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Treatment Centers In California

Browse and compare our treatment options at The Holistic Sanctuary with other treatment centers in California to see why so many of our patients consider us the best rehab in the state. We can offer you access to sacred plant medicines and proven-effective programs that will improve your quality of life.

Treatment Centers

Forget about 30-day treatment centers- The Holistic Sanctuary has them all beat with a safe and effective alternative program that is guaranteed to lead to lifelong freedom from addiction. If you need help beating an addiction to drugs or alcohol, contact our staff today to inquire about The Pouyan Method.

Luxury Treatment Centers

How many luxury treatment centers have you spoken to without finding answers to your questions? If you need a ray of hope, reach out to our staff from The Holistic Sanctuary to inquire about our world-class treatment that resets the brain and saves lives. We offer a drug-free treatment that can help you reclaim your life.

Luxury Retreats

Beware of luxury retreats offering ayahuasca or ibogaine experiences- not all of them are regulated or certified. The Holistic Sanctuary is the world's first and only licensed holistic treatment center offering patients a genuine plant medicine experience. Reach out to us with your questions about treatment at THS.

Luxury Retreat Centers

It's no wonder why luxury retreat centers are more popular than traditional rehabs; comfort is considered one of the most important qualities when searching for a treatment center. For comfort amenities, perks, and quality treatment, consider The Holistic Sanctuary when you want a positive experience during rehab.

Luxury Drug Treatment Centers

Your search for a luxury drug treatment center has brought you to The Holistic Sanctuary, one of the best places to recover from addiction in the world. If you're looking for out-of-the-box options after traditional treatment has failed, consider speaking with our staff about creating a customized treatment program to meet your needs.

Luxury Drug Rehabs

Why are luxury drug rehabs so popular in California? Upscale perks can make going through rehab much more enjoyable. Consider our 5-star accommodations and numerous amenities at the Holistic Sanctuary and see why our treatment center is rated among top rehabs around the world. Our Pouyan Method is safe and effective.

Luxury Drug Rehab Centers

Perform a side-by-side list comparison of treatment programs at The Holistic Sanctuary with other luxury drug rehab centers in California to see why we're rated one of the best in the world. Aside from our 5-star luxury accommodations, we have more programs and treatment options to offer patients who come to us for healing.

Luxury Rehab

Compare amenities at The Holistic Sanctuary with other luxury rehabs around the world to see why our beachside resort in Mexico is the best choice for treating addiction. We use a number of natural therapies and treatments to address the underlying cause of addiction and begin the healing process for long-term results.

Holistic Treatment Facilities

Holistic treatment facilities vary widely in the way they approach healing. The Holistic Sanctuary is the patent holder of the Pouyan Method, a program that resets the brain and leads to lifelong recovery from addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and eating disorder. If you need a ray of hope, call our helpline today.

Holistic Treatment Centers

Rated one of the top holistic treatment centers in the world, The Holistic Sanctuary provides a safe place to detox and recover from drug addiction. When conventional treatment is not enough, we offer a better approach to wellness using the Pouyan Method, a program that is considered breakthrough treatment for many.

Holistic Rehabs

Most holistic rehabs rely on a traditional 30-day residential program with a few activities included. For an authentic holistic experience, consider The Pouyan Method of recovery at The Holistic Sanctuary. We combine activities, vitamin IV drips, conventional therapy, and sacred plant treatment to help patients find their own path to wellness.

Holistic Rehab

True holistic rehabs fill a gap left by conventional treatment centers. When 30-day programs fail to deliver lasting results, The Holistic Sanctuary can offer you more. Our list of safe, natural treatment options includes massage therapy, meditation, yoga, sacred medicine plants, vitamin drips, and HBOT, while you're surrounded by beautiful, panoramic views.

Holistic Drug Rehabs

The Holistic Sanctuary stands head and shoulders above other holistic drug rehabs in California in terms of providing a safe and effective treatment that addresses mental dysfunction and treats addiction at the core. Using prescription drugs to treat a drug addiction doesn't make sense to us- we prefer a holistic path to wellness.

