Luxury Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center

People struggling with drug or alcohol addiction are not lacking options for treatment to choose from. One could choose an outpatient treatment at the local drug center down the street, whereas another may go to a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center abroad.

No matter the budget you have, the severity of your addiction and your needs should count the most when selecting a treatment center for your dependency. Please pay attention to the details, and always choose with one thing in mind: your goal is to live a life without drugs and alcohol in it.

What should you expect at a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center?

When we speak of luxury treatment facilities, many of us only think about luxury linens and private rooms. However, at reputed treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction, several aspects give value:

Accommodation, amenities, and location

It’s probably the first thing that most will notice. You won’t find a luxury treatment center downtown, but only somewhere close to the beaches or on top of the mountains.

The Holistic Sanctuary, for example, is found in the most beautiful location so that patients get to enjoy walks and views as part of their treatment. Every patient has his private room with private bathrooms, high-quality mattresses and organic linens, and access to a spa and gym.

Everything is high-quality at a luxury center for addiction treatment, and no detail is skipped. When the patient feels pampered and has a vacation feel like, he/she is more receptive to treatment and obtains better results.

Variety of therapies, innovative protocols, and customized treatment

At a luxury center for addiction-like Holistic Sanctuary, the professionals come from various areas of expertise who will analyze the patient’s medical history, previous treatments to get the most accurate image of their addiction. Life coaches, psychologists, yogi, nutritionists, and many more will create a customized treatment plan for every patient, paying attention to their values, specifics, personality, and hobbies.

At Holistic Sanctuary, innovative protocols and therapies are used for the treatment of addiction. HBOT and ozone therapy, stem cell therapy, daily amino-acid NAD IV drips are some of the innovative therapies used at his luxury drug and alcohol treatment center. Innovative protocol with ancient plant-based medicine and natural methods are also proprietary to Holistic Sanctuary.


At a luxury center for addiction treatment, detox is also provided. Unlike other luxury centers, Holistic Sanctuary provides a natural detox with only natural methods and no medications. Conventional detox is medicated, leading to less durable results, even posing a risk for other addictions. Plus, it's uncomfortable, and the main reason why patients avoid treatment.

Green coffee enemas, liver detox, parasite/candida cleanse, Myer’s cocktail, amino acid IV drips, Mitochondria repair protocol, and GABA repair are some of the natural methods for eliminating drug and alcohol chemical residue from one's system. They also help repair the brain and body. Patients with doctor’s approval benefit from ancient plant medicine, and the natural detox at Holistic Sanctuary is gentle on one’s body, leading to long-lasting results.

Healthy dieting

It’s common for luxury centers for drug and alcohol addiction to providing gourmet meals. Unlike most luxury facilities, Holistic Sanctuary provides raw, plant-based, vegan, non-GMO, and organic food to their patients. Moreover, nutritionists teach patients about the importance of healthy dieting for a life without drugs and alcohol.

Why wait?

You now have the chance to get customized treatment for your drug/alcohol addiction while enjoying high-end accommodation, amenities, healthy dieting, and 24/7 supervision in the most beautiful location. Our professionals at Holistic Sanctuary need you to give us a call.

luxury drug and alcohol treatment center

Luxury Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center

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Luxury Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center Luxury Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center Luxury Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center
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