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Far more than simply a Treatment Center for Addiction, The Holistic Sanctuary is the world’s first Healing Center that created a protocol that heals the brain and body down to a cellular level. Our patent pending system, The Pouyan Method, is the new immersing treatment that is on its way to revolutionize healing and full recovery.  We provide holistic non-invasive drug rehabs treatment programs clinically proven to identify and treat the underlying causes of your addiction and we do so in an exquisite, exclusive drug rehab treatment center.
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Oceanfront Healing Center

At our state of the art beachfront facility, we offer all-natural healing modalities to restore balance to your mind, body and spirit, enabling you to heal and live an addiction-free life. Our system will physically heal the deterioration your mind, body, and soul have suffered from years of abuse.

Other drug rehab centers utilize outdated endless talk therapy, group meetings, toxic medications and twelve-step disease model, which are very ineffective, plus they tell their clients that they are diseased and incurable. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we know that nothing is further from the truth. Addiction is not an incurable disease or illness; rather it is the result of factors and underlying issues that can be reversed and resolved.

We never label, medicate or offer conventional therapy with the outdated band-aid approaches. Instead, through our cutting-edge treatment protocol, beautiful ocean front surroundings and natural healing modalities, our luxury rehab center heals and empowers you to have the true healing and strength to take back your life.

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Most Exclusive Drug Rehab in the world

Most Exclusive Drug Rehab in the world

Exclusive Drug Treatment Centers may differ in some ways from these other facilities, but they do not offer the Ocean Front Luxury Settings, nor do they have 100 percent private rooms for privacy and comfort! Do not be fooled by exclusive drug rehabs claiming to be luxurious; this is the new lingo all drug rehabs are using to rake in new clients and yes, even conventional low-end rehabs base all their accommodations on the standard of attack and punitive model setting. They believe in chores and work therapy to discipline the guests to teach them a lesson.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, our aim is to heal our guests in luxurious settings with powerful holistic methods, not replace their addictions with a new medication or send them to daily or weekly 12-step meetings for the rest of their lives. We know our clients have tried other options; the outdated AA group sessions, medication therapies, and cookie cutter solutions have not worked for them, and for a good reason: Studies show they do not work. What does work: The Pouyan Method Brain Repair.

At The Luxury Holistic Sanctuary, we cure addictions period. We heal the brain — the very organ assaulted by alcohol, heroin, prescription medications and other toxic chemicals. Regardless of which chemical damaged a person’s brain, our mission is clear: to restore harmony and balance so a guest can regain their health, function freely and properly and enjoy a second chance at life.

Most importantly, our exclusive holistic rehab center never uses toxic medications like Benzos, Prozac, Suboxone or Subutex, which cause horrific side effects and are undeniably dangerous. Our therapy works, without needing any short- or long-term medication use. We do not bandaid our patients.

Your ability to heal your mind, body and spirit is directly influenced not just by an effective therapy protocol but also by your surroundings, it is crucial that you enroll in a calm and relaxing high-end Exclusive Healing Center. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we provide only the finest accommodations. We offer incredible amenities in a safe and private setting. Situated on the Beautiful Ocean Front California Coast, our optimal weather, 5-star facilities and non-punitive modalities provide the very best holistic healing possible. The breathtaking views of our grounds and the stunning décor of our facility provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, allowing you to truly relax while you focus on detoxing and restoring your mind and body from the inside out.

The Holistic Sanctuary, a exclusive drug rehab center, is known for its comfort and its effectiveness.

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What separates us from other Exclusive Drug Rehabs?

check golden We have a Exclusive Facility that has a license to treat people and we are not a 12-step or medication rehab like 99 percent most places.
check golden We have Ayahuasca Retreats with a shaman and also supervised by a nurse and doctor to assure safety.
check golden We offer a protocol that heals the liver. This is vital for patients with Hep C and or other liver issues. We help them prep for plant medicine.
check golden We offer a protocol that activates stem cell production. This is huge to reverse infections and internal damage done by medications use, chemical abuse and or drug abuse.
check golden We have a staff of over 20 people that take care of maximum 5 patients. This is one of the highest staff to client ratio
check golden We are the only center in the world that incorporates plant medicine and advanced holistic medicine like hyperbaric chamber machines. These are not cheap machines for they cost $75,000.00 each. We own 3 of these technologies and you will not even find these types of machines in the most expensive private rehabs in Malibu that charge $100k per month, only high tech hospitals and private clinics.
check golden We also offer 9 hours of 1-on-1 holistic therapy per day, you will not find that at any other facility in the world.
check golden We are also the only center in the world that has daily 5 hours of custom-made exclusive brain repair IV Drips.
check golden We also include daily Yoga, Massage, and Reiki sessions.
check golden We also include 3-5 organic green coffee colonic enemas per day, with daily dead sea salt baths and carbon infrared sauna sessions
check golden We include 5-star Exclusive accommodations at our ocean front facility with private rooms, each room comes with jacuzzis, flat screen tv’s and travertine floors.
check golden We include a 90 percent raw food diet that is 100 percent non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free.

The Holistic Sanctuary believes a clear and healthy mind is one of the keys to discovering yourself as a powerful individual capable of healing. You are not a diseased that is hopeless, but an individual that is awaiting a cure.

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