Holistic Alcohol Rehabs

Most holistic alcohol rehabs in California are still using conventional treatments that all-too-often lead to relapse. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we use a proven combination of therapies that include sacred plant medicines to get to the heart of addiction and lead to long-term life transformation. Learn about our Pouyan Method on our site.

Holistic Alcohol And Drug Rehab

Choosing a holistic alcohol and drug rehab is a smart choice, and what better treatment center than the only facility in the world using sacred plant medicines to speed healing and keep you on the right path to long-term recovery? The Holistic Sanctuary combines natural therapies and ancient medicines to achieve real results.

Private Drug Rehabs

The Holistic Sanctuary leads the industry's private drug rehabs in terms of our effectiveness in treating addiction. Sometimes a conventional program is not the right approach to wellness; when you're seeking an alternative program, check out our website to find out about The Pouyan Method, one of the safest ways to beat addiction.

Heroin Rehab

You're searching for a herion rehab that can offer more than the typical 30-day residential treatment program. Check out The Holistic Sanctuary when searching for an alternative program that will give you back your life or help someone you care about leave heroin addiction behind them forever. Call our team for more information.

Holistic Depression Treatment

When traditional medications for depression fail to deliver good results, The Holistic Sanctuary can offer holistic depression treatment that works. Our treatment protocol is safer and more effective than prescriptions- and our patients tell us they see reliable results from our programs and treatment options.

Luxury Rehabs In California

Too many luxury rehab centers in California are all luxury and no substance. If you're interested in recovering from addiction in luxurious, upscale surroundings, contact The Holistic Sanctuary to find out why our programs are the best in the world. Daily massage, yoga, and meditation are just a few of the perks you'll enjoy at our clinic.

Depression Treatment Centers California

Not all drug and alcohol rehabs are also depression treatment centers in California. If you need help to beat depression, prescription medications may not be the best way to go- The Holistic Sanctuary can offer you a traditional sacred plant medicine experience that will change your life and set your feet on the path to recovery.

Best Alcohol Rehab In California

What if the best alcohol rehab in the world were in Mexico? Wouldn't it be worth your time and effort to travel to The Holistic Sanctuary for long-term recovery from addiction? US-based rehabs traditionally offer a 30-day program that sometimes ends with relapse. Our proven modalities will transform your life forever.

Alcohol Rehabs California

Compare treatment at the Holistic Sanctuary with other alcohol rehabs in California before you choose a treatment center. We know you don't have time to waste on a program that doesn't lead to lifetime recovery, which is why we use the most effective program in the world to reset the brain and refocus your life.

Luxury Rehab Facilities

The Holistic Sanctuary is listed among top luxury rehab facilities for our effective treatments and therapies in dealing with addiction. If you're searching for the best recovery program in California, consider making a phone call to Johnny the Healer, our facility's founder and operator, for information about our programs.

Luxury Rehab Centers

Sometimes effective treatment for addiction requires patients to leave their comfort zone and go where effective treatment is offered. If you're researching luxury rehab centers, consider checking into the benefits at The Holistic Sanctuary. Our 5-star rated accommodations are situated in beautiful Tulum Beach.

Luxury Drug Rehab

Contact a luxury drug rehab for a positive experience when you need treatment for a drug addiction. Our upscale facility at The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the best retreats in the world, offering multiple programs and treatment options when you need to beat an addiction. Explore more of our resources online.

Luxury Addiction Treatment

Luxury addiction treatment can still be affordable- The Holistic Sanctuary is positive proof that a rehab can deliver great results without charging a fortune on recovery services. See our multi-tier prices on treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary and call our staff if you need help selecting the right package.

Best Luxury Rehab Centers

The Holistic Sanctuary has often been referred to as one of the best luxury rehab centers in the world. The programs we offer are superior in quality to others you'll find in upscale rehabs because we are not just focused on perks and amenities- we're dialed into the health and recovery needs of our patients.

Best Luxury Rehabs

Some of the best luxury rehabs around the world are still using out-dated treatments and programs that fail to meet the needs of many of their patients. If you can't afford to waste time on another ineffective program, contact the Holistic Sanctuary to learn about our program. We hold the patent for the Pouyan method, the most effective addiction recovery treatment on earth.

