Legitimate Stem Cell Clinics

Known as the body’s healing blocks, stem cells are the most effective raw material helping our body to rebuild, regenerate, renew, and revitalize.

As long as the conditions are proper, they are supposed to divide and make others, aka daughter cells. The latter will turn into new stem cells (self-renewal) or specialized cells. Some will become blood, heart muscle, or brain cells. Stem cells are unusual, and science is just starting to learn about the numerous possibilities of using them. Add the fact that stem cell therapy is heavily regulated in many Western countries, and it will become apparent why there aren’t many legitimate stem cell clinics where you can benefit from this innovative therapy.

What do legitimate stem cell clinics have to offer?

Stem cell therapy for various conditions has remained a remote promise for some time now, despite all the touted benefits. But some stem cell clinics such as The Holistic Sanctuary have taken the helm and have been offering this treatment with amazing results to patients struggling with various diseases. Aids-HIV, asthma, autism, cancer, neuropathy, lupus, Lyme disease, or regional pain syndrome are some of the many conditions that a legal stem cell clinic can address.

There are many aspects to consider when looking for a legitimate clinic functioning legally, as new regulations are established. Some countries have kept stricter rules when it comes to stem cell treatments. However, the clinical trials are encouraging, and many countries already took a leap of faith, allowing trustworthy facilities to provide stem cell therapy of various forms.

What do these clinics provide?

This therapy is based on the reality that the worn tissue is capable of regenerating on its own, as long as it has what it needs. The bone marrow is what facilitates this process. Due to age or other situations, the elimination of bone marrow elements into the blood will not be enough to heal the affected tissue. Various agents, chemical elements, or other obstacles may also prevent natural healing.

It’s where the innovative therapy comes into play, to help whenever the organic systems show fatigue or degeneration. If the damaged tissue or organ is still able to react to stimulation with stem cells, the results can be achieved. The cause of the condition will be eliminated, and the patient’s health will improve. The biological effect will renew the systems, re-instate the cellular function, and stimulate it.

Thanks to the tissues’ ability to regenerate and the ability of stem cells to identify it, the treatment has applicability in many areas. A person struggling with chronic disease or degenerative disease caused by age will benefit from the procedure, which will regenerate tissues and organs.

The heart, liver, and the pancreas seem to give a better regenerative answer, but conditions like poor tissue functioning and even organ failure requiring transplant are also to name. This therapy for people dealing with arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, spine and joint issues, or cerebral vascular conditions has led to amazing outcomes.

Another significant part of the method is that people in good health may also benefit from it. People interested in preserving their body in good condition can also improve their mental and physical abilities with this treatment.

Unhealthy habits and stress are also damaging the body, affecting it, and causing premature aging. Some clinical studies revealed that tissue regeneration sustains one’s health and slows down the aging process.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC)

Mesenchymal stem cells are adult elements with numerous abilities and are found in several tissues, bone marrow, fat tissue, and the umbilical cord. The MSCs may renew on their own as they divided and specialized for several tissues, such as fat and muscle cells, bone, connective tissue, or cartilage.

Only the cells with the most effective inflammatory activity, capacity of boosting regeneration, and immune-modulating ability will be used. Many people already know that the umbilical cord tissue offers a significant amount of mesenchymal cells.

Allogeneic stem cell therapy autologous stem cell therapy

When healthy cells are used from a donor, the allogeneic method is used.  With this type of treatment, healthy MSCs from a donor will be used for replacing the damaged or diseased bone marrow. The allogeneic stem cell transplant is also known as the allogeneic treatment options, with the human umbilical cord tissue providing the healthy cells. Numerous studies revealed that stem cells collected from the umbilical cord are more durable than the ones coming from other sources.

When the donor and the recipient are the same, the autologous method is utilized. Autologous cell treatment is safer than allogeneic type, as there is no risk for cell rejections, undiscovered dormant disease, or host disease.

Stem cells vs. allopathic medicine

It’s possible to guide the elements to become particular cells that sustain the regeneration and healing of damaged tissues or affected organs. With these elements, there is no need for toxic medications, and the healing is achieved.

