Holistic Approach To Depression

A mounting volume of evidence shows that antidepressants offer limited relief for people with depression, and patients have started to look for alternative treatments in the past years. As antidepressant drug therapy doesn't provide complete or even long-lasting recovery, patients and some professionals looked for more effective and more natural methods for depression treatment.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, the holistic approach to depression proved to offer more durable results; mind, body, and spirit are affected by depression, making more evident the fact that treatment should benefit all the aspects of a patient’s life.

Holistic approach to depression - why does it work?

To this day, science has not entirely explained the causes of depression and why people react differently to antidepressants. With holistic medicine, the disease (no matter if it's a depression or not) signifies imbalances of one’s mind, body, or soul. As they are all connected, it makes perfect sense that treatment should benefit the mind, body, and soul.

Moreover, with a holistic view of depression, treatment is customized and adjusted to every patient’s particularities, personality, values, and interests. One of the modern medicine downsides is the inability to personalize treatment. We are all different, so the same method/medicine cannot give all patients the same results.

It’s undeniable that the deep connection between our mind, body, and soul exists. With holistic medicine, many methods are used for addressing the body, mind, and soul. It’s why the patients will feel fully recovered after completing the holistic treatment.

Why our approach stands out?

Our holistic approach to depression at the Holistic Sanctuary relies on non-invasive therapies and ancient plant-based medicine, and every patient will benefit from a customized treatment plan.

Treatment for body

Daily colonic green coffee enemas will cleanse the toxins out of the body, and daily intravenous amino-acid brain repair nad iv therapy will sustain the body's recovery at the cellular level. Stem cell therapy and ozone therapy are also on the list of treatments we use at the Holistic Sanctuary.

Unlike other centers that provide gourmet meals, we help our patients switch to an organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, plant-based, soy, and gluten free dieting. It has been repeatedly revealed that some foods will aggravate depression symptoms (sugary foods, for example), so we try to provide only the best nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for the patients.

Physical exercise is never skipped, so patients have access to a gym, spa, tennis, and swimming pool. As people with depression often develop sleep disorders, the holistic approach of depression also refers to providing the best accommodation and therapies for sleep improvement. From the soft mattresses to private rooms and private bathrooms, and innovative methods like HBOT therapy (that is good for the body and mind), floatation tank, we make no compromises for improving a patient’s physical health.

Treatment for mind

At the Holistic Sanctuary, we only develop one-on-one sessions with our patients. We consider that the patient needs all the emotional resources for his/her recovery and cannot waste it with other people’s treatment. The family dynamic isn’t always positive for the patient, whereas not every patient benefits from group therapy.

With individual sessions, the patient feels the complete devotion, compassion, and dedication of the professional, which increases the chance for success.

Treatment for spirit

We only use non-invasive therapies to help the patient examine the spirit beliefs as a step for spiritual recovery. Yoga, proprietary chakra rebalancing, therapy massage, and ancient plant medicine will contribute to one’s spiritual recovery, sustaining holistic treatment success.

One last thought

People with depression should no longer wait for the antidepressants to work; most of the time, they will not give lifetime results. It’s time to take the holistic path of treatment, as you want to have a life free of depression forever.

holistic approach to depression

Holistic Approach To Depression

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Holistic Approach To Depression Holistic Approach To Depression Holistic Approach To Depression
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