Luxury Rehabs

Most luxury rehabs have the majority of their focus on amenities and very little attention paid to treatment. If you're seeking an effective combination of both high-end perks and treatment that delivers successful results, consider speaking with our staff at The Holistic Sanctuary to learn about our approach to wellness.

Addiction Treatment Centers

What makes The Holistic Sanctuary one of the best addiction treatment centers in the world? We offer a whole new approach to lasting recovery using sacred plant medicines and ceremonies to find the path to wellness. Learn more about our luxury treatment facility when you browse our free online resources.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Find out how ayahuasca ceremonies lead to lifelong recovery from addiction when you visit The Holistic Sanctuary online. You'll find a wealth of information as well as a short 4-minute video explaining the benefits of using sacred plant medicines to treat addiction, PTSD, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Heroin Rehab Centers

Why do most heroin rehab centers use drugs to help patients recover from drug addiction? Treatment experts conclude there's a better way to treat drug and alcohol addiction- our staff at the Holistic Sanctuary happens to agree. We treat heroin addiction using sacred plants, vitamin drips, holistic therapy, and HBOT therapy.

Best Treatment Centers For Depression

THS is rated one of the best treatment centers for depression because we treat the person, not the condition. If you're dealing with depression and feel that there is no way out, call our helpline at The Holistic Sanctuary. We can answer your questions about treatment and help you select the best program from among many available options.

Anxiety Treatment Centers

Most anxiety treatment centers prescribe drugs to treat anxiety- if that's not the approach you're looking for, contact The Holistic Sanctuary. We use a safe and effective treatment called The Pouyan Method that combines powerful sacred plant treatment with holistic programs to keep you on the right path.

Best Drug Rehab Centers

Our staff at The Holistic Sanctuary believes that the best drug rehab centers are those that have more to offer their patients than just a 30-day program. If you've been-there-done-that without seeing positive results, we'd like you to take a closer look at The Pouyan Method, the safest, most effective way to treat drug addiction.

High End Rehab

As you search online for high end rehab, consider the Holistic Sanctuary where safe, effective treatment for addiction is offered in an upscale atmosphere. Our Tulum Beach, Mexico treatment center focuses on healing patients from the inside out, using safe, alternative plant medicines and a wide range of natural therapies.

Rehabs California

The Holistic Sanctuary has earned a place alongside top rehabs in California for its commitment to providing quality treatment to our clients battling addiction. If you're in search of a non-traditional treatment or program for drug or alcohol addiction recovery, check out our luxury rehab online or inquire by phone.

Drug Rehab Centers

Compare recovery programs at The Holistic Sanctuary with other drug rehab centers to get a sense of why we are known worldwide as one of the best rehabs for treating addiction. If you're seeking alternative therapy, we can offer you a memorable Ibogaine or Ayahuasca experience through sacred plant treatment.

Best Rehabs

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we operate under the belief that the best rehabs offer a customized approach to healing. If you or someone you care about has tried rehab in the past, have not experienced success, and has lost hope, we invite you to take a closer look at our treatment program: The Pouyan Method.

Drug Treatment Centers

Many drug treatment centers offer luxury amenities but lack an effective program to beat addiction. The Holistic Sanctuary provides both exclusive, upscale amenities as well as a powerful program that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Discover why the Pouyan Method is so effective; browse our website to learn more.

Treatment For Addiction

There's a treatment for addiction that comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you'll never have to go through rehab again. The Holistic Sanctuary's 12 week Platinum Package Program is one of the best customized approaches to healing in the world, resetting the brain and healing the body, mind, and soul.

Best Ptsd Treatment Centers

Why is The Holistic Sanctuary listed as one of the best PTSD treatment centers? Conventional treatments are not always the best approach to healing trauma- we use plant medicines, vitamin drips, and alternative treatments, like HBOT Therapy, to get to the heart of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, for lifelong recovery.

Stem Cell Treatment

the Holistic Sanctuary uses stem cell treatment to repair damage to the brain due to drug abuse. If you've tried detox or residential treatment without success, contact someone from our luxury treatment center to discuss stem cell treatment for addiction- you'll also find information located on our website.

