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If you or someone you love struggle with drugs or alcohol addiction, getting the best treatment for your condition is essential for a good life. Nowadays, patients have numerous options to choose from, and luxury rehabs in Beverly Hills make a generous category for people of all backgrounds.

In recent years, treatment options have increased significantly, so people may choose the program that resonates with their needs, kind of addiction, and budgets in the best way. Whether you go downtown to a community center or abroad to a luxury one, it’s not essential as it’s more important to find something that speaks to you in terms of recovery.

What to expect at luxury rehabs in Beverly Hills?

The high rate of relapse in traditional rehabs and the less durable results of conventional treatment are pushing patients toward alternative treatment. Luxury programs for addiction are preferred by patients from various walks of life, as they stand out with numerous benefits, customized care, and better quality services.

Here’s what you should expect at a luxury center in Beverly Hills:

Customized & intense care

At a luxury center like Holistic Sanctuary, a team of professionals from various areas of expertise will analyze very careful every patient, trying to make the most accurate image of the addiction. Later on, they will develop a customized treatment plan adjusted to the patient’s personality, particularities, values, hobbies, and interests.

Also, at a luxury facility such as Holistic Sanctuary, the patient-staff ratio is low, so every patient is monitored 24/7. The patient feels pampered and safe and secured, knowing that someone is watching over day and night long.

On top of everything else, patients benefit from one-on-one sessions so that the therapist/professional in front of them focuses exclusively on their treatment. At Holistic Sanctuary, deep and meaningful relationships grow, so patients can reach for help even after completing a program. The path to recovery isn't easy, and it doesn’t end when the patient leaves the luxury rehab.

Privacy and secure environment

Luxury rehab centers are found in secluded areas, with strict monitoring of whoever is entering the premises. Every patient has his private room with a private bathroom and may safely focus on the treatment as no curious eyes of unwelcomed visitors will disturb his program.

Innovative protocols and a variety of therapies

Patients tend to take distance from conventional treatment, 12-step programs, and medicated detox. Nowadays, natural and innovative therapies are provided, and, more importantly, patients can decide which methods to be included in the customized treatment. Reliable luxury centers like Holistic Sanctuary, natural therapies, and evidence-based practices are combined in customized treatment. HBOT and ozone therapy, stem cell therapy, NAD IV drips, daily amino-acid iv drips are some of the many natural methods used for treatment.

Moreover, innovative protocols with ancient plant medicine, natural methods (green coffee enemas, parasite/candida cleanse, liver detox, Myer’s cocktail, Mitochondria repair protocol) are used for detox treatment of addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Accommodation, amenities, dieting

Luxury rehabs Beverly Hills will provide both inpatient and outpatient programs, but it’s the inpatient treatment that gives the best results.

With a residential program, the patient takes distance from addiction triggers at work or home and focuses exclusively on the treatment. The accommodation and amenities are high-end at The Holistic Sanctuary, with organic linens, high-quality mattresses and pillows, access to spa, gym, and therapeutic massages.

Many luxury rehab facilities will provide gourmet meals to their patients. At Holistic Sanctuary, a team of nutritionists teach the patients and guide them to turn to a raw, plant-based, vegan, non-GMO, and organic dieting that gives the brain and body affected by drugs, alcohol, and medication the nutrients it needs for a full recovery.

What comes next?

There’s no better time than now to contact the team at Holistic Sanctuary for details about your customized treatment. They’re ready to help and become the best support for your proper recovery.

Luxury Rehabs Beverly Hills

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Luxury Rehabs Beverly Hills Luxury Rehabs Beverly Hills Luxury Rehabs Beverly Hills
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