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People dealing with addiction, depression, anxiety, or PTSD have many options when it comes to treatment.

The number of conventional treatment facilities is impressive, and holistic treatment centers have become popular over the last years.

People dealing with addiction, depression, anxiety, or PTSD have many options when it comes to treatment.

The number of conventional treatment facilities is impressive, and holistic treatment centers have become popular over the last years.

The success rate of holistic treatment centers is determined by many factors, including the treatment programs of the rehab facilities. The Holistic Sanctuary provides comprehensive addiction therapies designed to offer lasting effects for their guests. A distinct feature of the rehab facility is its luxurious environment and amenities. The facility aims to provide addiction treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.

Why do patients choose holistic treatment centers?

It's not an easy answer, as there are so many aspects that go into one's recovery and healing. If we take a look at alcohol addiction, we know that conventional therapies consider it to be a chronic disease. Therefore, the main aim is to help the patient manage the symptoms, while the chance for complete healing is not even a postulate.

This simple approach to addiction is one of the causes of the high risk of relapse when following a popular addiction program.

At the holistic end, addiction is seen as an imbalance in one's life, so healing the body, mind, and soul is the solution for healing. Holistic treatment centers don't focus on the addiction, but on identifying the causes and solving all the problems at the mental, emotional, and physical level. They focus on healing the person, not treating the addiction.

What’s the definition of holistic therapies?

Holistic dependency treatments are non-medicinal therapies that are utilized for improving conventional therapies. Holistic recovery concentrates on aligning the body, mind, and soul.

Holistic therapies look into one's overall well-being while addressing the physical symptoms of withdrawal and addiction.

The Holistic Sanctuary provides an impressive amount of holistic methods that help people overcome addiction. Yoga, guided meditation, massage therapy, healthy nutrition, daily exercise, or sacred plant medicine are some of the many methods included in one's treatment.

How do holistic therapies work for addiction treatment?

Holistic therapy programs include non-medical and customized therapies for treating the person with addictions. Holistic therapists look into the physical and mental symptoms of addiction, but also take a close approach to the emotional and nutritional conditions lying underneath.

Insomnia, poor diet, and emotional stress are all difficulties that conventional therapies skip on addressing. Flexibility is fundamental for the holistic treatments that focus on the particular needs of every single patient.

The objectives of holistic therapies

Even if the purposes of holistic treatments differ from one center to another, here are the most common objectives:

  • Finding the leading causes of addiction
  • Improving one’s will to handle cravings
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Teaching the patients healthier and new ways to manage stress and daily challenges

What are the main kinds of holistic addiction therapies?

Holistic therapies impress with the variety, and anything from massage therapy to yoga may be defined as a holistic therapy.

Here are some of the most popular holistic therapies used in addressing addiction:

  • Yoga and Meditation

A clear mind is essential for healing from addiction. Guided meditation plays a vital role in clearing one's mind and thoughts. The Holistic Sanctuary teaches the patients about yoga and meditation so that they have a healthy way of coping with stress and triggers after leaving the program.

  • Nutritional therapy

It has been known for years that people with addictions have poor health. Having said that, we should highlight that holistic addiction therapies focus on providing healthy foods, organic and non-GMO foods. It's fundamental for patients to receive the best nutrients required for their healing.

  • Massage and acupuncture

Stress and tension in the body are aggravating symptoms for people with addiction, and both massage and acupuncture may alleviate stress. They help people relax, which also makes them more optimistic and willing to accept positive thinking in their lives.

What makes an excellent holistic treatment center?

Several factors determine the success rate of a rehab facility, including the patient's and family's ability to:

  • Follow instructions
  • Complete treatment
  • Maintain follow up treatment

Many people relapse because they fail to take control of their self-will and follow up on their treatment to completion. It is difficult for an addict to recover at home because the environment allows them to do things as they see fit and take shortcuts. Some families often worry about the living conditions of some rehab facilities, which is why they hesitate to intervene and make a family member stay in such facilities.

The Holistic Sanctuary provides comprehensive addiction treatment in a luxurious and comfortable environment. Guests get access to a wide range of creature comforts, including private rooms, gym, swimming pools, and nutritious meals, among others. The setup of this facility lowers the likelihood of guests escaping or not completing their treatment programs.

After Care Treatment

The Holistic Sanctuary arranges for follow up treatment once guests complete their addiction treatment programs. Some of the plans in the aftercare treatment include sober living therapy, sponsorship, and ongoing support. The facility also incorporates the family into the treatment plan of recovering guests who have completed their treatment programs.

It is not advisable for guests who have completed their treatment programs to return home right away. Some guests can visit their homes after treatment but not live there. Not only is it not recommended for recovering addicts to return to their homes after treatment, but it is also not advisable for their unprepared families to receive them back in the same environment.

How do recovering guests integrate back into society?

Initially, the treatment programs of conventional rehab facilities focused on treating the addict and allowing them to go back to their homes. Today, most leading rehab facilities, including the Holistic Sanctuary, focus on treating the patient and making sure the family is ready, if ever, to receive the loved one back home.

Families of recovering patients should understand that it could take at least a year for the patients to make positive choices.

Recovery Period

The Holistic Sanctuary intervention counselor provides ongoing support to guests both during treatment and after. The primary role of the intervention counselor is to support the guests on their paths towards recovery and hold them accountable to their loved ones. The intervention counselor guides the recovering patient so that he does not stray from the recovery path.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, we strive to ensure our guests and their families and codependents eliminate situations that can lead recovering patients back to addictive behaviors. Please visit our recovery center today for a free tour.


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Holistic Treatment Centers In California Holistic Treatment Centers In California Holistic Treatment Centers In California