Stem Cell IV Therapy

People with various degenerative, inflammatory, and neurological conditions have struggled for years looking for treatments that would give long-lasting results. Pain medications provide results for a short amount of time, and surgery has been used a lot as a last resort for inflammatory or neurological problems.

Stem cell Intravenous therapy is not only innovative and new but also impressively efficient. It alleviates pain, restores the affected tissues, and gives results that last a long time. Keep reading for the details.

What’s the best way to depict stem cell IV therapy?

Ever since discovering stem cells some years ago, scientists realized that many diseases would finally find a cure. Medical professionals created, thanks to stem cells, treatment for different conditions, inflammation, or even cancer.

What’s so amazing about stem cells?

Stem cells are the most basic and fantastic elements of the human body. They have the incredible ability to become the type of cells that the body needs. When placed into the proper lab conditions, these cells divide endlessly generating the so-called daughter cells.

The daughter cells make the new stem cells(self-renewal) or the functional elements with particular functions, with the latter may becoming blood, heart muscle, brain, or bone cells. Stem cells are the only ones in the body, capable of creating other new cells.

How to define regenerative medicine?

Cell therapies make regenerative medicine, sustaining the healing of affected or dysfunctional tissues with cells or derivatives. Regenerative medicine is similar to organ transplant, but uses cells and not organs for transplantation.

In stem cell iv therapy, the specialized cells will be injected into the person. If one has joint problems, the cells will be inserted in the joint so that the healthy transplanted cells could heal the joint’s damaged tissue.

Research is undergoing, but clinical trials and clinics in the United States where stem cell iv treatment has already been successfully used until now give patients hope for complete recovery.

What is stem cell IV?

Stem cells can be collected from various places, with the treatment using stem elements from donated umbilical cord blood. Strict protocols are utilized for the collection, and the cells will be farther processed in a specialized lab.

Cells from the bone marrow can also be used for IV procedure, but the cells from the umbilical cords are the essential source. They make a generous source of hematopoietic cells with high regeneration abilities. The extraction process is safe and not invasive, either. Stem cord blood contains the highest concentration of cells.

With iv stem cell therapy, the stem elements aren’t injected into particular areas for alleviating pain in the area. Instead, the cells are intravenously given so that they can go to every organ of the body. With stem cells’ ability to turn into any cell, the possibilities for iv stem cell therapy are endless.

What’s the working mechanism?

Throughout the procedure, the stem cells will travel and get to the affected tissues and organs. They will look for the damage naturally, and once they get to the affected region, they will become the type of cell of that particular region. At the same time, they will sustain repair and healthy cell functioning.

At reputed clinics such as Holistic Sanctuary, the body is first prepared with a natural detox. The body has to be cleansed of all medications, chemical or toxic residue before receiving the stem cells. Moreover, the dieting will be raw, plant-based, and non-GMO so that the body has the nutrients it needs for a cure.

It has been highlighted several times that particular methods will push the iv stem cell therapy, boosting the growth of stem elements. Acupuncture, floatation, and HBOT method are part of the treatment at Holistic Sanctuary, which will increase the efficiency of cell therapy.

What are the main advantages of cell therapy?

Stem cells, especially those in the umbilical cord, have an essential role in therapy for neurodegenerative conditions. Several studies also revealed their potency for reversing Alzheimer’s disease, so professionals are using it for the disease.

Studies also showed that the stem elements might heal tissue after a stroke, and repair the heart after a heart attack. They also help alleviate chronic pain. For some time now, specialists use stem cell injections to regenerate the cartilage in the knee and improve the function and mobility for osteoarthritis patients.

Patients with type 1 diabetes also benefit from IV stem cell therapy, as the stem cell therapy forces the bone marrow to produce insulin, which is essential for healthy metabolic function.

Myocardial, neural, and osteogenic regeneration are also on the list of benefits of stem cell therapy. People with congenital neuropathies, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, systemic lupus erythematosus, and spinal myelitis also noticed an improvement of their symptoms when undergoing stem cell therapy.

Is IV stem cell therapy effective?

Regardless of the efficiency of iv stem cell therapy, the additional treatments will give the expected results. For example, at Holistic Sanctuary, it’s not only the stem cell therapy that comes into play but also the complementary therapies. The amenities and accommodation will create the proper environment for healing.

After 10-12 weeks, the patients will observe the maximum results, but it depends on the severity of the condition and medical history. Every patient is different, so the disease and the method may not have the same results for everyone. At Holistic Sanctuary, stem cell therapy is customized for every patient, with much appreciation for one’s medical health, particularities, and even personal values.

When should stem cell infusion be used?

There are several symptoms for which stem cell therapy gives positive outcome, so here are to name:

  • Symptoms of arthritis
  • Skin tone and facial look
  • Symptoms of joint pain
  • Stamina and energy levels
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sustaining hair growth
  • Female sexual dysfunction
  • Injuries caused by accidents or sports
  • Muscle strength and tone
  • Diabetic and peripheral neuropathy

We should also remind you that the method sustains cellular regeneration, alleviate various conditions. The fact that every patient is different isn’t skipped at reputed centers. At Holistic Sanctuary, a team of professionals from several health care domains will assess every single, go over the medical history, evaluate the disease level, and create a personalized treatment for every patient.

Does stem cell therapy have any side effects?

Most of the time, the risk for side effects with stem cell therapy is minor. That doesn’t mean that patients shouldn’t be aware of the possible reactions. No treatment or medication doesn’t cause side effects, and the innovative procedure doesn’t make an exception. Here are some of the most significant side effects to highlight:

How can you start stem cell IV therapy?

At Holistic Sanctuary, a team of professionals will carefully analyze every patient before deciding the personalized treatment plan. IV treatment will be just one of the steps to take for healing. The comprehensive approach of any disease, the therapies, and every detail of the treatment at the Holistic Sanctuary will help the patient recover for a very long time. Give us a call to see how your recovery may begin.


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