Holistic Alcohol Rehab Center

Holistic Alcohol Rehab Center

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Rehabilitation programs employ different therapeutic styles that include holistic strategies for treating substance use disorders. Holistic alcohol rehabilitation programs teach participants how to protect their mind, body, and spirit properly. These holistic alcohol rehab programs focus on revamping the overall health of the participants so as to help them stop using drugs or/and alcohol.

Typically, holistic alcohol rehabs centers are considered alternative types of addiction treatment because they do not use the kind of approaches used in traditional treatment models. Conventional methods often focus on support groups, the 12-step programs, and psychotherapy.

Instead, the holistic approach is focused on healing the mind, body, and spirit of the individual so that he or she will be fully rehabilitated. In some cases, it is possible to find these holistic drug and alcohol rehab programs in traditional addiction treatment centers.

The Significance of Holistic Alcohol Rehab

People end up becoming dependent on drug and alcohol abuse due to various reasons. In fact, there are those who end with addictions unknowingly just by medicating serious physical problems such as back pain. Others get the addiction when trying to self-medicate some underlying mental illnesses or numb painful feelings that results from spiritual emptiness.


In most cases, people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction are not aware of the exact areas of their health they are misguidedly trying to manage with substance abuse. Therefore, a program that is focused on improving the overall health of the individuals by maintaining the three areas of health is referred to as a holistic alcohol rehab program. In other words, targeting all the problem areas has higher chances of helping the participants get full recovery from the addiction and remain sober. According to philosophy, the three areas are connected, and if a particular disease is affecting one area, it is bound to affect the other two. Hence, a holistic program works by healing all the three areas by resolving all the issues that influence substance use.

Advantages of Holistic Alcohol Rehab

The rehabilitation placement specialists in a holistic luxury alcohol rehab center help participants determine whether a holistic approach is an excellent choice for them. Almost anyone with an alcohol addiction can benefit significantly at a holistic rehabilitation center. The only requirement for attending a holistic alcohol rehab center is the readiness to achieve sobriety.

Most holistic alcohol addiction rehab programs offer some of the same substance abuse treatment options as traditional programs while providing participants with extra benefits. For instance, like traditional drug treatment centers, holistic alcohol and drug rehab centers have professional therapists who are trained to offer individual and group therapy sessions. The holistic rehab centers also provide support groups on site.

Detoxification features in holistic rehab facilities might be carried out differently with a holistic approach than in traditional rehab centers. For example, a detox process in a holistic rehab center may include some medications to ease the painful withdrawal symptoms. Apart from the standard rehab center features, some of the other crucial extras of holistic rehab programs include:

  • participating in physical activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming
  • eating organic meals that are all natural to address any existing nutritional deficiencies and improve physical health
  • enjoying complementary therapy such as acupuncture
  • enjoying viewing scenic locations by the ocean or mountain
  • participating in meditation sessions such as tai chi and yoga to redeem the mind
  • getting alternative types of psychotherapy such as music and other kinds of art that are considered effective.

It is recommended to evaluate the services rendered in a holistic rehab center to be sure whether they are suitable for you or your loved one before choosing a particular center.

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Holistic Alcohol Rehab

Executive alcohol rehab centers are great options for people who need help but are unfortunately limited by their corporate responsibilities. Combining behavioral health-related or substance use treatments with the ability to use computers and other devices helps executives receive treatment while staying productive by connecting with clients and even co-workers. In some cases, participants can also receive upscale amenities that you can expect to find in high-end luxury hotels.

Luxury rehab facilities combine your comfort with your health during the entire rehabilitation process. In other words, participants can enjoy amenities such as in-house massage, gym, and housekeeping while undergoing treatment.

If you or your loved is looking for a mind-body-spirit connection for treating substance use disorders holistically, contact The Holistic Sanctuary. Our rehab support specialists will help you identify your specific needs and guide you in selecting the most affordable and effective program. Our holistic alcohol rehab programs are designed to help you begin your path to full recovery.

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Some of the important considerations to take into account include:

  • Location of the holistic rehab center: Find out about the specific location of the center and how far it is from the participant’s home. If a holistic rehab center is far from where you live, it is important to weigh your options carefully in regards to comparing the distance and travel costs with the potential benefits of the program. And, if a participant can get more sober support in the neighboring community, it is better to choose a rehab center that is closer to home.
  • The credentials of staff: Ensure that all staff members have years of experience and training in dealing with substance use disorders and an extensive understanding of how to treat addiction problems comprehensively. Further, it is crucial to evaluate the staff-to-patient ratio to ensure that you or your loved one will receive substantial individual attention to benefit from the holistic rehab program.
  • Available treatment options: There are different treatment options offered in most holistic rehab centers. Therefore, it is prudent to ask around and know whether the available options will work for you or not. An established holistic rehab program should tailor a treatment option to suit an individual’s specific needs. Find out the specific treatment options and activities offered in a rehab center before signing any contract. In fact, a credible holistic rehab program should provide participants with an option to opt out of a particular program if they are not comfortable with it. Also, it is advisable to find out whether the treatment options have shown to be effective.
  • Duration of the treatment program: There should different lengths for various treatment programs. For instance, while some people can fare better with long-term addiction treatment programs, others can make considerable addiction recovery after 30 to 60-day recovery program. Find out whether the rehab program allows participants to start with a short-term holistic treatment program and extend if necessary.
  • Cost of the program: Holistic rehab centers tend to be expensive because of the comprehensive therapy activities, picturesque of the locations and the high quality of treatment and food. It is advisable to get a breakdown of the costs in order to compare various treatment programs before signing up. In fact, it is cheaper to ask whether you can opt out of certain programs that might not be of benefit to the participant. Some programs accept health insurance or work with participants to develop an affordable payment plan to prevent denying you the chance to receive help. The more flexible the facility is in terms of payment plans, the better.
  • Accreditation of the facility: Ensure that the holistic rehab center is accredited by the state to offer substance use disorder treatments. It will not hurt to ask whether the facility is accredited. This is to ensure that the rehab center complies with state and federal addiction treatment regulations. In fact, a reputable program will also have an accreditation from a national program that oversees addiction treatment programs such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or perhaps the Joint Commission.
  • Available follow-up care: A quality drug and alcohol rehab program will provide its participants with an aftercare plan to ensure they maintain sobriety after completing rehab treatment. Reputable programs provide support groups, sober living, and continued therapy to help their participants achieve long-term results. Ask whether the facility will help you access these vital resources or aftercare support after completing your holistic alcohol rehab treatment.

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