Treatment For Alcoholism

The Holistic Sanctuary is pleased to offer treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, PTSD, and depression. We take a slightly different approach to treatment, relying on the tried and trusted Pouyan Method to help patients in our facility reclaim their lives. Luxury treatment has never been so accessible- call us to learn more.

Drug Rehabs California

Most of the drug rehabs in California offer a 30-day program for treating addiction. If you've tried traditional treatment and want a program that can offer better results, visit The Holistic Sanctuary online. Read about The Pouyan Method for treating addiction, a safe and effective way to reset the brain.

Holistic Rehabs California

Only a handful of Holistic rehabs in California offer customized treatment for addiction. If you can't face another 30 days in a rehab, consider checking into The Holistic Sanctuary's Pouyan Method that combines holistic treatment, sacred plants, an organic diet, and vitamin drips to deliver lifelong freedom from addiction.

Inpatient Anxiety Treatment

Reach out to our admissions team from The Holistic Sanctuary to inquire about inpatient anxiety treatment using tried & trusted sacred plant medicines, including ibogaine and ayahuasca. There's no better wellness retreat anywhere when you need an emotional reset after experiencing trauma or when dealing with stressful events.

Ptsd Treatment Center

The Holistic Sanctuary is more than a reputable addiction treatment center, it's also a trustworthy PTSD treatment center offering hope for patients dealing with trauma memories. Many rehabs claim that their recovery services can help PTSD patients, as well, but that's not always the case. Our program is proven effective with PTSD patients.

Stem Cell Mexico

Learn about the benefits of treatment using stem cell in Mexico when you visit THS online. Stem cell therapy is a new and truly customized healing approach to treating addiction, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and PTSD- the good news is that stem cell therapy is a breakthrough treatment that has great results.

Rehab Centers

Why is The Holistic Sanctuary thought of as one of the leading rehab centers in the world? As patent holders of The Pouyan Method, a treatment that combines plant medicines and holistic recovery, we've seen incredible success with patients battling addiction, PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues.

Treatment For Ptsd

You're searching for a safe and effective treatment for PTSD that doesn't include drugs; welcome to The Holistic Sanctuary. Our treatment programs rely on sacred plants, an organic diet, and a revolutionary treatment that resets the brain and leads to lifelong recovery. We save lives at The Holistic Sanctuary.

Stem Cell Clinics

The Holistic Sanctuary is more than just an addiction recovery center- we're also one of the most reputable stem cell clinics in the US. We offer a customized healing approach that includes stem cell treatment, NAD vitamin drips, and sacred ibogaine and ayahuasca plant treatments that reset the brain.

Addiction Rehabs

With so many new addiction rehabs opening up around the country, it can be confusing selecting the right one for your recovery. The Holistic Sanctuary still offers the most effective treatment available in the world, called The Pouyan Method, a safe and effective combination of sacred plant therapy and addiction treatment.

Inpatient Depression Treatment Center

Outpatient programs can't always provide the most effective treatment- contact The Holistic Sanctuary when seeking an inpatient depression treatment center that can help you overcome emotional and mental issues. We use sacred plant therapy, NAD IV drips, and conventional treatments for the best outcome.

Rehab Center For Depression

You're looking for a real cure for addiction- not another drug to detox from drugs. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we champion the Pouyan Method, known as one of the safest and most effective ways to beat an addiction to drugs. You'll find a wealth of information on our website when you click the 'Treatment' link.

Treatment For Anxiety

Why consider the Pouyan Method as a treatment for anxiety? Traditional 30-day programs are often not the right approach when dealing with anxiety or depression. Find out how a visit to The Holistic Sanctuary's Ayahuasca retreat can help you get back on the right track when anxiety and stress are a factor.

Treatment For Trauma

Did you know there's a treatment for trauma that doesn't include prescription medications? It's called Ayahuasca therapy, a sacred plant medicine that has helped countless people with trauma recovery. Contact The Holistic Sanctuary to inquire about our treatments, holistic therapies, and residential programs.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Most drug rehabilitation centeers in California rely on the 12-step program or a 30-day treatment to address addiction. If those methods have failed to work for you in the past, reach out to The Holistic Sanctuary to learn about The Pouyan Method and how it has helped countless patients find the path to recovery.

