Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

The human body is a fantastic mechanism, and the scientists never end uncovering its secrets. The discovery of stem cells was a major breakthrough in the medical world, which brought renewed hope to patients of various conditions.

The primary stem cells have unique properties, and the possibilities for application are endless. Scientists are still trying to learn everything there is to know about them. One of the things they know so far is that stem cells are also found in the umbilical cord blood, and they extract the cord stem cells in various therapies.

What makes umbilical cord stem cell therapy incredibly efficient?

A hematopoietic stem cell (HSCs) such as those found in umbilical cords can turn into any cell in the blood and are essential for sustaining blood production throughout the entire life. They have been utilized in treatments for various blood conditions in bone marrow transplants for some time now.

Cord blood is found both in the placenta and the cord of a newborn, but unlike other types of blood, the umbilical cord blood is easy to collect and to store for later use.

The cord blood has stem cells with the unique ability to generate all the other types of cells in the blood. Research so far revealed that the cord blood may also contain different kinds of elements that may create specialized cells, like the nerve cells. However, professionals use transplants use for treating various blood illnesses, with leukemia the most important to know.

Unlike elements from bone marrow donors, transplant with cord blood stem cells poses less risk for immune system incompatibilities. For example, the risk of graft versus host disease is lower with cord blood stem cells.

Does stem cell therapy pose significant risks to the patient’s safety?

Cord blood cells procedure doesn’t pose a high risk for complications or side effects. Commonly, the physician has to follow specific steps for the process, with patients being analyzed for treatment as the first step. Like with any other procedure, not all people make good and safe candidates for blood stem cell treatment.

As long as specific conditions and measurements are taken, the patients shouldn’t stress about adversary effects.

Can the side effects be avoided?

We should highlight that headaches, nausea, or fatigue are the most common side effects of cord blood stem transplants. At reputed clinics where professionals use bone marrow elements and cell therapies for some time now, additional treatments are used, eliminating the side effects.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, for example, ozone, HBOT method, proprietary IV vitamin drips, Myers cocktails, and coffee enemas are used to sustain the results of cord blood stem cell therapies. The body is cleaned from the chemicals and receives only natural adjuvants for boosting the cells obtained through the treatment.

What can stem cells be used for?

Cord blood has been used to treat various conditions for more than three decades in transplant medicine, leading to a positive outcome in almost 80 diseases. Acute myeloblastic leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma are some of the malignant conditions that give results with blood stem cells therapy. Sickle cell anemia, aplastic anemia, Severe combined immunodeficiency, and osteopetrosis are on the list of many diseases that cord blood stem cell therapy is reliable and safe.

The cord fluid contains a significant amount of the primary elements which are used to treat anemia, cancer, or immune system affections that affect your body’s capacity to defend on its own.

With the primary elements from the cord rarely carrying infectious conditions and being half as likely to be rejected, it’s understandable why the cord blood stem cell therapy is widely utilized.

On top of everything else, clinical trials on cord blood stem cell therapy are continually undergoing, so that more people with various diseases have a chance for healing.

Cord blood stem cell and transplant medicine

The cord blood comprises various kinds of elements, but the hematopoietic elements make the most of it. These elements are essential for the formation and maintenance of blood and the immune system. They can be used for transplant, rebuilding the patient’s immunity.

The benefits

There are many good things related to the umbilical cord blood stem cell methods, as the primary elements are readily available and very easy to collect at birth. When professionals use the cord blood, these unique elements are young and haven’t been exposed to environmental factors such as aging or disease.

It has been revealed that even if therapeutic stem cells are high, they also age and can become affected by the environment. The umbilical cord blood stem elements are young and new, which makes them very powerful too.

What helps with the cord blood stem cell treatment?

Cord blood stem cell treatment can be sustained with various therapies. Reputed clinics such as the Holistic Sanctuary where elements from the umbilical cord blood stem and the bone marrow have been utilized for some time now, additional therapies improve the results. Ozon, HBOT method, vitamin IV drips, NAD IV drips, and proprietary vitamin drips are included in the customized treatment.

Also, the first step of the therapy is a natural detox, so that all chemicals, medications, and toxic substances are eliminated from the body. Professionals also use parasite/candida cleanse, coffee enemas, and liver detox to help the body get clean for better receiving the cord blood.

How long do stem cells in the umbilical cord blood last?

Professionals are always working at expanding the amount of time for preserving the cord blood stem cells. Truth be told, the majority of umbilical cord blood banks will not even display an expiration date, as the chance for that date to change is rather high.

With cord blood banking running for just 25 years, it’s understandable why we cannot say if the cord blood stem cell will last for more than 25 years or not.

So far, scientists highlighted that umbilical cord blood stem cells preserved cryogenically don’t have an expiration date, whereas frozen cord blood may be stored forever. It’s because umbilical cord blood stem cell stops the biological activity at -190C degrees, and that’s the temperature used for storage. So far, professionals have managed to preserve sperm and other cell types for more than five decades without losing their cells’ abilities.

How do you collect stem cells from the umbilical cord blood?

It doesn’t take a long time to collect the cells in the three cord blood. After the cord is clamped, an antiseptic is used for wiping it. A needle will be placed into the vein of the cord, taking a couple of ounces of blood. There are three common ways to collect cord blood:

  1. The first method is to actively attract the blood out, just like when a person goes through a blood draw for testing. A typical syringe or with a bulb for creating suction will be used. This method will draw a large volume of cord blood in less time.
  2. The second method is to hang the blood bag lower than the mother so that that gravity will collect the blood down the tube right into the container. It’s a standard method worldwide as it comprises of few steps. The risk for contamination of the cord blood or for making any errors is rather low.
  3. With the third method, the bank will collect the cord blood outside the uterus (“ex utero”). From the moment of delivery, a highly-trained technician will take the cord to another room, placing it on a high shelf, as it’s essential to drain the entire placenta and the cord.

How should patients prepare?

Umbilical cord stem cell therapy has been successfully utilized for the treatment in many affections for people over the world. The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the clinics to ensure positive outcomes, with patients benefitting from comprehensive and customized treatment. Give us a call to determine what you need to do for your cord blood stem cell therapy.

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