Holistic Remedies For Depression

The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights that depression is present worldwide, with more than 20 million people dealing with it every year. Various medications are available for depression, but people have started to look for holistic remedies for depression for some time now.

Untreated depression may cause suicide, and the WHO estimates that 850,000 people worldwide end up in suicide because of depression. Depression is the primary cause of disability, and it’s also because many patients don’t get treatment for it.

What are holistic remedies for depression most common?

Some people have struggled with depression for years and followed traditional treatment with medication. The high rate of relapse and low durability of the results determined the patients to search for alternative therapies.

Patients with mild but also severe depression discovered the impressive benefits of holistic remedies. Therapeutic massages, dietary changes, yoga, physical exercise, St.John’s wort are some of the natural options for addressing depression.

Holistic therapies for depression aren’t that new, with Chinese medicine and ancient plant remedies comforting depressed patients for centuries now. But it’s only recently that more and more centers gathered an impressive diversity of natural remedies for a holistic approach to depression.

It sugary foods and snacks are well-known for their ability to aggravate depression systems; some natural remedies are less popular. Useful information on such methods and products will help the patients make the appropriate decision, should they take the first step to their recovery.

Ancient plant-based medicine

Ancient plant-based medicine utilizes natural substances for cleansing one’s body of toxins to get healthy once again. With a holistic approach to depression, all levels are connected (body, mind, and soul), so the sooner one is better, the others will improve.

When the patient is physically healthier, he/she will be able to tackle the mental and spiritual challenges to overcome depression more efficiently.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, the holistic remedies for depression will include daily five-hour intravenous high-dose amino acid brain repair NAD IV drips for healing at the cellular level of one’s body. Colonic green coffee enemas will eliminate toxins and medical residues from one’s body, and healthy dieting will give the body the nutrients it needs for healing.

No junk food, sugary snacks are allowed at the Holistic Sanctuary. Patients are guided to switch to plant-based, raw, and non-GMO dieting, which is the best for brain repair and body healthy.

Non-invasive methods

The non-invasive therapies utilized for offering one’s spiritual and mental recovery are just as valuable as the physical methods. At the Holistic Sanctuary, only one-on-one sessions occur so that every patient uses all his limited emotional and mental resources for his treatment.

Along with the individual sessions, the Holistic Sanctuary patients will benefit from HBOT and ozone therapy, stem cell therapy, acupuncture, proprietary chakra rebalancing, therapeutic massages, and carbon sauna. Dead sea salt baths, flotation tank therapy, yoga, meditation, and access to the gym are also provided to patients with depression.

Not only that these therapies are natural, but they relax the body and mind, contributing to proper recovery without posing a risk for side-effects.

What next?

If it’s the first time you’re dealing with depression, the holistic therapies provided at Holistic Sanctuary will help you get back on track sooner than expected. If you’ve been struggling with depression for years and lost faith in traditional treatment, it’s time to take a leap of faith with holistic therapies so that your body, mind, and spirit are freed from depression for the rest of your life.

holistic remedies for depression

Holistic Remedies For Depression

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Holistic Remedies For Depression Holistic Remedies For Depression Holistic Remedies For Depression
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