Treatment For Depression

When prescription drugs are no longer enough to combat depression, contact The Holistic Sanctuary to learn about a safer, more effective treatment for depression. Visit our reputable Ayahuasca retreat to experience a memorable sacred plant medicine ceremony that will change your focus and clear your mind.

Stem Cell Cost

Find out about stem cell cost and medical conditions that are safely treated using stem cell therapy when you contact someone from The Holistic Sanctuary. You'll also find a wealth of free resources as you browse our website, particularly under the 'stem cell' heading. Safe, alternative treatments lead to recovery breakthroughs for our patients.

Best Alcohol Rehabs

Recovery experts call The Holistic Sanctuary one of the best alcohol rehabs in the world. What sets us apart as a leader in the sector is our commitment to fully meeting the needs of every client. We treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, and addiction, using sacred plant treatments and trusted programs in luxury surroundings.

Executive Rehab

Did you know there's an executive rehab in California that offers high-end treatment for addiction, PTSD, and depression? The Holistic Sanctuary is considered best-in-class for luxury treatment that relies on both traditional and alternative treatments. Thirty-day rehabs aren't always the best choice- call our treatment center to learn why.

Depression Rehabilitation Center

There's a depression rehabilitation center in California that can offer you a ray of hope, even when all other treatments have failed. Don't give up on treatment, the Pouyan Method resets the brail and saves lives. Our program is the only one in the world that comes with a lifetime guarantee that you won't relapse.

Addiction Treatment

The Pouyan Method is the most effective treatment available today. If you've been in and out of rehab and have lost hope that anything will work for you, The Holistic Sanctuary has the best program for addiction recovery. Watch our website's brief program video explaining the benefits of The Pouyan Method.

Depression Treatment Center

Is there a way to reset the brain after experiencing a traumatic event or spending years battling depression? There's a depression treatment center in California that has proven the answer to both questions is 'yes'. Contact The Holistic Sanctuary to find out more about The Pouyan Method to treat depression.

Best Drug Rehabs

The Holistic Sanctuary has been called by many one of the best drug rehabs in the world. Instead of relying on the same treatment every other rehab uses, we are patent holders of the world's most effective customized healing approach. Learn about The Pouyan Method when you browse our website's free resources.

Rehabilitation Centers

Compare our history of success at The Holistic Sanctuary with other rehabilitation centers around the world and you'll see why we are rated one of the best rehabs for treating addiction, eating disorders, PTSD, and depression. We offer a lifetime guarantee with our 12 week Platinum Package Program.

Stem Cell Therapy

Why does the Holistic Sanctuary integrate stem cell therapy into our recovery program? In our quest to offer patients the most customized healing approach in the world, we've created the safest and most effective program for healing PTSD, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and addiction. Visit THS online for details.

Treatment For Eating Disorder

Is there a reliable treatment for eating disorder patients? The Holistic Sanctuary uses safe, effective plant medicine treatment to help patients with an eating disorder get their lives back. No matter how long you've been battling an eating disorder, help is available when you call our team from The Holistic Sanctuary.

Drug And Alcohol Rehabs California

Other drug and alcohol rehabs are ok with a certain percent of patients relapsing after treatment, believing there's nothing they can do to change their success rates. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we use the most powerful treatment methods available to help every patient achieve lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Rehab Center In California

Choosing the right rehab center in California may be the most important decision you make in your recovery. Take your time, compare programs and treatment options, and call The Holistic Sanctuary when you want a closer look at what we have to offer you. Transparent pricing is available for viewing on our site.

Luxury Treatment Centers California

Almost all luxury treatment centers treat addiction to drugs by replacing one addiction with another. If you're not interested in spending months or years getting off of drugs, contact The Holistic Sanctuary to learn about our safe, natural, and highly effective detox and treatment options that speed healing and prevent relapse.

