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In the recent past, OxyContin abuse disorders have been on the rise across the United States. According to a study conducted by the National Drug Intelligence Center, around 1 million people aged 12 years and above have used OxyContin at least once in their lifetime. Obviously, these are startling statistics. But it is better to be equipped with knowledge of what OxyContin is, what does it do, and if oxycontin rehab is the cure to this addiction.

OxyContin is an opiate medication that is considered a strong narcotic pain reliever. Since the pain reliever is highly addictive, physicians often prescribe it to people with severe levels of pain or patients who are terminally ill.  Obviously, those are startling statistics, and if you or anyone you love has been abusing OxyContin, consulting a reputable OxyContin rehab center is a wise thing to do.

OxyContin Abuse Treatment
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OxyContin addiction

Dependency on OxyContin is likened to that of heroin addiction. That is why patients who have a physician’s prescription to use OxyContin as a pain reliever or other terminal diseases are closely monitored to prevent developing an addiction. Anyone who uses OxyContin consecutively for a few years is prone to develop a serious addiction and strong physical dependency on the opiate.

When addiction to OxyContin has been developed, dealing with the withdrawal symptoms can also be much worse. Furthermore, people who suffer from the OxyContin abuse disorders need supervised help to avoid experiencing relapses and start using the drug again after completing an OxyContin detoxification treatment. Therefore, OxyContin rehab centers were being put up to offer an alternative solution for people who suffer from OxyContin addiction and found that conventional cure fall short of their expectations.

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    Symptoms of addiction

    Symptoms of OxyContin abuse and addiction can vary depending on the level of dependence and the individual since people react differently to medications. The signs and symptoms of OxyContin addiction include:

    • physical dependency on the drug
    • regular vomiting
    • nausea
    • intense cravings for the drug
    • intense heart palpitations
    • irregular muscle and bone pains


    • exhibiting secretive behaviors
    • change in sleep habits
    • poor performance at school or at work
    • sudden weight loss
    • sudden irritability
    • lack of interest in doing things the individual enjoyed doing


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    How to Choose the Right OxyContin Rehab

    The first and most crucial step of succeeding in getting long-term help for OxyContin addiction is by admitting that one has an addiction and is willing to get help. Cooperation from the patient plays a vital role in achieving full recovery. It is also paramount to find the best and accredited Cure for OxyContin to help the addicted individual with the substance abuse rehabilitation process.

    With the numerous facilities all over, finding the most credible center that can personalize the healing experience to achieve the best results is never a walk in the park. It is advisable to take a tour of the facility to be sure about everything before committing to any program. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right OxyContin treatment center.


    Outpatient patients should regard location as an important consideration when looking for a cure for OxyContin. In other words, it is advisable to choose a OxyContin rehab that is closer to home to avoid covering long distances visiting the us. Also, if the patient has a supportive and friendly community in the neighborhood, the proximity of the center is an advantage for family and friends who can frequently visit during the healing process. But, if the patient is likely to get bad influence from close friends from the neighborhood who have not received the help he or she is getting, it is advisable to choose a residential OxyContin rehab that is far from home.

    Strictness in the OxyContin Rehab

    Although most rehabs have similar in-house regulations, some rehabs are known to follow stern policies. The rehab you choose generally depends on what you are looking for. Settle for a rehab center that have stringent rules, the one that does not allow conditions or behaviors that can easily encourage a relapse. For instance, if the individual is a corporate executive who will want to be productive at work while receiving help at the center, it is recommended to choose a luxury rehab center that allows patients to use their cell phones and computers. However, in some situations, OxyContin addiction treatment requires that the patient does not have contact with friends who can be impede with the healing progress.


    Consider choosing a rehab center that has flexible payment plans. Most established Cure For OxyContin rehab centers will work with the patient to include only the most important services, medications, and activities in the budget in order to make it as affordable as possible. Also, some rehab centers accept insurance. Therefore, it is good to ask about insurance beforehand.


    It is very easy for someone who had an OxyContin addiction treatment to relapse if he or she goes back to an unstructured environment. Hence, a reputable rehab center should offer aftercare programs. Aftercare programs such as sober living and continued therapy can help the individual achieve long-term sobriety.

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    Accommodations and Dietary Restrictions

    Most rehab centers adhering to holistic approach may have strict policies and dietary restrictions, it does not mean that someone undergoing rehab may be stripped of comfort and proper accommodations.  Usually, a residential rehab facility ensure the patients of comfort and amenities but on a level that will protect them from distractions. Concerning diet, rehab centers on a holistic rehabilitation approach provide organic foods to their patients. This kind of setting aims to achieve full treatment and complete wellness for their patients.

    Duration of treatment

    OxyContin addiction can be very intense and the recovery period depends on the individual. People who are willing to cooperate fully are likely to recover faster and probably test negative for the drug quicker than those who are reluctant or were forced to enroll for the program. Centers offer different recovery periods of between three to six months depending on the level of the addiction and response to treatment.

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    Types of Treatment Offered

    The type of treatment of a rehab program is a significant factor in the success of the program. It is crucial to consider a rehab that offers detox, therapy, and has true healing. In fact, since the OxyContin withdrawal symptoms are very painful and hard to tolerate, choosing a rehab that handles detoxification exactly what your body needs is crucial to your healing. Most successive rehab programs offer individual therapy sessions to help patients discover their purpose in life and be objective during the treatment period.

    Luxury Oxycontin Rehab for Executives

    Executive or luxury rehabs are designed to cater for busy executives who are too busy with work but need a Cure For OxyContin addiction treatment. With these programs, even a CEO of a multinational company can receive treatment and the much-needed help in seclusion style. Established drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers offer luxury amenities that you can find in high-end hotels. Patients can have access to services such as housekeeping, gym facilities, chef-prepared meals, and in-house massage.

    Patients in a luxury rehab will also have the freedom to use their cell phones and computers to connect with clients and co-workers in order to streamline business operations from the comfort of their rooms.


    Depending on the level of the OxyContin addiction and other personal preferences, weighing one’s option carefully is a wise thing to do before choosing between outpatient and inpatient care. If you or your loved one has been struggling and need the Cure For OxyContin addiction for a long time, it is advisable to consider inpatient.

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