long-lasting results.

How can you get help with your depression at a rehabilitation center?

Traditional treatment for depression is comprised of medication, psychotherapy, and a combination of the two. However, the results don’t last for a long time, and patients have to adjust to living with depression forever.

Holistic Sanctuary is an alternative rehabilitation center for depression that will provide a comprehensive approach to your mental health condition, leading to long-lasting results and improvement of your life. Here’s what you should expect at a reliable rehab facility for your depression:

A comprehensive approach to your depression and innovative methods

With depression affecting your entire life, it makes sense that various methods have to be used to address all issues. People with depression no longer eat healthily, have a negative take on life, develop sleep disorders, and generally live miserable lives.

At a non-conventional rehab center like Holistic Sanctuary, natural methods are used for addressing the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of the patient. HBOT and ozone therapy, stem cell therapy, NAD IV drips, and natural detox methods will cleanse the body of medication and repair the brain. Depression alters the brain's pathways, so it takes natural therapies of all kinds to heal the brain on a cellular level. Psychotherapy isn't enough, which is why techniques like GABA repair, Mitochondria repair protocol, Myer’s cocktails, or green coffee enemas are used for depression treatment at Holistic Sanctuary.

Therapies for body and mind

Physical activity has a positive impact on the body, so patients at the Holistic Sanctuary have access to the gym, spa, therapeutic massages. Mind-body therapies (Kundalini Yoga, meditation, proprietary chakra rebalancing, acupuncture) will relax the body and the mind, helping the patient be more favorable towards his recovery.

Healthy diet

People with depression stop having healthy dieting, so treatment at Holistic Sanctuary also relies on switching the depressed patient to raw, plant-based, vegan, organic, and non-GMO dieting. The patient will obtain the best nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that his brain and body need to overcome depression.

What’s the next step

Depression affects every aspect of your life, so your treatment should do that too. Contact the team at Holistic Sanctuary to see how your treatment for depression can lead to full recovery.

rehabilitation center for depression

Rehabilitation Center For Depression

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Rehabilitation Center For Depression Rehabilitation Center For Depression Rehabilitation Center For Depression
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