Luxury Rehab California

How much money did you spend on the last luxury rehab in California you checked into? If you wasted money on ineffective treatment, you may think there is no hope for recovery. The Holistic Sanctuary is your safe house in Mexico where you'll find your path to recovery through proven effective, all-natural treatments and therapies.

Luxury Drug Rehab California

Call the only luxury drug rehab in California using the powerful Pouyan Method for treating addiction and see why our upscale facility is the best choice for you or your loved one. The Pouyan Method combined multiple natural treatments and therapies to address the underlying cause of addiction and speed healing and recovery.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab California

You deserve more from a luxury alcohol rehab in California than just a comfortable place to stay while you get away from life for a while. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we use powerful, safe, and effective treatments and therapies to help you find your path to wellness, so you can recover from addiction without drugs.

Drug Treatment Centers In California

With so many drug treatment centers in California, it can be difficult knowing which one is the best choice for your recovery. Consider our upscale amenities and proven effective treatments at The Holistic Sanctuary when you want to see big changes happen that you never thought possible. Start the healing process right now- call our staff.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers In California

Our 5-star luxury accommodations at The Holistic Sanctuary have made us one of the most popular drug rehabilitation centers in California- yet we know that it takes more than just luxury perks to heal addiction. If you're ready to get well, we have a safe, proven effective program to help you find your path to recovery.

Drug Rehab Centers In California

While most of the drug rehab centers in California are still using a 30-day conventional program, The Holistic Sanctuary has taken ain't steps ahead in the way we treat addiction. Revolving door rehabs can only offer you so much; if you're ready to see long-term results in your recovery process, call our facility.

Best Rehabs In California

Some of the best rehabs in the world do not believe in replacing one addiction with another. if you're worried about conventional detox and treatment, The Holistic Sanctuary has a better option. Our safe and proven-effective treatments include plant medicines, natural therapies, and holistic treatments that really work.

Best Rehab Center In California

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we know that some of the best rehab centers in the world use alternative therapies and treatments to beat addiction. We proudly offer our patients safe access to plant medicines, like Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, to help them reclaim their lives and begin the healing process from the inside out.

Best Drug Rehabs In California

Recovery experts agree that the best drug rehabs are the ones offering alternative therapies and holistic programs. If you don't want to exchange one addiction for another, you'll find our treatments a safer option that medication-assisted detox and treatments. The Holistic Sanctuary uses sacred medicine plants and natural therapies to speed healing.

Luxury Alcohol Rehabs

Luxury alcohol rehabs offer comfort and safety while healing from addiction- but most fail to address their patients' real needs. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we're focused on luxury amenities but we never take our eye off of the prize: life-long freedom from addiction. Call to find out how we can help you begin healing.


Rehabs around the world look about the same on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you'll see subtle differences that make them unique in the eyes of patients. If you're currently seeking recovery from addiction and are looking for a safe, alternative to the conventional 12 steps, reach out to The Holistic Sanctuary to find out about our programs.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab Centers

With so many luxury alcohol rehab centers in California, it's difficult to know which one can offer you the most hope in beating addiction. The Holistic Sanctuary is home to the Pouyan method, a combination of sacred plant medicine treatments, holistic therapies, and proven-effective programs for long-term results.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Choose a luxury alcohol rehab that has more to offer you than upscale amenities. The Holistic Sanctuary is more than a safe, comfortable place to recover from alcohol addiction- we are the only rehab in the world using the Pouyan Method of healing to address the root cause of addiction and prevent relapse.

Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Most ibogaine treatment centers are located outside of the US. The Holistic Sanctuary is close to home, and offers sacred plant healing to address addiction, trauma, PTSD, and depression. If you're seeking holistic healing, look no further than our California-based rehab for safe and natural treatment to beat addiction.

Treatment Centers In Los Angeles

Conventional treatment centers in Los Angeles have little to offer patients compared with our list of programs at The Holistic Sanctuary. Our list of proven-effective programs includes sacred plant medicines, IV drips, dead sea salt baths, sauna sessions, massage, yoga, and much more. You'll find a complete list on our website.

