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The Holistic Sanctuary is a Los Angeles based Drug Treatment Center, specializing in addiction recovery and comprehensive healing. No other facility in the world offers our cutting-edge, naturalistic modalities designed to integrate complete healing of your mind, body and spirit.

Addiction robs you of your basic sense of self-empowerment and being, but you are not condemned to a life defined by compulsion and dependence. We can help you redefine yourself and your life.

Unlike the majority of Los Angeles Drug Rehab Centers, we are a non 12-step program, do not force medication or ineffective talk-therapy. Such approaches brand you as incurable, labeling your condition as diseased. Assuming that you are powerless against your addiction makes it even more difficult to overcome your addiction. We reject such thinking, and refuse to offer inferior Luxury Los Angeles Addiction Treatments that debase and dehumanize you. Rather, The Holistic Sanctuary adheres to clinically based science that shows anytime addiction is present it is the result of an underlying cause. If this cause can be identified and isolated, it can be eradicated, freeing you from the devastating consequences of dependence.

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Offered in a beautiful Los Angeles location, this type of high end Rehab center is proven to actually heal and restore the physical damage caused to the brain from substance abuse and addiction. The only facility in the world that uses a brain healing approach that works, with the powerful Ibogaine Detox System we provide the most effective addiction therapy available today and luxurious accommodations.

Your journey to recovery is too important to be subjected to ineffective programs. Our high staff to client ratio ensures you will receive undivided attention when in our care. Our exquisite amenities allow for your comfort, confidentiality and security. Our holistic drug rehab, multi-disciplinary modalities promote comprehensive healing and complete wellness. When considering all The Holistic Sanctuary has to offer, it is clearly the best program for Executive Drug Rehabilitation Los Angeles experts are standing by ready to help you begin your journey to recovery today.

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