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OxyContin Addiction Rehab Centers VS Oxycontin Addiction Cure


Oxycontin Addiction Rehab Centers – Are all unworthy of that title because they use conventional therapies, substituting one drug (labeled “bad”) for another  (a prescription drug labeled “good”) which leaves patients fighting a losing battle against severe side effects and the emotional trauma of being (wrongly) told they have an incurable disease. That 75-year-old approach is ineffective – Oxycontin Addiction is not a disease – and the equivalent of moral malpractice. In contrast, only The Holistic Sanctuary has the exclusive, proprietary, all-natural and safe means of permanently ending oxycontin addiction. We heal the brain so you can heal your life.

Best OxyContin Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Oxycontin Rehabs all lack the Pouyan Method, which includes the ultimate form of indisputable proof about our ability to end Oxycontin Addiction. The brain scans of patients, where we restore and rejuvenate areas previously damaged by addiction prove this. We also have the independent testimonials of patients to confirm these facts, that addiction is not a disease. Nor do we use 12-step programs that tell patients addiction is a disease – just like cancer or diabetes – in which there is no cure.


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Best Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Regardless of their costs (which easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars) they have nothing even remotely similar to the Pouyan Method and our ability to permanently end addiction. “In fact, Johnny Tabaie created this treatment for himself because he had endured the physical and emotional pain associated with conventional rehab centers. These places worsen the body and damage the mind, leading people to believe they would never be free of addiction. Their assertions were then – and are now – wrong”, says Johnny Tabaie, the Founder and Director of The Holistic Sanctuary.


The Failure Rates and Reasons of OxyContin Drug Rehabs Centers

Oxycontin Rehab never disclose their high rates of failure and relapse for a reason: they do not want prospective patients to know that these techniques do not work, period. Thankfully there is a safe and successful alternative – the Pouyan Method – where along with the customized care we provide, people can enjoy a second chance at leading a healthy life.


Why OxyContin Drug Rehabs Fail

The truth is they may differ in some ways from these other facilities; but they too do not offer the Pouyan Method. Nor do they have the brain scans – the visual proof – to demonstrate that they can permanently end addiction. The remarkable images we have on our website, complemented by the video testimonials of patients, underscore the permanent healing of The Holistic Sanctuary. Let us heal your brain so you can heal your life. You deserve nothing but the finest care.


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