For people suffering from cancer or HIV, these elements have been the only solution and true salvation. However, the studies on how these elements work or how they can be used are still running. But the information that these elements may replace the traditional medication is yesterday’s news. The medical evidence is impressive, and patients only need to take the plunge with the innovative treatment that the Holistic Sanctuary is already providing.

Are stem cell clinics legit?

At legit facilities, it’s expected that a well-trained stem cell physician will conduct the treatment. Only trained injection specialists will perform the injections, with X-ray guidance used for joint and spine joints.

There are plenty of facilities to choose from, but patients should look carefully when selecting. Patient reviews, detailed case studies about the former patients are some of the many aspects to keep in mind.

Is stem cell therapy legal in the US?

At the moment, only cord blood stem cell therapy is approved by the FDA. However, many other treatments are in the works, expecting approval.

Cord blood therapy is versatile and practical for various health conditions, including cancer. Many mothers are currently saving or donating the blood from their baby’s umbilical cord for use. The cells may be preserved and used for the baby or the family members if need be. Bone marrow cancers, leukemias, childhood cancers, anemia, organ disorders, various inherited disorders may also be treated with this therapy. The cord elements are safe, efficient, and possibly the only solution.

Where is the best stem cell center in the world?

The expression “stem cell treatment” has become quite popular, and the number of clinics using these elements has been rising for some time now. As with everything else in life, some of these facilities are more reliable than others, so the customers need some guidance when picking up the legal clinic.

Patient testimonials and accurate expectations

Reliable facilities like the Holistic Sanctuary will provide testimonials of former patients who tell about their success stories with the innovative treatment. Take the claims about a cure-all for every disease with a grain of salt. You should be able to find reliable patient reviews on public online platforms. Our center’s former clients are more than happy to help new clients, sharing their experience and results.

It’s essential to go over the reviews of former patients and their success with the treatment. When it comes to patients with chronic pain, the symptoms and the results are entirely subjective. Still, reliable centers like the Holistic Sanctuary provide a thorough evaluation of the signs and the imaging. The professionals working at our center will not misinform and will only use reliable data from patients. They will also explain to the clients what to expect from the treatment.

Comprehensive approach

At a trustworthy clinic like the Holistic Sanctuary, not all patients will benefit from stem cell therapy. The body of the patient will be prepared so that the healthy elements be absorbed efficiently.


Nutritionists in the team will help the patients switch to vegan, raw, plant-based, organic, and non-GMO dieting, which will improve the stem cell absorption and maximize healing. Patients learn about the importance of natural and non-GMO food for a healthy body and long-lasting results. Raw, vegan, and non-GMO dieting will sustain and increase the efficiency o cells, healing the body.

Innovative protocols

At reliable facilities, proprietary formulas and innovative protocols are also something to expect. More and more health care providers and professionals have concluded that standardized treatment doesn’t work. Innovative methods and protocols have been created so that patients truly heal at a stem cell clinic like the Holistic Sanctuary.

For example, at the Holistic Sanctuary, a proprietary protocol with daily 5-7 hours of IV drips using a patented Brain Repair formula has been giving astonishing results. The method aims to heal specific areas of the brain, repairing elements. People suffering from PTSD, addiction, alcoholism, depression, or trauma are fully recovered after this treatment. The treatment is adjusted to every patient’s medical history and disease level, with deep consideration of his values, personality, or other particularities.

The proprietary IV formula will work at the cellular level. At dependable facilities such as our center, all medications and chemical substances will be removed from the body of the patient. The professionals genuinely believe that these cells will work better without any chemical blocking the natural processes in the cells. Only a deep cleansing from the medications or toxic substances will facilitate the healing.

Therefore, five IV protocols are used for eliminating any medical residues from the patient’s body. The cleaning process will help with the healing of the serotonin, dopamine, and GABA receptors. The highly dense nutrient alkalized diet will also eliminate candida and facilitate the growth of healthy gut flora, speeding up the healing and recovery process.

