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Seeking The Best Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico?

Medical tourism has been attracting patients from all over the world. As stem cell therapies are still experiential in the United States, stem cell treatment Mexico makes a solid choice for people looking for better help for various conditions.

With the procedure being approved for some time now, there are numerous stem cell clinics in Mexico where patients will benefit from the best services and therapeutic care.

For instance, at The Holistic Sanctuary, the amenities, 5 star accommodation, and therapies are powerful, attracting patients from all over the world. The stem cell protocol is personalized for every patient. The staff-to-patient ratio is small highest in the world so that every patient is well taken care of by our compassionate, loving, and professional staff.

The professionals in the team are specialized and experienced and are ready to act when the need arises. The members of the Mexico stem cell therapy center are dedicated to their patients and make sure that stem cell therapy goes according to plan. The stem cell aftercare program runs efficiently too.


How much does it cost to get stem cells in Mexico?

Mexico is probably the no.1 destination for medical tourism, with 8 million medical tourists every year only in Baja, California. The warmth of the personnel, the great weather, and the easy border crossing make it easy for the American citizens to travel to Mexico. At Holistic Sanctuary, the scenery is fantastic, and patients get to recover in an oceanfront facility, all clients get private rooms with private bathrooms while enjoying a lovely view from their rooms. They need to book their flight from anywhere in the US and land in San Diego international airport, next our private driver will pick you up and bring you straight to the center.

Nevertheless, stem cell therapy Mexico cost will make total sense for people traveling for medical issues. U.S. cost, it makes sense that treatments and stem cells therapy in Mexico.

Comparing the stem cell therapy costs doesn’t come easy, though, as stem cell therapies are still somewhat new. Stem cell Mexico costs will differ from one clinic to another. Some may pay $1,000 for a single visit when we use PRP, the patient’s blood is used, whereas $25,000 will be the price for protocols with stem cells from MCS umbilical cord stem cells at optimal doses upto 400 million cells over a 2 day treatment. at our clinic in Mexico. It is illegal to use more than 100,000 stem cells in the US, which makes our stem cell clinic the obvious choice.

Complementary therapies boost stem cell production, increasing the efficiency of stem cell treatment. At the Holistic Sanctuary, HBOT therapy, ozone therapy, NAD+ IV are also used. Plus, the body is prepared before the stem cell injections with a natural detox, and proprietary vitamin IV drips being administered to the patients.

Even if stem cell therapy gives impressive results, the method’s efficiency depends on many factors, and healthy dieting is one of them. At Holistic Sanctuary, the patients switch to a 100% organic non-GMO meals, 80% raw plant-based diet, which will give the body the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it needs to reverse their illness and maximize their healing.

All of these details will be included without extra charge of stem cell therapy in Mexico, so you have to check with the representatives at the clinic how much you will pay. The staff at Holistic Sanctuary is ready to answer your questions at any time. The therapeutic plan is personalized, as only the therapies that work for your case will be used, affecting the final price of your stem cell Mexico cure.


What impacts stem cell therapy costs?

It’s not only the center’s location that impacts the final price, but also some essential aspects. The type of cells that will be used, the number of sessions needed for the medical procedure are also crucial.

Keep in mind that the method is still new, and medical professionals who help are highly specialized. Professionals will collect the adult stem cells, then expand the cells in the laboratories. Once the cells are ready for treatment, only viable stem cells will be used, whereas professionals injecting the cells are well-trained.

Even if the procedure is typically safe with a low risk for side effects, patients still require close monitoring. At the Holistic Sanctuary, emergency doctors and nurses are ready to provide medical help if something goes wrong.

All in all, price shouldn’t be the deciding factor when deciding on your treatment. Even if the costs may look high, it’s better that you see the whole picture, with benefits overcoming the downsides most of the time.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Most of the stem cell therapies are still considered experimental, so the stem cell therapy costs will not be covered by the insurance. The big-pharma industry is still strong, and it’s quite tricky for new therapies to become legal, despite the high efficiency and long-lasting results.

Numerous studies reveal the effects of stem cell therapies, with the risks for side effects being less concerning than with other treatments or medication.

Even if the insurance company does not cover for the procedure, it may still cover the doctor consult and spending associated with the protocol. You should get in touch with your insurance company for the details.

What are stem cells? What’s to know about this innovative method?

These elements are unique and unusual in the human body having the ability to turn into any cell. As long as they go throughout the proper conditions, they can divide and generate more cells, aka the daughter cells. The latter will turn into new cells (self-renewal) or become specialized cells with particular functions. They may become the brain, blood cells, spinal cord, bone, or heart muscle cells. Only stem cells can generate new cell types.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are the main factor for stem cell therapy, as they may generate different kinds of cells of the skeletal tissues, bone, cartilage, and fat. Scientists are trying to use the MSCs for treating cartilage and bone conditions. The potential for the MSCs is impressive, and research is currently undergoing for establishing the best protocols.

Why is the method so incredible?

These cells have been used ever since the 80s for growing skin grafts for patients with deep burns on large surfaces of their skin. The cornea can also be used with stem cell therapy, leading to a state-of-the-art procedure for the patients.

What should you do next?

Stem cell treatment Mexico will provide you the best option for various conditions. At The Holistic Sanctuary, the professionals will assess your case, check the medical history, and later develop a customized treatment plan. Accommodation, amenities, and additional therapies are excellent, improving the efficiency of stem cell therapy. Give us a call to see how you can start your treatment today.

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