Inpatient Programs For Depression

Depression is a sneaky condition as it wears you out without you even noticing, changing your life completely. People struggling with depression for years benefit the most from inpatient programs for depression, but many of them choose to not get treatment at all.

Depression doesn’t go away by watching a happy movie or listening to some cheerful music. More importantly, depression takes many forms, and it’s different from one patient to the next. Customized treatment, comprehensive approach to the condition will be necessary to obtain the right results. For many of these patients, only residential treatment will be useful, so keep reading for the details.

When are inpatient programs for depression necessary?

The longer you wait to get treatment for depression, the higher the risk for you to aggravate the symptoms. When you have been struggling with depression for years, your physical health, emotional and psychological state, relationships, and career will be deeply affected. The risk of suicide is higher, and so is the chance of developing drug or alcohol addiction. Depression isn’t a momentary mood, and it can make one lose interest in life unless proper treatment is designed.

Even if depression will take various forms and differ significantly among patients, some symptoms and signs are relatively common:

  • Thoughts/feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Low mood or sadness that doesn’t go away
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Difficulties in concentrating and making decisions
  • Changes in appetite and weight in both direction (gain/lose weight)
  • Struggling to go through life and difficulties in maintaining relationships.
  • Compulsive behaviors and substance abuse
  • Thoughts of death and suicide

As you can see, the symptoms are severe, so treatment will have to involve a lot more than a couple of therapy sessions and some pills.

With inpatient treatment, all symptoms will be addressed, especially if an alternative inpatient program is followed. At Holistic Sanctuary, for example, the treatment of depression will address all problems of the mind, brain, and body. It’s obvious for everyone that they are all connected and that depression impacts all aspects of one’s life.

What are the benefits of inpatient treatment for depression?

As depression profoundly affects one's life, the path to real recovery can be long and difficult. The sooner you enroll in an inpatient treatment plan, the better the chance for you to go back to a life without depression in it. Inpatient treatment brings several benefits, so here are the most important to name:

Comprehensive treatment

With inpatient treatment, you will benefit from various methods of treatment for all symptoms of your depression. If you choose a non-traditional residential program at The Holistic Sanctuary, your treatment will include both natural and evidence-based therapies.

At Holistic Sanctuary, the team is comprised of professionals from all areas of expertise, and they will analyze your case thoroughly for making an accurate image of your depression. Psychologists, psychiatrists, yogi, life coaches, and doctors will develop a customized treatment for you, considering your medical history, values, personality, and hobbies.

HBOT and ozone therapy, stem cell therapy, NAD IV drips and kundalini yoga, individual therapy sessions, and dietary changes are some of the many methods used for treatment at Holistic Sanctuary.


It’s quite common for depression to come along with drug or alcohol addiction. Unless both the depression and the co-occurring conditions are addressed, the chance for real recovery is minimal. At Holistic Sanctuary, the team of professionals runs dual-diagnosis to create the most effective treatment plan for you.

Intensive care

More often than not, the triggers of one’s depression are at home or work, so it's difficult to get treated when you go back daily to your triggers. Inpatient programs for depression will keep you away from daily triggers and allow you to focus exclusively on your treatment.

There are no job tasks to address at a residential center like Holistic Sanctuary, no family crisis to manage, no partners or children to take care of. Moreover, the low ratio of patient-staff means that there’s someone carefully watching over you. You are well taken care of 24/7, so this level of caring gives you the energy you need for sticking to the program. We only develop individual sessions so that you may focus exclusively on your treatment.

What should you do now?

Depression is an ugly condition that can fool you that you’re handling everything just fine when, in fact, your entire life has changed. Don’t wait any longer and contact Holistic Sanctuary to see what inpatient treatment program we will create for you, with you.

inpatient programs for depression

Inpatient Programs For Depression

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Inpatient Programs For Depression Inpatient Programs For Depression Inpatient Programs For Depression
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