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Do you want to get off methadone or do you know someone you love is suffering from methadone addiction? Please accept our deepest sympathy.

Methadone addiction is particularly difficult to handle because of the nature of the drug. The vast majority of people who became addicted to methadone began taking it to recover from an addiction to another drug such as heroin. This makes methadone addiction even more heartbreaking. It is simply not right that medication to ease addiction should itself become an addiction.
Even worse is the fact that most methadone drug treatment centers do not call for a real recovery from addiction. Roughly 99 percent of methadone rehab facilities are outdated, outmoded and ineffective methods to treat addiction including methadone addiction.

It may be difficult to imagine why any drug rehab center would use treatment methods that do not work. The key to understanding this is that most methadone rehab facilities subscribe to the disease theory. This means that they believe addiction is an incurable disease and addicts are powerless over their lives and their recovery.

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These facilities do not attempt to cure addiction because they do not believe addiction can be cured. Instead, they rely on meetings and talk therapy and suboxone or methadone replacement therapy. However, they believe that all addicts will always be addicts and that continued meetings will be necessary for the rest of the addict’s life. The people running this Methadone rehab do not seek a cure for methadone addiction because they do not believe a cure is possible. This is a difficult situation for those who seek real recovery.

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Methadone Rehab Addiction

If you are looking for a real recovery from addiction, what you should be looking for is a complete cure. However, if you go to most methadone rehab, you will not find anyone willing to attempt a cure.
This is what sets us apart from other Methadone Rehab. A methadone treatment center using administration of Ibogaine offers a complete cure for addiction. Ibogaine, a natural substance obtained from an African bush, is a detoxifying substance that removes all chemicals from the system. With Ibogaine detox, all withdrawal symptoms and cravings are eliminated. Because withdrawal and cravings define addiction, removing these symptoms effects a cure of the addiction.
In a methadone treatment center for methadone addiction, you will receive mind, body, and spirit therapies that will restore you to a full life. We believe that when we heal the brain, we heal the body. We use such methodologies as super foods, yoga, and spiritual counseling to create a new person and a new life from a former addict.
By beginning with the end in mind, and by having that end be a cure for addiction, our methadone rehab offers a new life where before there was very little hope. We understand addiction from a very personal perspective because our founder lost his mother and brother to addiction.
We believe that almost any addiction, including Methadone addiction can be cured. We do not believe that addiction is a disease. We do not believe that addiction is incurable. We do not believe that our clients are powerless.
We are dedicated to helping people build new lives after addiction. Please call us today at 310-601-7805. Do not waste another good day struggling with addiction.

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