Sacred plant medicine

The ability to provide a comprehensive approach to disease and treatment is another factor to consider when selecting our stem cell clinic. For instance, at the Holistic Sanctuary, sacred plant medicine is also used, improving the efficiency of therapy. Experienced shamans will conduct the sessions, whereas doctors and psychiatrists will approve patients who may benefit from sacred plant medicine. Throughout these sessions, the patients will reconnect with their souls, as the method is activating the God molecule. The pineal gland will be decalcified throughout the treatment, releasing the Spirit molecule, and generating an out-of-body experience and spiritual awakening.


Having a clean and chemical-free body is fundamental for the efficiency of stem cell activity. The detox at reputed facilities like the Holistic Sanctuary will also detox the GI tract from candida, resetting, and healing the serotonin receptors. The method is effective, taking the detoxification process to a whole new level. Additionally, the patients are monitored 24/7 by professionals who are ready to intervene if something doesn’t go as expected. Our amazing protocols repair the body at a cellular level, which is true healing.

Is the price an important factor?

No matter how generously sized or tight your wallet is, you should never choose the clinic on cost alone. You must check several options and take a good look at the details. Even if you’re going to have to travel abroad, it’s worth paying the extra buck.

It’s not evident for all, but the location is also essential for one’s recovery. Nature’s healing abilities have been revealed several times, as people recover faster if they have beautiful scenery to enjoy. The daily walks at the lovely and serene location of the Holistic Sanctuary will help the patients relax and receive positive thoughts about their healing. Patients who believe in their recovery will present better results with stem cells, as body, mind, and soul are deeply connected.

Our treatments are pricey because stem cell is still a new and not yet universal therapy. The reality that insurance companies and big pharma don’t sustain stem cell and holistic methods is also an explanation for the price of this kind of treatment.

Will insurance cover stem cell treatments?

The methods are still rather new, even if more and more people become interested in it. Numerous therapies are created as we speak, and many are also rejected because of the long-time promotion of medications. Sometimes, it feels that patients are more open to new therapies than the professionals, and we can understand why. For example, a primary joint injection still costs around $ 1,000, whereas complicated treatments may get as expensive as $100,000, depending on the disease.

Should you be determined to benefit from stem cell therapy at home, you will have to require it from the government. Big pharma isn’t willing to give away their status so easily; after all, it’s a very productive industry. Taking a pill is more comfortable and apparently cheaper for sure. Some people may take medications worth in excess of $100,000 per year, and the insurance covers only $3-5,000. In the end, the patient will cover most of the spending. So why struggle with insurance, when you end up paying the bills for something that doesn’t work?

What other aspects affect the price?

At the most reputed stem cell facilities like the Holistic Sanctuary, the therapy isn’t the only treatment that patients will receive. The exquisite amenities and accommodation, private rooms with private bathrooms, innovative methods, or the low staff-to-patient ratio are also aspects affecting both the price and the results. Every detail counts for one’s healing, and professionals at reliable facilities like the Holistic Sanctuary know it.

For example, at the Holistic Sanctuary, patients have private rooms with private bathrooms, daily access to the gym, and spa. The customized treatment may include kundalini yoga, meditation, acupuncture, HBOT therapy, and floatation therapy, all of which sustain and improve the activity of the procedure.

What countries offer stem cell therapy?

Near East, Europe, and Asia are some of the most common destinations for stem cell treatment. Specialists at these top facilities are always looking for new approaches to improve the efficiency of the procedure.

The strict regulations in some countries, cultural and religious beliefs, are also affecting the exploration of this treatment. Italy, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic are some of Europe’s most popular destinations. Also, Mexico, China, or India attract patients from all over the world.

What next?

Stem cell therapy will give results, but even more so if it’s going to be part of a more comprehensive treatment. At legitimate stem cell clinics like the holistic Sanctuary, the professionals will have the proper knowledge and skills to adjust the treatment to your specifics, medical history, and condition. The customized treatment will address all problems that you may deal with at the physical, emotional, or mental level, and stem cell therapy is just one of the many tools that we use to help you heal completely.


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