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Alternative drug and alcohol treatments have been revealing their efficacy for some time now, as they decrease the risk of relapse and give long-lasting results. At a holistic recovery center, the treatment plan will address the whole of you.

With holistic treatment, expect to benefit from an impressive variety of methods for treating you at the mental, physical, and spiritual level, and to have customized treatment.

What does treatment entail at a holistic recovery center?

At some holistic facilities, the treatment is incredibly comprehensive, as your whole person (body, mind, and soul) is approached from various angles. Here’s what treatment is supposed to look like at a holistic facility:

Customized treatment

At a reliable holistic recovery facility, you should expect personalized treatment every time. For example, at the Holistic Sanctuary, a team of professionals from various areas of expertise (psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, nutritionists, yogi, or counselors) will examine your situation, medical history, etc., previous treatment to make the most accurate image of your condition. Afterward, they will develop a customized treatment plan, with deep consideration of your personality, particularities, values, hobbies, and interests.

Various methods and innovative protocols

A dependable holistic facility like the Holistic Sanctuary will also provide an impressive variety of therapies, including only the methods that work with your case and particularities. Both evidence-based and natural strategies are used at the Holistic Sanctuary to address your mental, spiritual, and physical health.

There are numerous holistic recovery facilities, but only some of them will use the most innovative and holistic therapies for you. At the Holistic Sanctuary, methods such as HBOT and ozone therapy, stem cell therapy, daily NAD IV drips, or flotation therapy are included in the customized treatment.

Mind-body therapies (acupuncture, therapeutic massages, kundalini yoga, proprietary chakra rebalancing) also comprise the treatment.

Natural detox phase

At prestigious holistic establishments like the Holistic Sanctuary, you should expect to benefit from natural methods for the detox phase. Some holistic establishments would turn to medication for cleansing the body of the drugs, medicine, or chemical residue. It’s not the case for Holistic Sanctuary, where only natural methods are used for the detox phase. Liver detox, coffee enemas, and mitochondria repair protocol are used to clean the body from chemicals, toxins, and medication residues. Patients who get approval from doctors will also benefit from innovative protocols with ancient plant-based medicine.

All in all, the detox phase at a holistic recovery center like Holistic Sanctuary will give long lasting results, pose no risk for other addiction, and is incredibly gentle on one’s body.

Healthy dieting

Some centers choose to offer gourmet meals, but a reliable holistic facility like the Holistic Sanctuary will provide raw, plant-based, vegan, non-GMO, and organic food for the patients.

Moreover, nutritionists will teach the patients about the importance of healthy dieting for a full recovery.

How does holistic treatment differ from conventional treatment?

At a holistic recovery facility, the treatment is always customized, and only non-medical methods are used for one’s recovery.

At Holistic Sanctuary, the treatment aims to align the body, mind, and soul for proper recovery. At a traditional center, the therapies will address only the physical symptoms and pay no attention to one’s well-being. Going to the deep roots of health condition and handling the whole person, the patient has a genuine chance for lifetime recovery.

Why choose us?

Customized treatment, innovative protocols, and natural methods are the main qualities of the Holistic Sanctuary. The team members' dedication and the determination to address the mind, body, and soul in natural ways are reasons for selecting the Holistic Sanctuary on any given day.

holistic recovery center

Holistic Recovery Center

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