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One of the things keeping many people with a substance use disorder from seeking help is the misconceptions surrounding drug addiction and treatment. Giving out the right information about these topics is essential so that people can respond accordingly. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we are one of the drug rehab centers changing the face of addiction treatment.

We want to provide you with the truth about addiction treatment and introduce you to treatment methods that actually work. If you have seen people around you go through addiction treatment only to relapse and go back to rehab, you need to check out our programs. With us, addiction is something that can be treated and cured without leaving you vulnerable to what led you down that path before.

How do patients recognize reliable drug rehab centers?

No matter what you’re interested in, a dependable drug rehab facility will provide customized treatment for every patient. Every patient's day will be different from another patient's day but follow the same principles.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, clients will benefit from a customized plan, professional health care 24/7 and the following details picture the typical treatment for every patient:

Secure and comfortable detox

When you’re looking for drug rehab centers, detox is most likely the very first phase of the rehabilitation program. Unlike other centers, the detox at the Holistic Sanctuary is made with natural substances and remedies. Patients often avoid treatment because they’re afraid of the severe withdrawal symptoms that they may experience.

No chemical substances or prescribed medications are utilized during the detox phase, or in any other stage, for that matter. We address people's treatment only with the help of natural substances and methods. Eliminating the toxic and drug residues from one's body cannot be done with other chemicals, but only with natural remedies and therapies.

Sacred plant medicine is a great help for treating people with addiction, giving results that are durable and posing no risk for developing dependency.

NAD IV drips are also used, providing the patients with the nutrients they need for treatment. The entire protocol is adjusted to every patient, easing and alleviating the withdrawal symptoms.

Experienced and dedicated professionals

Only experienced and dedicated professionals work at the prestigious drug rehab centers, and the professionals from the Holistic Sanctuary make no exceptions.

Patients will benefit from one-on-one sessions, massage and Yoga courses, and learn about a healthy diet from nutritionists. Doctors and nurses will monitor the treatment with sacred plant medicine, whereas experienced shamans guide the administration of ayahuasca or ibogaine.

The team at the Holistic Sanctuary is comprised of professionals from different areas of expertise. Complementary medicine practitioners work together with life coaches for healing one's body, mind, and soul.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, the professionals will also manage mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, dual diagnosis/co-occurring conditions, trauma, PTSD, and more.

Comfort for the family

Many of the drug rehab facilities will emphasize the role of the family in one’s healing. However, the team at the Holistic Sanctuary renders that both the addiction and the treatment is a personal journey that every patient has to take on his/her own. It’s only the patient who embarks in the long time trip of healing.

We're not saying that family doesn't need support, but it's the patient who needs the most help for healing. Now it's the perfect time to focus on his/her problems and only concentrate on his/her deep emotions, trauma, and how to overcome it. Patients need to learn how to deal with life difficulties on their own and how to calm, relax, and get better at life's challenges. It's the patient's healing just as much as it is his/her addiction.

Incredible comfort and sense of community

Patients who need treatment for drug addiction need only the very best amenities. When a person feels pampered and well taken care of, the chance for focusing on healing is higher.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, patients get their private room with private bathrooms, organic linings, and access to spa and gym. When the body is relaxed, the mind is in a better state and more open to receiving positive thoughts for healing.

Calming settings

Medicine has been accentuating the role of nature for one's healing for many years now. Truth be told, you're not going to find an excellent drug rehab facility around the corner.

More often than not, the prestigious drug rehab institutions are in the most surprising locations. Patients may enjoy breathtaking views, and the Holistic Sanctuary is quite an example. Nothing soothes better than seeing the sun setting in the ocean or admiring the blue horizon of the ocean under the bright sun rays.

Our patients will get at peace and relaxed while walking at our facility and breathing the purest air coming from the ocean.

Support after completing the programs

Everybody working in the addiction domain knows that healing takes time, and it doesn't happen overnight. Patients at the Holistic Sanctuary learn how to meditate, do Yoga, eat healthier, or deal better with their frustrations or pain. However, the path for healing has a personal vibe, and every patient has his/her rhythm. Therefore, professionals are always ready to support and guide the patients who have completed the program.

What are the most common Misconceptions About Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation?

These are some of the misleading beliefs about drug addiction and rehabilitation that you should be aware of:

  • Individuals with an Addiction Have a Certain Appearance

Many people believe that those grappling with substance abuse are unemployed, have a criminal history, poor personal hygiene, and are homeless. On the contrary, someone with a well-paying job and a successful career, a family, and who always looks impeccable can be abusing drugs or alcohol. Some people are good at hiding their usage and can appear beautiful to those around them.

The danger of this misconception is that when someone who appears to have his life figured out becomes addicted, those around him may pass it off as regular indulgence. It means that they're likely to develop severe addiction without getting any help. Also, if those around them become aware of their situation, they might downplay it because the person seems to have everything under control.

  • Rehabilitation is for When You Hit Rock Bottom

Many individuals are aware that addiction requires treatment, but they decide to delay it until they hit rock bottom. The belief here is that one doesn't need any professional help unless substance use causes devastating consequences. To some, this might mean overdose, loss of a job, escalating debts, or deteriorating relationships. Some might even believe that they'll never get there, so they don't need rehab in the first place.

However, addiction is a progressive disease, and if you don't treat it, it won't just disappear. It would help if you went to rehab as soon as you feel that your substance use is getting out of control. Treatment will be much more comfortable, you'll achieve healing faster, and your life won't be affected severely.

  • Treatment is Like Going Cold Turkey

Many people fail to get help because of the fear that they'll be forced to undergo an excruciating ordeal during detoxification and treatment. Quite the opposite, withdrawal symptoms are well managed in rehabs to make detoxification less unpleasant for patients. At The Holistic Sanctuary, our NAD IV therapy works exceptionally well to eliminate withdrawal symptoms while ensuring complete detoxification.

Get Professional Help

If you have any questions concerning addiction and rehabilitation, seek answers from our qualified specialists at The Holistic Sanctuary. We’ll be honest with you about what we can treat and how. Contact us now on 310-601-7805 to find out what you stand to benefit from our drug rehab centers.

Drug Rehab Centers In California
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Drug Rehab Centers In California Drug Rehab Centers In California Drug Rehab Centers In California