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If you are on a quest for Alternative Drug Rehab Treatment Centers, look no further. There is certainly no shortage of options available to you, however, a large quantity of choices doesn’t necessarily mean there is a quality selection. In fact, one study revealed that approximately 97% of the individuals who undergo conventional addiction treatment quickly relapse.

For that reason, it’s important to choose your recovery facility carefully. Being a Arizona, Sedona, Malibu, Hollywood or Beverly Hills the alternative drug treatment center may give a facility status; however, location doesn’t guarantee the success or effectiveness of that facility’s ability of healing addiction or mental health issues.

Drug Addiction Treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary

Alternative Rehab Centers: What to Ask

If you are truly committed to non 12 step addiction recovery for yourself or your loved one, it is fairly easy to narrow down your choices of Alternative non 12 step treatment program. When analyzing programs including any ibogaine rehabilitation center, ask the staff:

  • Do you believe or teach clients that addiction is an incurable disease?
  • Do you treat all of your clients with the same methods?
  • How many 1 on 1 therapies do you offer? less than 2 hours per day ? less than 5 hours per week?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then the program you are considering is hardly different from any other Alternative Drug Rehabs Treatment Centers in operation. Fortunately, there is a better way.

 The Holistic Sanctuary, is an alternative holistic rehabs healing center and we do not offer prescription medications or outdated and “cookie cutter” addiction treatment. Our clients have tried other facilities, luxury private drug rehab centers and outpatient programs. They were told their addictions were genetically determined, incurable conditions that would be a daily struggle to manage for the rest of their lives. They were given medications that just replaced one addiction with another. Perhaps like you, they were unhappy with the results of their treatment. That’s why they found us.

Our drug rehab offers a program that relies on natural healing modalities, personalized therapy, HBOT, Reiki, Custom IV Drips , Massage therapy and Superfood Diet. The program is guided by a philosophy that mental illness and addiction is not a disease but a condition that is symptomatic of an underlying cause. The good news is that the condition is 100% reversible. Many of our clients have never heard that before. That’s why you need  the best Holistic Alternative Rehabs to help you

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    Alternative Rehabs Treatment and complementary medicine – one solution to many problems!

    All practices and medical products that aren’t part of conventional care are considered non-conventional/alternative to meds rehab. Nurses, physical therapists, and medical doctors are practicing what we know as traditional medical care.

    In alternative rehabs center care for instance, people dealing with heart disease may benefit from juice cleanse diet and HBOT, and Stem Cells therapy instead of conventional medicine pills.

    You may have also heard about complementary medicine, which is utilized together with conventional medicine. It may include non-conventional therapies, but it’s accompanying conventional medicine.

    At our alternative to meds treatment rehab we use holistic and non-conventional/alternative medicine instead of conventional treatment like medications as a primary tool for healing.

    What non-conventional therapies work for people with mental health issues or medication dependency?

    One of the many benefits of alternative treatment is the impressive variety of therapies that people with substance abuse disorder can choose from. Most of the non-conventional alternative rehabs to meds treatment programs will match the individual needs of patients, providing them a genuine chance to complete healing.

    At a holistic recovery center like our own, patients struggling with drug abuse get to know non-conventional alternative treatment to meds arizona at its best, and find the greatest diversity of therapies, all used for well defined goals. We’re a non 12 step rehab center, since we know that people have the power for healing inside themselves. They don’t need to look for a higher potential for overcoming the various dependencies. We help them unlock the strength within for lifetime recovery.

    Why do we use Alternative To Meds To Overcome Addiction?

    The most common forms of holistic therapy, such as holistic practices, Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, Dmt, Amino acid drips, HBOT, NAD+ iv Carbon Sauna, Colonics, Juice Cleanse , make up the traditional non-conventional medicine. These practices have been used for centuries, and we were very interested in adapting them for patients with substance use disorders.

    At our alternative to meds rehab center, patients who end up with drug addiction from prescribed medication still deal with back pain, headaches, or migraines. Instead of giving them a pill, we provide them with massage, reiki, stem cells, PEMF, NAD+ iv, which has been known to alleviate and heal neck pain, low back pain, migraine, and headache. However, deep tissue massage and cranial sacral has also been proven to give results in patients with high/low blood pressure, nausea and vomiting from withdrawals, discontinuation syndrome and all sorts of pains.

    Sacred plant medicine is also defined as traditional holistic alternative and non-conventional healing medicine.