Best Rehab Centers In California

As one of the best rehab centers in California, The Holistic Sanctuary has more to offer our patients than other rehabs. When conventional treatment fails, patients often find that alternative programs like ours provide an alternative route to wellness. Learn more about our treatment options and therapies online.

Ayahuasca Retreat

The Holistic Sanctuary is more than an ayahuasca retreat- our holistic treatment center employs sacred plant medicines to address the underlying cause of addiction, depression, and mental health issues and offers hope for long-term healing with other methods have failed. Call our staff for more information on our programs.

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Take part in an ayahuasca ceremony that could change the course of your life. The Holistic Sanctuary uses sacred plants to heal addiction, depression, trauma, eating disorders, and PTSD. If you've tried other programs and found them to be lacking, we invite you to browse our website to learn about plant medicine healing.

Holistic Treatment Centers In California

As you compile a list of holistic treatment centers to look into, add the Holistic Sanctuary to your list and see what we have to offer you. Our luxury rehab provides 5-star accommodations, natural therapies, and drug-free treatments to help patients heal from addiction, trauma, PTSD, and depression.

Executive Rehab Centers

As you search the Web for an executive rehab, keep your eyes on The Holistic Sanctuary. Our 5-star luxury accommodations ensure your comfort and safety throughout treatment. We rely on the Pouyan method to treat addiction, depression, PTSD, and trauma, and we see amazing results every single day through our efforts.

Best Drug Rehab Centers In California

The best drug rehab centers in the world don't have to come at the highest prices. If you're seeking luxury accommodations and proven-effective treatment for addiction, The Holistic Sanctuary can provide a safe way to find your path to recovery. browse our free online resources to learn more about our programs.

Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine treatment for addiction is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for helping patients reclaim their lives. if you're considering Ibogaine or Ayahuasca sacred plant medicines as a part of your treatment, make sure you choose a facility where your safety is a primary concern. The Holistic Sanctuary is a great place to start your search.


Before you consider Ibogaine for treating addiction, you should know that not all holistic healing centers offer a safe environment for your experience. The Holistic Sanctuary is the world's only licensed holistic facility using Ibogaine and Ayahuasca as a treatment for addiction. Your safety is of the utmost importance to our staff.

Detox Centers Near Me

As you search the Web for detox centers near me, consider traveling to Mexico to heal from addiction. the Holistic Sanctuary provides 5-star accommodations in beautiful Tulum Beach, Mexico, using massage, yoga, meditation, Ozone therapy, plant medicines, and a number of safe, effective treatments to help you heal and prevent relapse.

Detox Centers

Most detox centers use prescription medications to treat addiction to drugs. If you don't want to simply exchange one addiction for another, The Holistic Sanctuary can provide a better way to heal from addiction. Our 5-star luxury treatment center employs sacred plant medicines into our program for safe, effective detox.

Best Detox Centers

The Holistic Sanctuary is known as one of the best detox centers in Mexico. Patients who have tried conventional detox programs only to relapse after treatment find that our safe, alternative programs are the best way to detox from drugs & alcohol and find a path to long-term recovery from addiction.

Ayahuasca Retreats

Compare The Holistic Sanctuary with other ayahuasca retreats to see why our healing center is different from all others. We offer luxury accommodations in a 5 star treatment center. The safest and most comfortable atmosphere while you begin the healing process and take back your life. Ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies and The Holistic Sanctuary's other plant medicines have been known to cure PTSD, Depression, Trauma alcoholism and addiction very successfully.


You're thinking about trying Ayahuasca? Do you want the safest and only licensed Luxury Healing Center in the world that has plant medicine down to a science? The Holistic Sanctuary provides a safe place for you to rest and recovery while you begin your healing journey using ayahuasca ceremonies and holistic medicine to treat PTSD, Depression, Trauma and addiction. With 10 Years experience and proven safety record to prove it, call The Holistic Sanctuary Holistic Medical Spa today to start your healing

Alcohol Rehabs

Almost all alcohol rehabs worldwide offer more or less the same type of treatment program with a few differences to their protocol. The problem with 30-day programs and AA meetings is that they don't meet the needs of every patient. The Holistic Sanctuary fills an important gap to help every person find their path to wellness.
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