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Valium belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, and it is a drug which is commonly prescribed for people who are experiencing anxiety disorders or panic attacks. Since it has a calming effect during the early stages of usage, it can be very effective at overcoming stress, insomnia, and a wide variety of other symptoms indicative of anxiety. However, when valium is taken excessively without proper medical medication, the individual can get dependent and addicted to the substance. This would lead to the need to seek for valium rehab.

When used for a temporary period of time, Valium can be a highly effective management tool for patients needing mild sedation. The problem comes in when people become so used to this euphoric state that they want to continue usage long beyond any period prescribed by the family doctor. When this happens, it can very easily develop into a situation where the patient becomes dependent on Valium and has difficulty living without it.
Valium Rehab and Treatment

Even worse, over a period of time, the effects of Valium become diminished, and it requires more and more of the drug in order to achieve those same original calming benefits. This contributes to the dependence a person develops on Valium, and it can lead to a full-blown addiction which has to be dealt with at a Valium rehab and treatment center.

How Valium becomes addictive

In most cases, Valium is prescribed by a doctor to treat a legitimate physical or emotional ailment that a patient may have, for instance the anxiety produced by loss of a loved one or some other traumatic situation. However, it is very easy for a patient to become dependent on the calming and euphoric effects produced by the drug and to want those effects on a continuing basis.

When a patient reaches the point where he/she is misrepresenting medical facts to a doctor in order to continue a prescription or to receive greater amounts of Valium that immediately becomes a warning signal for addiction. Some people who become addicted to Valium have been known to consult with multiple doctors in order to receive several prescriptions of the drug at the same time so that greater amounts can be ingested. Of course, that would call for filling the prescriptions at several different pharmacies, and this is just one example of the kind of secretive behaviors which can develop in a patient who has become dependent.

Another of the warning signs of Valium dependence is changing behavior on the part of the patient using the drug. It is frequently observed that patients become far more irritable than normal, they can become confused or disoriented easily, and can even demonstrate unusual aggression and hostility toward people they love or care for. When any of these warning signals are present, it should be a clear indication that it is necessary to check into a Valium rehab center to recover from addiction.

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    Conventional Valium Rehab and Treatment for Valium addiction

    Many of the Valium rehab and treatment centers around the country fall short of the mark when attempting to help patients recover from their dependence on Valium. Part of the reason for this may be due to limited resources and to programs which are not designed to truly provide the assistance needed by a patient in the grip of addiction.

    However, another major part of the failure of most clinics to produce truly lasting results among patients is the fact that they take an outdated approach to treating drug dependence. In many cases, the featured valium rehab and treatment is simply supplying the patient with progressively smaller amounts of Valium or another drug so that dependence can be reduced gradually. While this may work for a short period of time, even after graduation from the  program, the bottom line is that it really only exchanges one addiction for another and still leaves the patient dependent on something.

    The real failure of such programs stems from the fact that underlying causes for addiction are not dealt with properly, and instead only physical symptoms are addressed. Once a patient leaves the center however, it is possible that whatever originally triggered the need for Valium in the first place will again take over the patient’s life, and the cycle of addiction will resume.

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    Valium Rehab: The Holistic Sanctuary Approach

    There is a much better way to go about treating addiction to Valium or any other drug for that matter, and that is the holistic valium rehab. At the Holistic Sanctuary in Baja California, all three phases of the human condition are addressed during the recovery program. Mind, body, and spirit are all dealt with holistically, so that nothing is left untreated, and there is no reason to revert to bad old habits which cause the cycle of addiction to be repeated endlessly.

    The Pouyan method

    The Pouyan method is a unique approach to dealing with drug addiction which encompasses all aspects of recovery and does not simply treat physical symptoms. Extensive one-on-one sessions are a big part of the program, seeking to discover the emotional and psychological triggers which pushed a patient toward drug addiction in the first place. As counselors help the patient understand these triggers, it becomes possible to formulate a plan for avoiding them in the future and for replacing them with more positive reactions.

    The physical component of the Pouyan Method involves using plant-based medications to facilitate the purging process, which rids the body of chemical residues that prevent recovery. At the same time, the body’s cravings for Valium are banished so that the physical need for more drugs is no longer an issue. Another aspect of the physical restorative process is the rehabilitation of the brain itself, which typically becomes damaged during drug addiction, as neural pathways are destroyed and the brain is deprived of vital nutrients. These nutrients are re-supplied through intravenous drips that help to physically recover those neural pathways in the brain and to produce new ones.

    Some of the best life coaches and counselors in the country are on staff at the Holistic Sanctuary to guide patients toward a more healthy, sustainable lifestyle which excludes drugs, and instead focuses on making good choices. During these sessions, a healthy diet is encouraged to help sustain a more independent lifestyle, and to overcome previous anxieties, personal discipline is promoted. Yoga instructors and spiritual counselors help patients find inner peace and calm through self-examination and through breathing exercises that reduce or eliminate anxiety. This equips a patient to be better prepared to manage stresses, anxieties, and other emotional disruptions which in the past may have triggered drug usage.

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    The Holistic Sanctuary environment

    The approach to healing is truly unique at the Holistic Sanctuary, and there are few places in the country which have a better qualified staff for administering valium rehab and drug addiction recovery programs. However, there are even more things which recommend the Holistic Sanctuary to persons seeking permanent recovery from drug addiction.

    The setting itself is magnificent by any standard of measure, with the Pacific Ocean literally at the doorstep of the complex, and the hypnotic shoreward movement of the waves rolling in constantly. A staff of gourmet chefs is on hand to prepare the finest cuisine to accommodate all tastes and to make guests feel as though they are at a vacation resort rather than a valium rehab and addiction treatment center. Exquisite furnishings in private rooms with personal baths extend the resort concept and help to mirror the kind of amenities a person of means might have available at home.

    Get on the road to recovery today

    There are other choices of course for Valium rehab centers, and some of them may even have very comfortable settings. However, there is only one place in the U.S. where patients recovering from Valium addiction can receive a unique and holistic treatment approach which is guaranteed by the Holistic Sanctuary and where patients can also enjoy a spectacular recovery environment. Contact the Holistic Sanctuary at your earliest convenience so that the road to recovery can start as soon as possible, and so a lifetime of drug-free living can be enjoyed forever after.

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