Stem Cell Therapy for Pain (Regional Pain Syndrome)

The human body is fantastic, and scientists don’t stop finding new and impressive things every day. Even if modern medicine has traveled so far, there are still many things that we would like to find out about our bodies to create better therapies.

Stem cells have caused quite a stir, especially since their benefits and applications are, theoretically, endless. Patients struggling with pain for years now have a better chance at a good life, thanks to stemming from cell therapy. Stem cell therapy for pain is promising, and more and more people benefit from it.

Why is stem cell therapy for pain so impressive?

Regenerative medicine is one of the latest discoveries in medicine, taking treatments to a whole new level.

Stem cells are fundamental as they generate all the other cells in our bodies. At birth, the stem cells are the strongest, turning into the type of cells necessary for human life. They will multiply endlessly, becoming liver, skin, or brain cells.

As adults, we still have stem cells, but they’re mostly found in the bone marrow, adipose fat, and the blood. These stem cells aren’t as powerful as at birth, but they still present fantastic regenerative and transformative abilities. Whenever you get injured, the stem cells come into play to rebuild and repair the damaged tissue. However, they’re not able to heal every time, so you end up suffering from pain for years.

Pain killers work only for a limited amount of time, affecting the organs and even causing addiction. Scientists have discovered that stem cell treatment for joint pain has impressive effects for pain, and patients no longer need medications or surgery. The reported pain relief is quite incredible.

What does stem cell therapy for pain management mean for the patient?

Stem cell treatment for joint pain can help alleviate the pain connected to knee pain, articular lesions, ligament injuries, arthritis/osteoarthritis, lesions of the chronic meniscus, tendonitis rotator cuff rupture and swelling of the joints.

Stem cells will control and decrease inflammation as they present anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory abilities. These abilities count for the immune system, turning the stem cells into highly efficient tools for alleviating the inflammatory symptoms. The stem cells will also help the growth factors to be released. The growth factors will sustain the generation of other cells, which are fundamental for healing the damaged tissue and eliminate joint pain.

With the stem cells obtained from the fat tissue or the bone marrow of the patient, the stem cells will be later inserted where the pain is. They will then begin the regeneration of the damaged tissue, reducing pain.

The stem cell injections will help the patient improve the movement right from the first application. The patient notices more energy and a restoration of the affected area too. The inflammation reduces, and the pain relief is noticeable, and some patients may return to their regular activities after a couple of days.

Is stem cell therapy for pain efficient and reliable?

Stem cells will be collected from the bone marrow and later injected in the affected area. When the body receives a significant amount, it will also get the healing energy it needs for repairing the affected tissue, which will translate into less pain.

Stem cell therapy is just one of the steps to take for alleviating the pain, though. At reputed clinics such as Holistic Sanctuary, stem cell therapy is part of a more complicated treatment. For instance, the body has to be prepared before the bone marrow procedure. It has to be cleansed from all the chemicals, toxic substances, and medications residues. A natural detox will clean the system, helping the body receive the stem cells later on.

Once the stem cells are injected, some therapies will also sustain their activity. At Holistic Sanctuary, patients switch to a raw, plant-based, organic, and non-GMO dieting, so that the body gets the healthy elements for recovery. Five different proprietary IV vitamin drips will also be administered so that the body gets the nutrients and minerals it needs for reducing chronic pain. HBOT therapy, massage, acupuncture, or floatation therapy are some of the natural treatments that will push the new stem cells to grow and heal the affected tissues. As they’re helped from the outside, the stem cells will work from the inside, reducing inflammation, alleviating the pain, regenerating, and repairing the tissue.

The combination of therapies will sustain stem cell therapy, leading to long-lasting results.

How long patients have to wait until stem cell therapy gives results?

Once the stem cell therapy occurs, the stem cells will work and generate new cells for up to a year. But it doesn’t mean that the patient will have to wait for a year until he/she notices reduced pain. Many patients felt better right in the first or second week after the procedure. The additional therapies at the Holistic Sanctuary will also speed up the improvements. Daily walks in the beautiful location of the center, daily yoga, and access to the gym will help with stem cell therapy and pain management.

Can stem cell therapy cure osteoarthritis?

With regenerative medicine, it’s mostly the adult MSCs that are used. They’re easy to collect from the bone marrow or the fat tissues. The MSCs are capable of becoming the type of cells that the tissue needs. They may become bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendon, or fat tissue, according to the tissue surrounding the cells. It’s why professionals use the MSCs in stem cell therapy of osteoarthritis.

After MSCs are injected, they will eliminate anti-inflammatory factors that alleviate pain. If they’re placed into a joint, they will reduce the swelling, pain, and improve movement for the affected areas.

How much will stem cell therapy for pain cost you?

Stem cell therapy provides fantastic possibilities for treatment, and new applications are developed every day. Despite the patients’ increased interest, the prices are still high, throwing many people with chronic pain off.

In stem cell centers, a basic stem cell injection costs around $1,000, whereas more complicated treatments can get as high as $100,000.

The type of cells that are utilized, where the treatment takes place, and the cultural expansion of the cells are some of the many factors impacting the price of this therapy for pain management. It also counts if the cells have been ethically collected, or if they’re regulated and viable.

The location of the center will also be important. For example, the Holistic Sanctuary is found in a fantastic location on the Pacific coast, as we consider nature to be part of our treatment. The amenities, accommodation, food, and additional therapies used for stem cell therapy add to the spending, increasing the bill. However, the results will be spectacular and provide lifetime recovery.

Are there any side effects from stem cell therapy?

Just like with any other treatment, some side effects are expected with stem cell therapy as well. Every patient is different, so every patient will likely react to the therapy.

It’s where the additional therapies used at Holistic Sanctuary come into play, as they reduce the risk for any side effects after the stem cell therapy. However, most of the procedures will only lead to short-term side effects. Bleeding, infection and some pain from tissue or nerve inflammation may occur. At Holistic Sanctuary, the staff-to-patient ratio is low, so every patient is monitored by a good number of professionals 24/7. Emergency doctors and nurses are at the center all the time and are ready to act whenever it’s needed.

Unlike surgery or pain medication, the risk for side effects with stem cell therapy is quite low, which is just another reason for trying it.

A final thought

Stem cell therapy for pain is the answer for many patients struggling with join-related pain for years. At Holistic Sanctuary, we’re ready to provide therapy stem, proprietary protocols, and alternative therapies for better results. Give us a call to see what you need to do for treatment.


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