Has it become impossible for you to control your addiction? Did you ever try to go cold-turkey, but your body couldn’t handle the withdrawal symptoms? How are things at home? Do you like your life? Do you still manage to joggle your life, family, and job while using drugs, or is everything already fallen apart? Does recovery seem impossible to obtain?

Don’t feel bad if your answer was “yes” to any of these questions. Truth be told, more than 20million Americans are struggling with addiction in their life and lost faith in recovery. Your chances for healing are many, and our Southern California Addiction Center is one of the most reliable to try. We’re a high-quality addiction treatment facility that gives every patient a genuine chance for real recovery.

We will take good care of you and your addiction, no matter the substance you’re abusing. The staff’s impressive range of methods and incredible dedication are only some of the many qualities to name.

What is the addiction treatment like at Southern California Addiction Center provide?

Our Holistic Sanctuary provides personalized treatment for people struggling with addiction and various health conditions. Drug or alcohol dependency, anxiety, depression, PTSD, or job burnout are some of the many conditions that we address, with a real chance for complete recovery. 

The team of professionals

The professionals at our institution come from various areas of expertise and are determined to help our clients live a healthy life and obtain a full recovery. They will analyze your case, check your medical history, and decide the addiction treatment. Psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and nurses, yogi, and complementary medicine practitioners are some of the many team members taking care of our clients.

Amenities, accommodation, and services

People coming to our California dependency facility will enjoy the most exquisite amenities and accommodation, as we know how important it is for them to feel like home.

Clients coming to our Southern California institution will get the privacy they want throughout their addiction treatment. The access through the gate is guarded, whereas all clients benefit from private rooms with private bathrooms.

Variety of methods

Our clients learn how to do yoga and meditation, enjoy one-on-one sessions, and only get healthy, raw, and non-GMO food. Our rehab in Southern California doesn’t just address the dependency, but the person as a whole. We use only natural methods for healing one’s body, mind, and soul. It’s what helps clients achieve long-lasting recovery and have a drug-free life.

Yoga, meditation, floatation therapy, HBOT therapy, sacred plant medicine, cell stem therapy are some of the many natural methods to name for treatment.


Our rehab for dependency isn’t just located in California. It’s located in a secluded area, with breathtaking views. Clients will feel like home, but the incredible location will make them feel like on vacation. The deep blue ocean is the first thing to see in the morning, which gives them good energy to focus on their treatment and recovery throughout the day.


Once they complete the addiction treatment, patients have a real chance to live a drug-free life. However, the journey of lifetime recovery is long, which is why we’re always one click away from helping our former patients.

What are the benefits of treatment at our rehab institution?

There are numerous benefits when enrolling in one of our treatment programs, and here are some:

Customized treatment

One of the reasons for which conventional treatment for dependency cannot ensure full recovery is the inability to adjust the treatment to every patient’s specifics, personality, needs, and level of dependence. It’s not the case of the Holistic Sanctuary, where our professionals use all tools for creating personalized addiction treatment programs.

We understood early that the real chance for complete recovery from dependency and for a drug-free life is the customized treatment for every single patient. The rate of success is impressive, and people can check the former client’s testimonials.

Natural healing

The addiction treatment at our rehab in California doesn’t just tackle the addiction symptoms; together with our clients, we get at the deep roots of the addiction. From there, the addiction treatment includes only the natural therapies that work for our clients. It’s what helps with complete recovery and pushes them to live a healthy life after completing their treatment.

Long-lasting recovery

Our high-end rehab in Southern California doesn’t just rely on treatment on healthy food but also teaches the patients about the importance of raw and non-GMO dieting for a drug-free life.

Patients learn how to do yoga, how to cope healthily with daily challenges, and how to take distance from any triggers. It’s what helps them achieve a lifetime recovery.

Your journey for healing starts today!

Don’t postpone your healing, as your recovery can no longer wait! Give us a call and find out how to begin your treatment at our Southern California Addiction Center. Our dedicated team of professionals awaits and is determined to help you learn how to eliminate addiction from your existence for good!

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