    One exceptional medicine that has an essential place at our center, is ancient and sacred plant medicine. Our alternative rehabs treatment programs pay attention to the practices of ancient Amazonian tribes and use sacred plant medicine for PTSD, depression, trauma, anxiety and substance abuse patients. The natural alternative treatments are crucial for the detox phase, leading to long-lasting results and being very gentle on the body. Unlike medical detox, the natural detox doesn’t generate other addictions and keeps patients off substance abuse for a very long time.

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    Why taking care of the body matters for recovery?

    At Alternative To Meds Rehabs a comprehensive approach to mental illness like pTSD,depression trauma and addiction is fundamental. We don’t see mental health as a moral defect or lack of strength. Patients abusing drugs and alcohol may signal deep imbalances in their mind, body, and soul. We do our best to find and solve those imbalances.

    When the body is calm and relaxed, patients are more open to positive thoughts on healing, and they no longer care about the stigma of mental illness or medication dependency. HBOT, Reiki, Yoga Meditation and NAD+ Iv’s are holistic and are non-conventional therapies for the body, and we took a particular interest maximizing healing with plant medicine.

    Massage will reduce stress, boosting one’s energy levels, alleviating pain, and improve one’s emotional and physical level. Patients at our center will benefit from daily massage sessions, which also relax the body, and relax the muscle for a better feeling. We know that patients with medication dependencies are in poor health, so they need all the help they can get to strengthen the immune system. Massage can do that, but also improve circulation, making more blood get into tissues.

    As for yoga, even though we hear so many professionals talking about it, we don’t really see it being used as often as it should. In our team, a kundalini Yogi will teach patients to do yoga, meditate, and create new and healthier ways of coping with daily stress.

    Practicing kundalini yoga every day gives your body a boost of energy, keeping you in a new mood for a longer time. Yoga is a fantastic tool to use, and the benefits are impressive. We know that it gives our patients the flexibility they need for coping with life’s challenges. It teaches them how to see life in a fresh light, taking distance from their addictions.

    Can diet and herbs help people with addictions?

    It has been said over and over again that patients on medications are in poor health. They may lose interest in having healthy meals, as their lives revolve only around eating too little and mostly processed and sugary foods.

    Even if some medications induce hunger after the crash is over, people still don’t get the healthy food they need. They may not eat for days, and irregular meals will not give their bodies enough nourishment.

    Many alternative treatment centers will include junk foods, fast foods, and gourmet meals to their patients. We took healthy dieting to the next level, though. Our super food juice cleanse diet will not only heal but also teach our guests about the importance of a healthy diet for a health life. We help our patients switch to raw, organic, and non-GMO food. It’s the only diet that will give their bodies the minerals and nutrients they need for healing. When the body has the nutrients it needs, it can sustain the patient’s efforts to commit to their healing and recovery programs. It helps one focus, stay on track, and have the energy to make all the little changes they have to make.

    Dietary supplements and herbal medicine are also part of non-conventional therapies. Coffee enemas and NAD+ vitamin drips are tools that we use in the Alternative Drug Rehab Treatment Center, cleansing the body of toxins and chemical residues from alcohol and drugs. Once the body is clean, we use our proprietary formulas to give the body the nutrients and vitamins it needs to continue the recovery.

    External energy is excellent for people with mental health issues, But how?

    Objects also have energy that may affect one’s health. PEFM Electromagnetic therapy, yoga and Reiki are about the use of external power, and we use Reiki when we treat our patients.

    Many patients with medication dependencies and addictions also fight mental health issues. However HBOT, NAD+ and our proprietary brain repair Iv drip reduces anxiety and depression, and improves the overall mood. Reiki will put people in a positive attitude, reducing stress levels and anxiety. It can also heal emotionally and become a self-practice tool. People struggling with pain noticed alleviation when practicing Yoga and Reiki, calming the mind, and helping one focus on the healing. Mental health is improved, easing out the healing process.

    It’s also about healing the mind, body, and soul

    Even conventional medicine admits there is profound connection between the mind and body. When people are mentally and emotionally in the right place, they have a better chance of healing, no matter if it’s drug addiction or depression or PTSD that they need to heal from.

    Meditation, biofeedback, and hypnosis are some of the non-conventional therapies that we’re practicing, helping our patients focus on their recovery.

    Recovery can become a great journey!

    At our Luxury Alternative Rehab Center, no problem is swept under the rug, and no challenge is too much! We took the non-conventional path to recovery because we know that there are many more sides and angles to cover in healing! The only question is, “Are you ready too?”

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