Holistic Rehab to Cure for Xanax Addiction

Holistic Rehab to Cure for Xanax Addiction

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Xanax is one of the most commonly prescribed medications in this country, primarily because it is an effective tranquilizer or sedative used in the treatment of panic attacks and anxiety disorders. It belongs to the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which are known to be effective as muscle relaxants, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants. With the many underlying health issues of xanax dependency, The Holistic Sanctuary has designed a more natural cure for xanax addiction to help individuals live a fuller and healthier life.

Xanax Rehab and TreatmentWhile it is very effective at helping people to manage these medical conditions, when it is used for an extended period of time, Xanax can become addictive, thereby causing a new medical condition all on its own. Anyone who becomes dependent on Xanax or any other benzodiazepine medication will probably need to attend a Xanax treatment center  in order to become free of the influence of the drug. The Holistic Sanctuary offers a holistic treatment approach and natural therapies as cure for  xanax addiction.

It simply is not safe to undertake withdrawal without medical supervision, because the symptoms can become fairly severe when doing so. This is especially true if the period of usage for Xanax has covered a long stretch of time, which means the body will have had the opportunity to build up a high level of tolerance or resistance to the drug. When this happens, higher quantities of the drug are needed in order to experience the sedative, calming effects it can deliver.

Xanax withdrawal symptoms

Cure for Xanax AddictionPatients going through withdrawal from Xanax can expect a number of unpleasant symptoms to be manifested, the severity of which will depend on the level of addiction as well as individual body tolerances. Some of the typical symptoms that a Xanax patient might experience are seizures, psychosis, delusions, distorted perceptions of the body, severe nausea and vomiting, strong headaches, uncontrollable tremors, and cramping and sweating.

These reactions can be severe at times, and that is why direct supervision from qualified medical personnel is a must at whichever cure for xanax addiction program a recovering addict chooses. It is also possible that during the withdrawal period, a patient might undergo dangerous thoughts of suicide or self-violence, which again points up the essential need for effective supervision.

Conventional Cure for Xanax Addiction

Most conventional Xanax treatment centers do a relatively poor job at treating the condition in total. In most clinics around the country, the preferred approach to recovery from Xanax addiction is to gradually wean the patient off the drug by administering smaller amounts successively, so as to reduce tolerance and resistance to the drug. In theory, this also is meant to gradually lessen dependence on the drug, and prepare the patient for a drug-free afterlife.

The problem with this approach is that it does virtually nothing to heal the underlying causes of addiction in the first place, those physical and emotional issues which acted as triggers to push a patient toward the sedative effects of Xanax.

Any person completing a cure for xanax program like this may indeed have a reduced dependence on Xanax for a time, but as soon as any of the same psychological triggers which caused the original addiction resurface, it is very possible that a regression to bad old habits occurs.

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    What makes The Holistic Sanctuary so much better to cure Xanax Addiction?

    The thing that makes the Holistic Sanctuary approach different from any other clinic in the country, is its use of an innovative and strikingly successful approach called the Pouyan Method. In general terms, the Pouyan Method seeks to break the cycle of addiction rather than to attempt a physical cure by weaning a patient off a drug like Xanax.

    The Pouyan method

    At the core of the cure for Xanax program provided by the Holistic Sanctuary, the Pouyan Method addresses drug addiction by considering all three phases of the human condition, i.e. physical, mental, and spiritual. It deals with addiction in a holistic rehab approach rather than a simple attempt to detoxify the body, there is a much greater likelihood of complete success and long-term freedom from addiction.

    Although the Pouyan Method does take into account the need to detoxify the body from all the chemical buildup during addiction, it does so in an entirely different manner than conventional clinics do. Part of this cure for Xanax process is to administer intravenous drips to patients, so that those sectors of the brain which have been depleted and deprived of essential nutrients can be restored and resupplied, stimulating the development of brand-new neural pathways.

    At the same time, plant-based medicines are used to cure for Xanax addiction and  help rid the body of chemical residues that have accumulated over a period of time. With these chemicals eliminated, cravings for Xanax are also eliminated so that a patient can be relieved of the dependence and the symptoms of withdrawal.

    However, that is just the beginning of the Pouyan Method of drug addiction recovery. From there, the emotional and spiritual aspects can be focused on and addressed more effectively. This is where some of the most outstanding life coaches and counselors in the country come into play—to guide patients through lifestyle changes which can make a lasting difference and help them remain drug free.

    A healthy diet is one of the things strongly encouraged by life coaches at the Holistic Sanctuary, because this addresses the real needs of the body and helps to stave off some of the physical ailments for which a patient may have been prescribed drugs originally. Spiritual counselors work with yoga instructors in guiding patients to a better state of self-discipline, where inner peace and emotional calm can be achieved. These are essential components for overcoming anxieties and concerns that may have led a patient to drug usage in the first place.

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    The Holistic Sanctuary environment

    Another component which promotes holistic healing is the setting of the rehab center itself, and in this context there is probably no better environment in the country which can provide optimal conditions for full recovery from drug addiction. Patients at the Holistic Sanctuary are provided with private rooms and baths and accommodations which include the most luxurious furnishings to suit even the most refined tastes.

    Cuisine at the Holistic Sanctuary is of the highest order, with guests being treated to gourmet-style meals, reminiscent of fare at the finest restaurants. All of this happens in a tropical paradise situated along the shoreline of Baja California, which has an aspect more of a gorgeous vacation setting than a Xanax drug rehab center.


    By taking the holistic approach to addiction recovery and dealing with the causes of the original addiction, the Holistic Sanctuary can provide patients with a much more long-lasting solution to addiction. The prospects for enjoying a drug-free lifestyle after graduating from the Holistic Sanctuary are far better than might be expected from any conventional Xanax drug treatment center around the country. Patients going through a program at the Holistic Sanctuary are not just rushed through a standard step-by-step program but are instead provided with a customized cure for Xanax program designed to address the specific personal issues which have caused the patient to become dependent on drugs.

    Choosing the Holistic Sanctuary

    There is no question that appointments at the Holistic Sanctuary are the most luxurious and the most conducive to recovery from addiction that can be found anywhere in the U.S.—but that is not the only reason why you should choose this high-end Xanax rehab center. The results achieved by the Pouyan Method and the practitioners at the Holistic Sanctuary should really jump out at anyone seeking to find the very best setting for recovery from addiction.

    It has been less than a decade since the Holistic Sanctuary has offered the Pouyan Method of recovery from drug addiction to all patients who prefer a luxurious setting for drug addiction treatment. In this time, nearly 2,000 patients have discovered how effective this approach is, and why our cure for Xanax addiction is so much better than the outmoded conventional treatment options of the past. All this taken together should make it an easy choice. Contact the Holistic Sanctuary today, so the journey toward a drug-free lifestyle can begin as soon as possible.

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