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People end up in addiction for various reasons and turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with trauma, pain, or to numb the symptoms of their mental health conditions.

The first step to take for treatment is also the most difficult. A person with an addiction has to look at the various treatment possibilities. First of all, one has to choose between conventional medicine on one hand, and alternative/holistic medicine on the other, following which, one will also have to pick a specific treatment center.

Let’s consider a holistic rehabilitation center: what should you expect there?

Many patients find the idea of holistic treatment rather appealing, without knowing for sure what to expect at such centers. Patients need to do due diligence about what holistic rehab truly means, so keep reading for the details.

Comprehensive examination for customized treatment

One of the main differences between traditional and holistic treatment for addiction is the customized treatment provided with the latter. To offer the best-personalized treatment plan, a team of professionals analyzes every patient.

At Holistic Sanctuary, the team is comprised of psychologists, psychiatrists, yogi, nutritionists, doctors, life coaches, and many more to make the most accurate image of one’s addiction/mental health condition. They look into one’s medical history, previous treatments and create a customized treatment plan with significant consideration to the patient’s values, interests, hobbies, personality, and particularities.


Even if most parts of the holistic rehabilitation center methods like the Holistic Sanctuary are natural, evidence-based strategies are also comprised within the treatment.

As addiction to drugs and alcohol often comes with depression, anxiety, and various mood disorders, the professionals' team runs dual-diagnosis for every patient. Unless both the addiction and the mental health condition are addressed simultaneously, the patient's proper recovery is compromised. 

Natural therapies and innovative protocols

At a genuine holistic rehab facility, no medication is used for treatment. For example, the Holistic Sanctuary team will use only natural therapies for every patient.

HBOT and ozone therapy, stem cell therapy, NAD IV drips, coffee enemas, parasite/candida cleanse are numerous methods that will benefit the body and the mind. Innovative protocols are followed so that problems of the body, mind, and soul are treated.

Nutritional counseling

At holistic rehab facilities like the Holistic Sanctuary, nutritionists teach and help the patients turn to vegan, raw, plant-based, organic, and non-GMO dieting. It’s the healthiest food for the brain and body, sustaining full recovery.

Why is holistic rehab different from conventional rehab?

Unlike traditional rehab, holistic rehabs will teach the patients how to take care of the health of their body, mind, and soul. The therapies used at a holistic rehabilitation facility focus on these areas' exceptional values to help one-stop using and abusing forever.

Holistic programs are alternative as they don’t follow the typical model focusing on non-customized 12-step programs, with medication and group therapy sessions. At Holistic Sanctuary, for example, there are only individual sessions, and the main focus is only on the patient’s recovery.

Why go to a holistic rehab facility?

There are so many reasons for you to choose a holistic rehab like the Holistic Sanctuary. People who have been struggling with substance abuse for years know that traditional rehab programs' benefits are limited, and results don't last for a long time. At a holistic rehabilitation facility like the Holistic Sanctuary, you will follow the program designed especially for you, without any medication; only natural and innovative methods are used for treatment. The purpose is to provide you real recovery for the rest of your life.

holistic rehabilitation center

Holistic Rehabilitation Center

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