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Today, one of the shortfalls of conventional addiction treatment is that patients are forced to replace drugs with medications. These prescriptions work in the body in a similar manner as drugs or alcohol, only with a lower risk of abuse. Sometimes, patients become dependent on these medications, which takes them back to where they were before rehabilitation.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we use plant medicine and a number of all-natural, non-invasive therapies to heal addiction and mental illness. To us, it’s essential to avoid all kinds of medication because we know that they don’t allow you to recover totally. As one of the finest luxury drug rehabs, we’ll help you reclaim your life using our revolutionary treatment protocol.

How Plant Medicine Works for Addiction Treatment

The plant medicines we use at The Holistic Sanctuary have been utilized by the Amazonian people to heal physical and psychological ailments for centuries. They have also been backed by science to be effective in reversing the effects of substance use disorder and mental health illness. We use Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, which we integrate into our Pouyan method for a more comprehensive treatment.


Ayahuasca is used for its psychedelic properties, whereby it induces hallucinations that allow one to reflect on past experiences that have affected their current mental state. It’s administered through a tea brew, which contains harmala and dimethyltryptamine alkaloids that are responsible for putting one into a hallucinogenic state. When ingested, it alters emotions, behavior, and mood, which changes how the brain processes information.

By enabling patients to face their past traumas, this medicine helps them to open up and address past pain that prevents them from achieving recovery. This leads to the alleviation of mental issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, among others. This also works for alcoholism, which affects the area responsible for the regulation of mood in the brain as most mental illnesses do.


When combined with our Pouyan method, Ibogaine presents one of the most powerful cures for addiction. In the body, this medicine acts by binding to opioid receptors. This highly reduces withdrawal symptoms that are experienced when you quit using opioid drugs. Ibogaine works in the same way as medications offered in other rehab centers, with the main difference being that it’s non-toxic and not addictive. Eventually, Ibogaine promotes the natural regeneration of neurotransmitters, which allows the receptors to begin functioning normally again.

Coupled with daily massage, yoga, meditation, and IV drip therapies, Ibogaine plant medicine provides holistic healing to the body and mind. Ibogaine helps with the treatment of alcoholism, stimulant addictions, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Get the Natural Healing You Deserve

Staying free from addiction forever requires you to flush out all the toxins from your body, repair all the damage caused, and then avoid all other toxic substances afterward. We can make this possible for you when you come to our luxury drug rehabs. Our plant medicine treatments are offered in a safe manner at a location that enhances the calmness of the mind, body, and soul. Call us today on (310)-601-7805 to know more about our unique treatment methods and how they provide natural healing.

Luxury Drug Rehabs
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