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phlebotomy training near me Los Angeles

Regan Career Institute (RCI) as an institution prides itself on delivering the best quality of teaching and training to students on all courses. In the case of our Phlebotomy technician certification in Los Angeles that is also the case as this program is a well structured and content-filled course to set you on your path to a career as a phlebotomy technician.

If the thought of Where can I get my phlebotomy certification has ever crossed your mind, RCI is the best option for you.

Is a Phlebotomy technician certification in Los Angeles going to be worthwhile?

RCI ranks atop the pile of Best phlebotomy schools in Los Angeles CA. Our program is an extensive 80-hour program with an added externship program at the end which affords students that much needed first-hand experience in the field. The externship program involves students learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students would need to extern in a professional healthcare facility thereby gaining hands-on practical training the process.

This hands-on training involves students completing 40hours of clinical time with which they would work specialists, drawing blood from actual patients at their designated RCI affiliate location.

Is the program accessible to individuals with disabilities?

RCI is one of the best phlebotomy schools in Los Angeles CA has a strong foundation that hinges on the ability to serve students. That said, we do offer reasonable accommodations to individuals who are suffering from both physical and learning disabilities. We also offer special accommodations to individuals on request.

Students with disabilities are also required to meet up with enrollment requirements in order to enroll in the program.

Can you get a job with just a Phlebotomy certificate?

RCI understands that the number one concern of individuals venturing into a career is the question of whether they would actually be able to get a job afterward. Well, just like many medical inclined programs, acquiring a phlebotomy certificate can help you get a job in just about any healthcare facility. Individuals often want a career path whereby they get to have an insight as to what medical field to begin with before diversifying into another field. If you find yourself in such a situation, then you have little to worry about as this certificate qualifies you to work in hospitals, blood banks, or nursing homes.

What are some of the benefits of the RCI phlebotomy certificate program?

  1. Students get first-hand experience while still learning with the aid of a mandatory Externship program.
  2. Students with learning disabilities can also enroll in the program.
  3. Individuals who have active field experience if qualified can take only the advanced course.
  4. Students with all requirements met can complete a California State Phlebotomy Certification application, post-graduation.
  5. The program is done from Friday to sunday making it perfect for individuals who are presently in employment as the course is a relatively short one.

Interested in knowing the answer to How much does phlebotomy training cost? reach out to us now or simply dial 626-455-0312 to get a full breakdown of all requirements, and cost implications for embarking on this journey.

phlebotomy training near me Los Angeles

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phlebotomy training near me Los Angeles phlebotomy training near me Los Angeles phlebotomy training near me Los Angeles

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